‘Bound’ To Sell

Having worked at the company for almost three years and
having made no attempt to hide the fact that I was a
lesbian, I suppose that it didn’t come as much of a surprise
when one of the other women came over to ask me if I had
a lot of lesbian friends.
More than just idle curiosity, however, it turned out that
Sally was also a lesbian and that, to my initial horror, she
made a bit of extra cash holding sales parties in the
evenings and at weekends. But rather than selling Amway,
Tupperware or any of that rubbish, I actually breathed a
sigh of relief when she told me that she sold fetish
bondage gear.
Of course, before you can hold any type of party, the
first things that you need are some guests and a place for
them to go. And so in exchange for a share of the takings,
I agreed to invite my friends to my house the following
weekend and play the dutiful hostess.
On the night of the party, having dolled myself up,
bought half a dozen bottles of wine and laid out a wide
variety of snacks, I waited for all my friends to arrive. And
then, resisting the urge to ruin my lipstick with a little

lesbian foreplay, I did my best to keep things civilized
until the saleswoman turned up.
‘Good evening, ladies.’ She greeted us warmly as she
made her way up to the front of the room and opened up
her sample case. ‘My name is Sally, and I’m here to help
make your sex lives even more exciting than they are
Having already d***k a few glasses of wine by that
point, it was difficult for me to tell the difference between
my friends and a gang of immature schoolgirls as they sat
whispering and giggling around the room. And so when
the saleswoman asked for someone to step forward and
help her demonstrate what she had to offer, as well as
being the hostess I was also the only one who was sober
enough to volunteer.
A few moments later, once Sally had fastened ten
normal looking black leather straps around my wrists,
elbows, thighs, knees and ankles and a belt around my
waist, I was groaning with satisfaction as she tied a
smooth leather collar around my neck and fitted me with a
soft rubber ball-gag. And as I stood there savouring the
tingle in my pussy, the saleswoman turned me to face the
audience so that the presentation could begin.’
‘The ‘Ultrabond 2000’ system is a revolution in fetish
bondage play,’ announced Sally, taking a remote
controller from her case and asking me to hold my wrists
up so that everyone could see. ‘Because while it might
look like a collection of ordinary leather straps, it gives
you absolute control over your lover’s body and literally
puts her under your thumb.’
The next thing I knew, the straps on my wrists had
pulled together like a pair of magnets. And although I tried
to pull them apart, it was as if they were locked together
and there was nothing that I could do.

‘Simply by pressing this button,’ Sally continued, ‘I’ve
activated two of the electromagnets that are inside the
leather of this woman’s wrist straps, forcing them to lock
together no matter how much she might try to resist.’
And as they watched me struggle in the vain attempt to
separate my wrists, my friends stopped giggling and
looked on in absolute silence; worried that this was all just
part of a confidence trick, but eager to see what else these
leather straps could do.
‘But of course, each strap has more than one set of
And before I knew it, my ankles had been locked
together and my wrists had been pulled down to link with
them as well.
‘And you can unlock one set of magnets without
unlocking the others as well.’
Standing in my own living room, gagged and trussed
up like a Christmas Turkey as my friends looked on, I was
relieved that Sally switched off some of the magnets
before I lost my balance. However although my ankles and
wrists were no longer fastened to each other, now that
she’d fastened my knees to my elbows so that I couldn’t
bend my legs, it still looked as if I was reaching down to
grab hold of my ankles and I was still as helpless as could
‘Now, I realize that you might be sceptical,’ said Sally
as she endeavoured to reassure my friends that this really
wasn’t a trick. ‘And so please feel free to come up here
and inspect the straps for yourselves.’
But as I stood there bound and gagged, in a position
that practically begged my friends to spank my bottom and
reach up the back of my skirt, since I already knew that I
was helpless, I really felt as though I was the one who
needed to be reassured.

One of my friends came up to ‘inspect’ the equipment,
gently caressing my helpless body and causing me to
groan with delight.
‘Does that feel good? If I reached down to stroke your
pussy, would you try to stand back up?’
But not even waiting to see if I nodded or shook my
head, a few moments later I was whimpering loud enough
for the whole room to hear as she gently reached up the
back of my skirt, pushed the crotch of my knickers to one
side and began stroking my juicy, wet slit.
‘And what if I gave you a spanking?’ she teased, still
fingering my pussy as she used her free hand to hitch my
skirt up around my waist and smack my pert, round rump.
By that point, I think I was so horny that even if I had
been able to stand up, I would still have just held onto my
ankles and let the woman have her way. But as it was,
however, there was no way that I could stand up until
Sally deactivated the cuffs.
Of course, there was still a long way to go until the end
of the presentation. And so a few minutes later, once
everyone had come up to see just how helpless I really
was and savoured my moans of satisfaction for
themselves, the saleswoman finally deactivated the cuffs.
And once she’d given me a chance to smooth my skirt
down and push my hair back away from my face, she
carried on with the presentation and proved just how much
of a puppet I’d actually become.
‘If your lover is pretending to be your French maid,
then by pressing this combination of buttons, you can
make her stand like this.’
And as a magnet in the strap of my ball gag was
activated, pulling it down towards my collar and making it
look as if I was bowing my head, I felt my knees and
ankles pull together, my elbows become locked to the

sides of my waist and my wrists bind together as they had
done before. And before I knew it, as much as I might
have tried to struggle, I was suddenly a meek little serving
girl, standing respectfully with my head bowed and my
hands in my lap, waiting for my mistress’s command.
And if you want her to beg like a loving little puppy…’
I actually whimpered as, after an extremely brief
moment of freedom, I was literally pulled down onto my
knees as the straps on my thighs were pulled towards the
straps around my ankles. And as my head was pulled back
by the magnet in my collar, my elbows were pinned back
to my waist and wrists were pulled up under my chin in
the perfect begging position.
The saleswoman playfully scratched me behind my
ears, evoking delighted howls of ecstasy from every one of
my friends.
‘Who’s a cute little puppy?’
I knelt there feeling the juice from my pussy begin to
ruin the cloth of my skirt and knickers. The magnet in my
collar meant that I had no choice but to look up at her,
gazing lovingly into her eyes.
Of course, I wasn’t the only one who was feeling
horny. And so as my friends all uncrossed their legs to
finger their dripping wet pussies, too mesmerized by what
they saw to want to fuck each other but too horny not to
wank, Sally quickly slipped off her knickers as she
decided to put my new obedience to good use.
Allowing me to move just enough to crawl up to her
seat, the saleswoman then used the remote control to f***e
me to kneel down in front of her with my wrist cuffs
pinned to the back of my belt. And once she had removed
my ball gag and given me a long loving kiss, she ordered
me to lick her naked pussy, and I eagerly obeyed.

At this point, I feel I must confess that, no matter how
long I might live, I don’t think that I’ll ever experience
something so intensely erotic as being completely bound
and helpless while licking the pussy of a woman who’s
taken complete control of your body. And as I began to
submit completely to Sally’s slightest whim, I realized that
as well as control of her body, she was also taking control
of my mind, of my heart and of my soul.
Even when I had finished licking the saleswoman’s
pussy and she had the deactivated all of the magnets to
allow me to take a break, I still knelt there like an obedient
little sex toy, ready and willing to obey her every
command. But although it looked as if the presentation
was over, there was still one last thing that she needed to
‘Oh dear, I almost forgot,’ giggled Sally as her finger
hovered over one of the buttons on the remote control. ‘If
you want to reward your gorgeous little sex toy, then all
that you have to do is this.’
The moment that she touched the button, I climaxed so
hard that I almost saw the gates of heaven as an extremely
mild shock of electricity began to surge through me,
causing every inch of my body to tingle and stimulating
me to a point of ecstasy that I had never imagined
‘Also, if you want to kiss your lover or let her lick your
pussy at the same time, then you can enjoy her reward as
And when one of my friends came over to give me a
kiss and Sally pressed the button for a second time, we
both began to squeal with orgasm as the surge shot
through both of us like a bolt of pure joy.
Despite the fact that the presentation was now over and
we were all desperate to buy, we were all so desperately
horny that I would have been willing to carry on licking
everyone’s pussies for the rest of my natural life. And so
once my friends had all taken off their knickers and I had
rolled over onto my back with my ankles fastened to my
wrists, Sally literally ripped off my skirt and knickers and
we all descended into an orgy that I’ll never be able to
As each of my friends then took it in turns to sit on my
face or kneel down between my legs to lick my own
dripping pussy, Sally stood watch over us with the remote
control, forcing us to climax over and over again as she
sent a surge of electricity through each of our willing slits.
And for the next seven unforgettable hours, as we all,
licked and fisted each other’s pussies to the point of
u*********sness, and Sally’s device f***ed us all to
climax over and over again, I am proud to say that I
remained the obedient little sex toy until the very end.
The next day however, having dragged my exhausted
body into work as usual but still grinning from ear to ear
like the mindless little sex toy that I had become, when
Sally asked if I would like to host another sales party the
next week, I simply had no choice but to refuse.
‘Please mistress,’ I whimpered pitifully. ‘Please let me
have two weeks to rest before we have another party. I
don’t think that my pussy could take any more.’

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I want to host a party like that!