Another Round

‘What do you remember?’
She shook underneath me, looking up with those crystal
eyes. The uncertainty in them warred with sheer whorish
need. My hand shot forward, startled her, yanked her hair
with one deft jerk. Her mouth fell open. She panted. She
always panted when I did that.
‘I asked you a question.’
She took a breath. Swallowed. Tried to rein it in. My
cock jumped in my pants when she licked her lips. I could
read her mind, but I wanted her to tell me.
I shook her by the hair, threw her like a rag doll. She
yelped. Her nails dug into my thighs until I slapped her
hands away. She glared at me.
‘Bastard,’ she spat out, coiled like a snake under my
It was always like this with her, always the defiance,
even while she conveniently forgot that she was paying
me good money to make her feel like an utter whore. She
pretended to be livid with the injustice. She pretended to
hate me. She pretended that she was above me, so high on
a pedestal that even if she spat in my direction, the wind
would carry it too far to hit me. Pretending like that was

fine, if that was what she needed, but I wouldn’t put up
with it much longer, and she knew it. She could push, but I
could push harder.
I yanked her hair again. She gritted her teeth and her
eyes sparkled. She was on the verge of playing Little Miss
Wounded. Her games were becoming old hat to me by
now. I was getting tired of them, but I wasn’t tired of the
money. More than that, I was getting interested in a very
non-sexual sort of way. I knew I could break her. She
wanted me to break her.
She fucking loved it.
‘Tell me what you remember.’
She purred when I pulled her head back all the way.
Her throat was long and pale, sweetly tempting. Which
side did I leave marks on last time? I didn’t remember. I
would make sure to leave marks on both sides this time,
just to make sure I covered all the bases. I wanted to give
her something she had to hide, something she had to
explain. Wearing a turtleneck in the dead of summer in
Miami? Wonderful.
‘I remember when you told me to fuck you up the ass
with my finger,’ she said. I almost smiled. She scored a
point, turning the tables like that, but I would never let her
see it.
‘Good try,’ I said calmly. ‘I prefer to recall you
whimpering that you belonged to me while I was reaming
out your ass. You came when I did that. Remember?’
She was trembling again, kneeling on the bed. She
looked up at me but would not look at my eyes.
‘You wanted to suck it when I was done. Didn’t you? If
that ain’t a dirty whore, I don’t know what is.’
The blush on her face was very becoming. It spread
down her chest, hardened her nipples at the same time it
ignited her ears. Her hand slowly closed and opened on

the blanket, kneading it like a cat while she stared straight
ahead. Tears filled her eyes.
‘You would do anything.’
I unzipped my jeans. My cock sprang out. Her mouth
fell open.
I slapped her face with my dick. She whimpered. She
hunkered down, ass up, knees spread, legs trembling,
hands on the blanket, twisting.
‘Tell me.’
She hesitated. She hadn’t yet learned the ropes of what
we were doing here. Sometimes I thought she was too
strong-willed. She was the kind a man like me will dream
about, the kind that has such a deep breaking point that
finding it becomes a personal challenge, a matter of pride.
Even when she was doing everything she was told, she
still had that pride that would not allow her to be
Not yet, anyway.
I yanked her hair harder, pulled her up to her knees
with it, and this time the tears in her eyes weren’t from
desire. That was good. That was fine. Right now I might
have been turned on, but I didn’t like her much at all. It
was the usual combination she evoked in me. The venom
in my voice wasn’t manufactured.
‘Am I going to have to tell you again? I will be more
than happy to. I would love to use that new cat-o’-ninetails
to punctuate every fucking syllable.’
‘I will do anything,’ she said immediately. There was
that edge of defiance again. I let go of her hair so quickly
she almost fell off the end of the bed. She scrambled to
keep her balance, and I was pleased at the sudden lack of

I reached for the cat-o’-nine-tails. She opened her
mouth to speak, then looked up at me and shut her lips.
Her eyes spoke the volumes that she refused to voice.
I stood in front of her. ‘Suck,’ I demanded, and there it
was again, that hesitation. Right before she could touch
my cock, I pushed her away. She moaned. I cracked the
whip over her buttocks, and she flinched hard, even
though I hadn’t actually touched her skin. She really was
afraid of that thing. I liked to watch the flicker in her eyes
whenever I snapped it around her.
‘Wondering what you’re doing wrong?’ I asked her.
She nodded.
‘I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong. You’re a slut.
You’re a whore. You’re a goddamn bitch good for nothing
but sucking my cock. Out there with your husband and
your job and your nice little place in society you’re hot
shit, but in here you’re good for nothing but being a hole I
like to fuck. So you don’t get to think about things for a
while. You don’t get to decide what you might like to do,
little miss high-society bitch. You do as I say, when I say
it, and you fucking thank me for it. Is that understood?’
She nodded without an instant of hesitation. Good.
‘So you’re going to suck my dick. You’re going to suck
like a vacuum powered by the goddamn energizer bunny.
Aren’t you?’
She nodded again. I brought down the cat-o-nine tails.
She yelped in surprise as the leather bit into the pristine
cheeks of her round ass.
‘Then what the fuck are you waiting for?’ I yelled.
She opened her mouth and sucked me in. I grabbed her
hair and rammed her. She gagged on my cock. She wanted
to pull away, I knew she did, but she was more afraid of
that cat-o’-nine-tails than she was of a little deepthroating.
She went at me with an earnest need to please

then, and I watched for a while as she bobbed up and
down. Her tongue was just as busy as her lips were. She
had no idea of the kind of skills she possessed. That
woman could suck me dry in a matter of minutes if I let
I closed my eyes and got into it for a little while: just
enjoyed the feeling. When I started to feel that familiar
tingle in my balls, I pulled her off me and stepped away.
She stayed right where she was, looking up at me with
those bright eyes. The defiance was softer, but it was still
‘Touch yourself,’ I ordered.
She reached down between her legs. Her eyes drifted
closed. She rocked on her hand. I got behind her and
watched what she was doing. Two slim fingers were
sliding in and out. She was sometimes touching her clit,
but it was mostly all centered inside, on that spot that
seemed to make her shudder every time she touched it just
One of her ass cheeks had little red marks on it. I
touched them lightly and she jerked. She stopped moving.
I waited for a moment, then slapped her ass.
‘Did I tell you to stop?’
She started playing with herself again, this time with an
edge of urgency. I slapped her ass again and watched the
red mark form. I slapped it again, laying my hand in the
exact same spot. I watched the redness grow even redder.
Then I did it again, and again, making a game out of it,
trying to hit the same spot every time.
There were moans now, the ones that came from deep
down in her throat, a sexy mating call.
I moved to the other cheek. The bitch had a nice ass,
wide and rounded. It jiggled just a little with every spank.
I varied the slaps on the other cheek, layering them,

watching her whole buttock turn a pretty shade of red.
Then I picked up the cat-o’-nine-tails and trailed it down
her spine.
She arched away from me, then changed her mind and
arched up toward me. I brought the whip down lightly on
her cheeks, and she jerked as if she had been shot. My
spanks had made her skin sensitive. The second crack of
the whip across her skin brought a wild cry of surprise
from her.
‘Don’t stop touching yourself,’ I ordered, and she
increased her pace to near-frantic. She was hot and wet
and going beyond protest. Her moans were almost
desperate. I watched her for a while, stroking my cock in
time with her thrusts.
Her legs tensed. Her neck arched. Her moans turned to
cries. She trembled. Right before she could come, I
yanked her hand away from her clit.
‘No,’ she wailed, hardly able to breathe.
‘Fuck me,’ I said.
She hesitated, unsure of what to do. I knew her well
enough to know the anger was welling up, and if I were
looking at her face, I would see something close to pure
hatred in her eyes. But I would see passion too, and a
glimpse of the woman underneath, the one who was close
to begging.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on me. Her
pussy was shockingly wet. I sat back on the bed and let
her ride. Her tits sometimes brushed my legs as she
bounced on my cock. I ran my fingertips down her spine
and watched the fine sheen of sweat break out over her
goosebumps. I thought about everything else – baseball,
the old standby. The bills I had to pay that month. Her
husband and whether he noticed any differences in her.

I waited until she was on the verge of exhaustion, her
thighs and her arms trembling, sweat running down her
body. I liked watching her try to hold herself up. I knew
she would be sore in the morning. Every muscle would
protest when she got out of bed. Then she would
remember why, and she would feel defiance and a bit of
confusion, the kind of thoughts that would lurk in the back
of her mind and make her wonder how much longer she
could hold on to that insufferable pride. She would hate
me a little bit, and that thought made me very happy.
‘I don’t want you to fuck me like this,’ I announced.
She paused immediately.
‘Fuck me with your ass.’
She didn’t move for a long moment. I knew she had
never had anal sex until me, and having it in this position
was something she probably needed time to wrap her mind
around. I allowed it, moving my hips slowly, gliding my
cock in and out of her pussy.
‘I don’t know how,’ she said.
‘Yes, you do.’
She thought about it, then took a deep breath and
moved forward. My cock was standing at attention. She
slowly moved back until my dick was pressed right
between those round, red cheeks. I held them and spread
them with my hands, opening her up for what I wanted her
to do. She was trembling but she wasn’t truly hesitating.
She was just being careful.
I watched as her little brown rosebud winked at me. I
could have taken the time to get her ready like I had the
last time, but I wanted her to take me like this. I wanted
her to impale herself without any preparation whatsoever.
Call it a measuring of trust.
‘Fuck me,’ I murmured. ‘Now.’

She pushed against my dick. I wasn’t surprised to feel
the resistance. She worked herself over me slowly, until
half of my head slid inside. I wasn’t a monster but I wasn’t
small, either. I knew she was uncomfortable. She paused
and whimpered. I wanted to grab her hips and f***e her
down, but she had to do this for herself.
‘Now,’ I barked. The harsh command was like
electricity. She jerked and then she pushed down hard. I
hadn’t really expected her to do it, but she did – just
impaled herself on my cock. She swallowed me all the
way in. Watching it, and hearing her cry out at the same
time, turned my dials all the way from hot to redline.
‘Fuck,’ I groaned.
She slid up and then right back down. All the way. All
the fucking way.
I didn’t want to come, but I might not have much of a
choice. She was grinding hard and bouncing when she
wasn’t grinding, and my dick was appreciative. I struggled
to remember who was fucking whom.
She fucked me hard. She fucked me with the kind of
controlled abandon that said she knew exactly what she
was doing. That pissed me off enough that I wanted to hurt
her, so I didn’t make it easy. I rammed her from below,
and she squealed. She grabbed my legs and held on, her
nails digging in. I thrust harder and harder until she
changed her tactic and removed those claws from my
calves. Fucking bitch – even now, even with my dick up
her ass, she was determined to have things her way.
I started to spank her again. She gasped out loud and
tried to move forward, but I held her hips hard with one
hand and spanked her with the other. She wiggled. She
was either trying to get away or trying to make me come
faster, which she thought might be just as good.
I was surprised when she hissed out ‘harder’.

Harder? I was spanking her as hard as I could. My hand
was burning. My arm was starting to hurt. Her ass cheeks
were red as fire, and she was whimpering with every blow,
but she still wanted more?
If this was a battle of wills, I was determined to win.
I started alternating hands: alternating sides. I spanked
her until my arm burned, until my hand went past the point
of being hot and hurting and into the realm of numb from
the inside out. She wasn’t the only one who was going to
be sore in the morning, and the thought of that made me
spank her harder. Just who did she think she was?
She finally put her head down on the cover and cried
out, a long and loud wail that sounded like nothing I had
ever heard from her before.
She came. Getting the spanking of her life, with my
dick buried in her ass, she came harder than I had ever felt
her come before. Her whole body tensed, then went limp
with the pleasure of it. I could almost see the bl**d
humming through her. Her whole body flushed red, as
though heat had been poured over her from the shoulders
down. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.
I gave it up. Thrust up into her once and came. I roared
with the power of it, and held her down on me while I was
doing it, until there wasn’t another drop left in me. She
wiggled a bit but I held her steady until my breathing
calmed, until I could think coherently again.
‘Are you alright?’ I asked her. There was a very long
silence and lots of deep breaths, as though she was
thinking about how to answer.
‘You didn’t spank me hard enough,’ she finally said.
I was stunned. Anger flashed through me. Then it was
replaced with the thrill of the challenge. She was definitely
a spitfire. How refreshing!

‘You little bitch,’ I growled. I picked up the cat-o’-
She turned around and looked at me. Her face was
flushed. Her hair was tangled and wet with sweat. Her
eyes were glassy with exhaustion. Her lips held the
slightest smile, the kind of smile that said she loved this
game just as much as I did.
Then it was gone as quickly as it had come, replaced by
that look of defiance, that set of her jaw, that challenge
from her very core: Go ahead and try to break me, you
‘Bring it on,’ she said.
I definitely had my work cut out for me.
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