getting away with fucking my girlfriend

My girlfriend at the time new how use her fine-ass body, to get what she wanted from people. (Guys and girls) When ever she would get high on Coke or speed I would get her horny watching porn or get her to make out with her friends. Over the course of our relationship I took her from a modest small town chick to a full on; cum loving, Three-way fucking, pussy licking un-inhibited sex fiend.

One night, I was chill’n with my best friend, smoking a few puddles in my apartment; playing Playstation watching Porn when she came over on her lunch break from work (Resort hotel front desk clerk) with a nose full of coke describing how her best friend and Co-worker, had been teasing her, making her pussy wet and getting her all hot and bothered during their shift.

While she was busting out some lines for us, talking a hundred miles an hour I noticed her nipples were totally hard and showing through her shirt. I nudged my friend and pointed out; (with my eyes and a head bob) that she had the top of her shirt unbuttoned and open far enough we could see her tits while she was leaned over the mirror. After a nice little show, I asked her if she had put a bra on when she got ready for work that night.
As she came up from her line; sniffing and holding her head back she giggled and described to us that Jen (B.F.) would come up behind her at the desk in the back office and put her hands up Bridgette’s shirt and rub her tits. She told us she started getting horny so took her bra off to make it easier to play with her nipples.

Cove took his line and passed it down to me as she knowingly questioned “why? Can you guys tell? As she stood up and pushed out her chest. Cove chimed in and replied “Not really, I think your shirt is lose enough you can’t really see much.” She got a little smirk on her face and giggled; turning around to notice a hot chick being fucked doggie style on the TV. She watched silently for a few minutes sniffing occasionally until the dude on screen pulled out and started Cuming, she let out a quiet little “umh?” as it showed dude pumping cum onto the chick’s ass and down her pussy and asshole. (Which she really enjoyed having done to her) as she stood there watching; I noticed her undoing the remaining buttons of her shirt.
She turned and asked us what we had been up to that night. I told her we had scored some “shit” and had just finished a puddle when she showed up. She claimed she had stopped bye to change and use the bathroom. As she walked out of the living room Cove and I both got a nice full tit shoot.
We looked at each other and pounded fists thanking god that I had such a fucking hot girlfriend.

She called out from the bedroom closet requesting us to load a puddle; to which we gladly obliged. The porn had changed to a seen with two dudes and a hot little brunette. When I finished putting away my share of “candy” I noticed I could see Bridgette’s reflection in the TV screen: She was standing behind the door way topless with one hand on her tits and the other down the front of her pants.
Cove finished preparing the tool, set it down to cool; got up and started making for the kitchen. He must have caught her by surprise because he jerked his head over and snapped it right back again. When he got into the kitchen he looked over at me with a big ol’ shit eating grin. He got a glass of water came and sat down on the other end of the couch and whispered to me what he’d seen. I told him I already knew about it because I could see her reflection.
After a minute or two I asked her if she wanted to have any of the pipe. She answered back: to bring it to her in the bathroom because she was getting ready. I got up, walked back to the bathroom; she was still is topless doing her make-up and hair etc. She started to hit the pipe and I couldn’t resist copping a feel of her nice tits. After about her third hit she set it down and continued with the beautification; Cove bellowed out asking for his turn as he stepped through the bedroom doorway. She called out “We’re in the bathroom, if you want to get in on it.”
As she snaked another hit from the pipe as Cove step around the bathroom doorway; he observed the situation not knowing if he should avert his eyes, he looks at me and I return with a “What the hell” expression. She finished her hit and passes it over to Cove, turns and attempts to resume getting ready, only now I’m rubbing and squeezing her tits from behind as she brushed her hair. She had both her arms up, giving Cove a front row seat to me playing with her nipples and rubbing my hands over her ass as she continued to make it look like she was still trying to get ready.
Cove takes a few hits when she turns around and claims she gets to hit it again. She tells Cove to wipe the surprised dumbfounded look off his face and that this isn’t the first time he’s seen her tits. He acknowledges that she was right and just compliments her on having a smoking hot figure. I could tell that her pussy was dripping wet, from the look in her eye and the little dance she did. She smiled and turned back to the mirror and bent forward over the counter to apply eye make-up. She was moving her ass back and forth in front of us so I just gave her dress pants a little tug….
She didn’t act as if I was going too far, so….. I gave another little tug exposing the top of her ass and the panties she had on. She laughed and asked; if Coves girlfriend would ever ware thong underwear for him? He lied and said “NO” she replied with “Oh?... that’s too bad” put the pencil down and bends completely over onto the counter, grabs her belt loops and slips her pants all the way down. Turns around and assumes a sexy pose modeling her pair of see through, black lace Victoria Secret thong panties I had gotten her for Christmas.

As we stood there; eyes wide and jaws on the floor, she pointed out that she had decided to go with a small thin stripe hair cut for her pubic hair because a chick she was trying to seduce had shown Bridgette her pussy after she had shown the other girl how she plays with her pussy.

I handed her the tool and told her she should smoke the rest of the puddle before she had to go back to work. She looked at me and gave us a “coy” little smirk; she held the pipe up and examined how much was still in there; thought about it for maybe a second and agreed. Cove handed her a liter as she hopped up onto the counter top. Just before she was about to spark the liter she changed her focus to the TV in the other room; which she could now see from a top the counter. She pointed out to Cove and I to have a look at what was happening on the TV. We both turned and saw the hot little brunette sucking dick as the other guy fucked her missionary.

When she released a rather thick and smokey hit back into the air she commented that the chick looked like she was having a good time. Cove and I hadn’t turned our attention back to the bathroom just yet when she noted out loud that this scène was “fucking hot” I shift my gaze back to her and noticed she had sat back and was leaning up against the mirror with one leg up on the counter and legs slightly spread apart. She took another and while still holding it spread her legs further apart and moved her hand down over her pussy a gave it a little rub. I had now lost all interest in the TV and was now fixed on my naked girlfriend in nothing but her panties starting to touch her self. Cove turned back and joined me in the live show. Cove watched for a moment then leaned his head over asking if she could show a little more.

She gave a little laugh and asked if we had told anyone about her having a threesome with the two of us last weekend? I told her I hadn’t talked to anyone and Cove answered in similar fashion and added that he knew what had taken place that night was not something that would benefit any of us or my friendship with him. She accepted our answers saying “Good, I’m glad.” She fired another question at us wondering if he and I had talked to each other about it since it happened. I asked “Why?” and she said she was just curious if I was ok with seeing her getting fucked by another guy? I explained that as long it was the three of us and that Cove was my best friend and not just some dude we had met. That he and I have had an understanding about things like that for lots of years. I told her I was actually surprised that it had taken this long to happen. Reminding her that how both of them have seen each other having sex or been fucking someone else in the same room and/or on the same bed.

She agreed that there wasn’t anything we hadn’t done or seen each of do. With another flick of the Bic she passed me the pipe, waved Cove out of way of her view of the porn, placed one hand on her tits and slid the other down into her panties using her fingers to play with her self. She let out a deep moan, brought her other leg up onto the counter spreading her legs all the way apart; made a “slurp” sound and an Mmm noise took her other hand and pulled those skimpy little panties over to the side and played with her tight little pussy for about 3 or 4 minutes.

She stopped when the two guys in the porn were about to unload on the chick. She looked at her watch told us “thank you” for getting her high got dressed and before she got out the door asked if “We” were planning on being there when she got off work at midnight? It occurred to me that she had told us the day before to make sure to have Saturday off. (With no clear explanation why, just she would pay half on it, if we would procure the “supplies”

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it is better but still not complete part 1??