The first thing he felt was the burning, the rawness, where
the ropes bit into his wrists and ankles. Next was the
throbbing. Though he was lying stiffly on his back, limbs
pulled taut, he felt as if he were riding a roller-coaster, his
head reeling. When his eyes fluttered open, a blur of
shapes and colours stung his corneas, and it took several
minutes before his vision sharpened enough to distinguish
His eyes darted around the room. When he saw the
Double Indemnity poster, there was a spark in his brain.
An apartment. Her apartment. But what was her name? He
couldn’t remember. He combed his memory, struggling to
put the pieces of the evening together. He had gone to the
Rumba Room – that much he remembered. The music had
been loud, the walls were pulsating. Then he had spotted
her. She was sipping an apple martini at the bar, her raven
hair seizing the light like obsidian, shining from across the
room. He couldn’t say why, but he knew before she turned
her head that she would be breathtaking, and his breath
caught in his throat as she slowly looked over her
shoulder, her gaze fixed on him like a laser. They glittered
like diamonds, her eyes, and he was startled to find them

an electric shade of violet, so intense that he faltered
backward. She had skin pale as milk, a striking contrast to
the full, berry-coloured lips that curved into a knowing
smile. Her dress was black as the shadows surrounding
her, wrapping around her like a velvet serpent. She was of
another era, her look too ethereal to be a Miami native.
European, perhaps?
Before he could think he felt his feet carrying him
toward her, parting the throngs of tanned dancers and
making his way to the smiling beauty. When he stood
before her, a hint of her perfume curled around his
nostrils, a scent surprisingly sweet, like ripe fruit.
‘I – I thought I’d have something witty to say by the
time I made it over here,’ he said. ‘Will you settle for shy
and flustered?’
Her eyes were warm. ‘Sounds endearing.’
She sipped her drink, taking long, languid sips.
‘What’s your name, shy and flustered?’
‘Oh – it’s Adam. Adam Belmont.’
She tilted her head and laughed a laugh that was light in
sound but rich with wickedness.
‘What’s so funny?’
She brushed a long, dark tendril from her face and
tucked it behind her ear.
‘I’ll tell you later,’ she said. She set down the drink.
‘Perhaps at my apartment?’
Her smile widened. ‘Yes?’
‘I wasn’t trying to get you into bed,’ he said quickly.
‘Well, maybe at some point, but I swear I didn’t come
over here to imply that tonight I wanted –’
‘Take it easy, shy and flustered.’
She was studying him, her eyes sparkling with interest
as they roamed his damp palms, his flushed cheeks, the

way he bit his lower lip ever so subtly, chewing out his
‘I know you weren’t implying anything,’ she said.
‘Perhaps you wanted to chat for a while, talk about the
humidity or something of that nature? That’s perfectly
fine. But allow me to be blatant: my apartment is nearby,
I’ve had several Red Bulls, and my legs are parting as we
Adam’s jaw fell open, eliciting another laugh from the
woman. He compelled his mouth to move, to form words,
to stop stuttering like an idiot. She rose from her seat,
bridging the gap between them. Her eyes burned into his,
letting him know that there was only one answer she
would deem acceptable.
‘I’ve never had a one night stand,’ he said, then quickly
added, ‘not that I want it to be just a one night stand.’
‘Well, then,’ she whispered. ‘Make my toes curl tonight
and you’ll be invited back.’
She leaned close. He could smell the sweetness of her
breath; such an unusually tart scent. It made him think of
strawberries, apples, juicy plums. He could practically
taste her.
‘Shall we go now, Adam?’
He nodded so hard that he felt as if his head were about
to unhinge itself from his neck. Her slender fingers curled
around his palm, towing him gently toward the door. He
followed like a puppy.
‘I’m Evelyn, by the way.’
The evening air bit their flesh in a refreshing wave, the
breeze tinged with the smell of ocean. As the door
slammed shut behind them and they moved silently
through the night, the music became a dull thump in the
distance. The massive palm trees lining the streets were lit

with strands of flickering lights, making shadows stretch
and curl around them.
Adam had been at a loss of words before, but he now
found himself petrified as the woman pointed to a building
several blocks away.
‘That’s it,’ she said. ‘Didn’t I tell you it was close?’
Adam nodded. He turned his head to look at her and
was surprised to find that her expression was blissful, as if
being outside in the darkness soothed her from the inside
out. Actually, it was only when the silver wisps of clouds
spread like a spider web across the moon and the stars
struggled to be heard in the bleakness of the midnight sky
that she felt truly at peace. But to Adam she merely
appeared to be relieved to be out of the stifling, sweatdrenched
A tall Spanish-style building greeted them at the end of
their journey, a dimly lit sign reading ‘Garden East’
apartments, announcing its purpose. Vines of bright red
flowers hugged the building from every angle, springing
from the lush garden surrounding the apartments. A little
slice of paradise on an otherwise unremarkable street.
She led him up a flight of stairs, twisted her key into
the lock, and flicked on the lights. Her apartment glistened
with intellect and refinement. Paintings of exotic settings,
stacks of leather-bound books, and intricately carved
furniture that looked as if it had been plucked right from
the rococo period. The New York Times on the kitchen
table was the final item that convinced Adam that he
wasn’t about to have sex with a promiscuous bimbo. After
surveying her elegant apartment, his fascination with the
woman had doubled.
Evelyn breezed behind him, glided to the kitchen, and
fetched two glasses, which she promptly filled with a ruby
liquid from an unmarked bottle.

‘You seem a bit nervous,’ she smiled, handing him a
glass. ‘Try this. It’s a lovely wine from Europe. My
favourite, actually.’
He stared hesitantly at the glass. ‘I don’t know – I’ve
had a few gin and tonics as it is. Maybe I shouldn’t…’
She leaned close and met his gaze. Her eyes were
glowing amethyst, burning with insistence.
‘You must try it,’ she said. ‘It’s a very special wine. I
opened it because, well…you seem like a very special
He felt himself blush and tightened his grip around the
‘I don’t know if I should…’
She raised her glass high above her mouth and tilted it
slightly, until a single crimson droplet fell onto her lips,
coating them in wetness. She licked up the moisture with
her tongue, slowly, methodically, moaning with pleasure
as the taste of it flooded her mouth.
Her eyes locked on his. ‘You really…must…try it.’
He brought the wine to his mouth and urged it down his
throat. He felt himself sigh, surprised by its richness.
‘Wow,’ he marvelled, wiping his lips. ‘If wine were
candy, this would definitely be dark chocolate.’
She seemed pleased and ushered him into the living
‘Please, have a seat.’
Adam sank into the plush sofa. The woman sat beside
him, flashing him an encouraging smile. His eyes fell to
the Double Indemnity poster near the mantle, framed in an
ornate gold casing.
‘I remember that movie,’ he said. ‘It scared me when I
was little – the chick, I mean. Femme fatale – is that what
they’re called? Scared me to death. The thought of
someone actually planning to murder their spouse…’

Her eyes drifted to the poster. ‘I don’t know,’ she said
softly. ‘If you were to examine the situation a bit more
closely, perhaps you’d have a bit of empathy for her.
Things aren’t always what they seem.’
He was thoughtful for a moment, and then shrugged.
He felt his nerves deserting him, but f***ed himself to
smile and meet her gaze.
‘I see the questions in your eyes, and I’m prepared to
answer them.’
‘Well, um,’ Adam began, unable to meet her stare. ‘I
suppose I do have a question. Why me?’
Evelyn nodded, as if it were a fair question. ‘Does it
He took another sip of wine, letting the flavour splash
around in his mouth. ‘I don’t get it,’ he said. ‘Why did you
choose to go home with me tonight? There were tons of
good-looking guys in that place, but you were smiling at
me. Why?’
She was quiet a long time. ‘You seemed…nice.’
Adam snorted.
‘No, really,’ she said. ‘Some people have an inner
glow; do you know what I’m talking about? They emanate
their personality from the outside in. I could tell you were
a good guy…and a great lover.’
Adam swayed a little, his nerve faltering. ‘But – you
don’t understand.’
She raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh?’
He set the wine down, forcing himself to look her in the
eye. ‘I don’t know what kind of lover I am. I’m a virgin.’
There was a pause.
‘I intend to change that.’
Adam shook his head. ‘Now I don’t know if I can do it.
I’m intimidated as hell, quite frankly. I’ve wanted to make

love to a woman for so long, and now you’re here,
beautiful and mysterious and sensual…’
‘Don’t forget horny,’ she added. ‘Adam, I understand if
you’re a tad apprehensive. But look at the situation this
way: you’re with a woman that is quite turned on to find
out you’re a clean slate and now wants to ravish you like
an a****l. I can see fierceness behind those hazel eyes,
and I have no doubt you’re fully capable of making me
pant. Do you know I’m wet already?’
‘Y – you are?’
‘Would you like to feel?’
She took his hand in hers, parting her legs and peeling
back the chiffon fabric that d****d across her thighs. He
braced himself to feel the softness of cotton panties –
perhaps a satin thong. Instead his fingertips glided across
‘Oh, God,’ he murmured. His breath was sucked
sharply to the back of his throat.
‘I can’t – I shouldn’t,’ he croaked. ‘I don’t know you
very well yet. It wouldn’t be right. I would never want you
to think that I was only interested in…in…’
She guided his hand lightly across her sex, teasing the
velvet folds with his fingers. Adam could feel the
throbbing, the dizziness swirling through his head.
‘Alright,’ she whispered eyes, half-closed. ‘If it makes
you feel any better, I’m a Gemini, my favourite food is
sushi, and I love c***dren. Now that we’ve gotten to know
each other, why don’t you feel me from the inside?’
She plunged his finger deep inside of her. They both
cried out, she in pleasure, he in shock. Adam felt her
wetness smothering his finger and the room started to spin.
His eyes rolled upward, the lashes fluttering slightly. He
felt his body swaying.
‘Adam,’ she murmured. ‘Are you alright?’

He tried to speak, to reassure her, but his lips wouldn’t
His body slumped forward, his head crashing down
upon her lap. A long, low moan fell from his lips. He
could smell her sweetness; it flooded his nostrils and
soothed his senses as his stomach heaved and twisted. He
felt her run a tender hand through his hair as his eyes
slumped shut.
His vision was sharpening. Rope. Winding around his
body. Digging into his flesh. What was he lying against? It
was hard, a cold slab. But it didn’t make sense…
s**ttered around the living room were clusters of
candles, their glow stinging his eyes and doubling his
dizziness. He felt his stomach churning, thought he might
throw up. Breathing deeply, he gritted his teeth and rode
out the wave of nausea.
Her voice pricked his ears, floating out from the
shadows. ‘Be still and don’t struggle. I d**gged you,
Adam. You’ll feel wretched for a while, but the sickness
will pass.’
He tilted his head and strained his eyes until he saw her,
sitting in the velvet armchair, watching him. The violet of
her eyes pierced through the darkness, making him
shudder. Adam compelled himself to speak, but managed
only a low, gurgling noise.
‘Your voice will return shortly,’ she said. ‘Don’t strain
She rose and stepped forward. She moved fluidly
through the darkness, like a panther, her features
illuminated as the moonlight fell across her face. She
stared down at him. Her expression was unreadable.
Finally she knelt beside his rigid body, and he could see
that her eyes were soft.

‘I – I normally just do it,’ she said. ‘I offer no
explanation, and by the time it’s over the man thinks he’s
gone insane – that he had imagined it all.’
She smoothed a lock of his hair with her palm.
‘But you’re different, Adam. I meant what I said
earlier. You have a genuine goodness about you.’
Adam steadied himself against the slab. He felt his
throat swelling, and this time when he tried to speak he
managed to choke out words.
She nodded. ‘And it’s because of your goodness that
I’ll do something rare for you. I’ll let you understand.’
Evelyn settled herself on the carpet. She was quiet a
long time, looking hesitant, as if she didn’t know where to
‘I’m doing this not because I want to,’ she murmured.
‘But because I have to.’
‘Do –’ he coughed. ‘Do what?’
She placed a hand on his arm. ‘Please don’t be afraid.
I’m not going to kill you.’
This sentence, of course, made him very afraid.
‘You’re a religious man?’ she asked. ‘A Christian,
‘Y – yes. Kind of,’ he whispered.
‘It’s alright,’ she smiled. ‘Most people fall into the kind
of category.’
He blinked hard, trying to see her face through the
She noted his problem. ‘Too dark?’ she asked. ‘I prefer
the dark, to be honest. But perhaps you’ll feel a bit more
comfortable with a bit of light.’
She waved her hand and Adam watched as the candles
surrounding them began to grow, tripling in height before
his eyes. He let out a terrified squeak as the large flames

lapped at the ceiling, overwhelming the room in a searing
‘What’s happening?’ he rasped. ‘How did you – what
are you?’
She tilted her eyes toward the floor. ‘I don’t entirely
know,’ she said softly. ‘But I can try my best to help you
understand what I must do now.’
Adam’s senses had been shocked into alertness.
‘Untie me.’
She shook her head. ‘I won’t. Ask again and I’ll simply
carry out my plans without explanation. You want to hear
my explanation, correct?’
The ropes were too thick, too tight. Struggling would
be futile, he knew.
He returned his gaze to her and tried to make sense of
what he had just seen. ‘Are you some kind of witch?’
Evelyn gave a sad little smile.
‘What then?’
She looked off in the distance, staring out the window
at the palm trees, their leaves tossed helplessly by the
‘You are familiar with the bible?’
Adam narrowed his eyes. ‘I guess. The major stuff,
‘You remember the first chapter? The story of
He shrugged.
‘Listen carefully,’ she said, her tone serious. ‘The bible
is a document not different to a collection of fairy tales.
There’s a bit of truth to it, but please believe me when I
tell you that the stories are wrong. Here is how humanity
came to be…’

She took a long breath, the weight of her story heavy in
her eyes. ‘God created earth, God created Adam. He
designed a secluded garden for Adam to live in, but as the
days passed Adam found his existence tedious without
companionship. He became so distraught by the loneliness
that one day he climbed a willow tree and wrapped a long
vine around his neck. As he was about to hang himself,
God spoke to him. “Why do you wish to die?” God asked.
Adam replied, “Because life holds no joy for me. Because
this paradise is empty without companionship.” God said,
“Shall I give you another man for friendship?” But Adam
shook his head and said, “What good would another man
be? Then the both of us would sit, bored, passing our days
in the same manner.” Finally God said, “I will give you a
companion alike in soul but different in body. She will fill
your days with pleasure, and attend to your every desire.”
And Adam agreed.’
Adam’s forehead crinkled. He was about to ask what
this tale had to do with their present situation, but she
‘And so from Adam’s rib, Eve was born. Adam was
delighted by her, awed by her beauty, bewitched by her
body. God told them both that paradise was theirs, but
they must never eat from the golden apple tree by the lake.
If they did, they would be banished from the garden for
ever. They agreed, and were left to their own devices. Eve
was shy and overwhelmed by her strange existence, and
she turned to Adam for reassurance. He wrapped his hand
round her hair and pulled her to the ground. She screamed
and fought wildly, but he took her cruelly, mounting her in
the mud. When he had finished, he told her, “You sprang
from my body, and are my property to do with as I please.
You will serve me however I see fit, and if ever you
object, I will punish you until you recognize your place.”

Eve was crying, and he sneered and left her there, and
went lumbering off to bathe himself in the river.’
Adam thought her mad – she had to be. Where on earth
had she heard this story? He may not have been a church
regular, but he knew the story of creation.
‘The days passed and Adam found great pleasure in his
new companion,’ she went on. ‘He violated her body
frequently, and sometimes he would beat her until she
couldn’t stand, simply for the novelty of it. In the night
Eve cried quietly, cursing her wretched existence. Then
one day while Adam napped in the afternoon sunlight, she
went on a walk down by the lake, down by the golden
apple tree. Through the tall grass came a serpent,
slithering up her leg, circling her waist, until it d****d
across her shoulders and its tongue tickled her ear. “Why
do you cry?” it asked, to which she replied, “Because I
loathe my existence. Because I hate this place, because I
want to be free of Adam’s cruelty.” “Escape,” said the
serpent. “When the night falls, flee the garden.” “I
cannot,” she replied sadly. “There are walls surrounding
the garden, so high one could never hope to climb them.
Once when Adam was asl**p, I spent all day trying to dig
beneath them, but they stretch down to the very centre of
the earth.” The snake turned her head toward the apple
tree. “Eat the forbidden fruit and you will be free,” he said.
She took an apple from the tree and sank her teeth into its
flesh. Suddenly the earth began to shake, and the clouds
parted. God’s voice came down and said to her, “You have
eaten the fruit forbidden to you, and now you shall be
exiled for ever. Flee now, or the punishment shall be
death.” Eve heard the walls crumbling in the distance, and
hope filled her bosom. She looked into the serpent’s eyes
and smiled. “Thank you,” she said. “From this day
forward my life is my own.” The serpent kissed her cheek

with his tongue, and she set him upon the ground, and then
sprinted toward the distance. Suddenly the vastness of the
world became known to her.’
She reached forward and tilted his cheek so that his
gaze met hers.
‘But,’ her voice was raw with urgency. ‘That night, as
she slept cold and naked in a cave miles away, a bright
light woke her. When her eyes opened an angel stood
before her, gleaming with heavenly splendour. The angel
said to her, “Woman made from Adam, you have been
banished from God’s paradise, and now your will is your
own. But because you drove Adam mad with lust, then left
him in agony, your punishment shall not end with
banishment. You shall be immortally cursed, unable to
die, but bitter to be alive. Every five hundred years, you
must commit the very sin that was your undoing: you must
tempt a virgin, and then lie with him, or else you shall
perish by the end of that year, condemned to an eternity in
hell.” ’
Adam’s mind was spinning. She’s insane, he thought.
The girl’s completely nuts!
Evelyn leaned close, so that her sweet breath wafted
across his cheek.
‘My name isn’t Evelyn.’ She paused. ‘It’s Eve.’
Adam would have laughed if his chest didn’t hurt so
‘Uh huh,’ he glared. ‘You’re the first woman to ever
exist. And you now happen to be a twenty-something club
hopper in Miami.’
Her eyes grew dark. ‘You don’t have to listen,’ she
spat. ‘I’ll get what I need from you – whether you believe
me or not.’
‘What do you need from me?’ he asked, dreading the

‘Your lust,’ she said. ‘I need you inside me, need your
virginity. Weren’t you listening?’
Adam frowned. ‘So this is – it’s been five hundred
years since you had sex?’
‘Well,’ she smiled. ‘Five hundred years since I’ve had
sex out of necessity.’
‘Look Evelyn,’ he glared. ‘I wanted to have sex with
you tonight. You didn’t have to d**g me and hogtie me.’
Evelyn shook her head.
‘On the contrary, there are some elements of this liaison
that you might object to, and I can’t have you fleeing into
the night. I’ll give you fair warning: there will be pleasure,
but there will also be pain. I’m no longer concerned with
whether you believe my biography – in five minutes you’ll
know the truth. Let’s begin…’
‘Wait!’ he cried. ‘What did you mean when you said
there’d be pain? What the hell are you going to do?’
She gave him an empathetic look. ‘I apologize for the
pain, but there is no other way. Do you remember what I
told you earlier? I won’t kill you. After this is done, I
promise I’ll release you unharmed. You see Adam, even if
you wanted to shout your ordeal to the world, no one
would believe you.’
She went to the kitchen, and Adam heard her shuffling
through items on the counter. When she returned she was
holding a ruby apple, the flesh glistening in the
‘And so it begins,’ she said, a note of sadness in her
voice. ‘Try not to strain yourself. Be brave, Adam.’
‘What the hell is the matter with you?’ he yelled. ‘Let
me go you crazy –’
He fell silent when the apple began to emit an eerie
glow, subtle at first, but within seconds the light was
blinding. Evelyn slit its flesh with her fingernail, and then

held the fruit above Adam’s mouth. They watched as an
electric red droplet of juice trickled from the fruit and
dangled over Adam’s mouth.
‘Open your mouth,’ she coaxed.
‘So I can drink from a fruit that glows in the dark? Go
to hell!’
She snarled, grabbing his hair and yanking until his
mouth flew open in a scream of pain.
‘I’m not going to hell,’ she hissed. ‘And tonight you’re
the reason why.’
The little drop of juice tumbled onto his lips, hitting his
flesh with a sharp splat. The juice snaked its way across
his tongue, leaving a searing trail as it lunged down his
‘Be brave, Adam,’ Evelyn whispered. ‘Be brave.’
He felt his body contort as the juice surged through his
veins, twisting them like poison. A red glow emanated
from his flesh; he shrieked at the sight of it. His stomach
heaved and quivered, his legs thrashed wildly. His wrists
twisted against the ropes like an a****l caught in a trap.
Adam’s body was too wracked with pain to notice that
Evelyn had placed her hand on his forehead. By the time
the convulsions had ceased his body was thick with sweat,
his lungs struggling to gulp in air.
‘W – what was that?’ he said, his voice breaking.
‘Sin,’ Evelyn answered.
She fetched a knife from the kitchen and began to cut
the clothes from his body, careful not to slice the ropes.
Adam continued to cough and shake.
‘I like you, Adam,’ she said, slicing the denim from his
legs. ‘I’m not just going to use your body tonight – not
like the others. You’re a good man, and for that reason I’m
going to make love to you.’

As the stabbing pains in his abdomen began to ebb, he
cast his eyes upon his captor, and was surprised to find
Evelyn unzipping her dress. The slinky fabric tumbled
down her collarbone, sinking to the floor in a rush. The
soft curves of her breasts caught the moonlight as she took
a step forward, standing before him, presenting herself.
His eyes darted to the dark triangle below her navel, as
black as her hair, gleaming with the smallest amount of
moisture. Pained though he was, he couldn’t help but
acknowledge her beauty, his eyes combing over her curves
with a sense of awe.
But he had little time to marvel at her body; she was
already climbing on top of him, her pale thighs straddling
his torso. He flinched as she leaned toward him, and her
sex rubbed against his, leaving a warm, wet trail as it
glided forward. Her breasts hovered so close to his mouth
that he could see his breath warming her nipples, prickling
them into tautness.
His head was swimming by the time she placed her
hand on his chin, tilting his head back so that she could
look into his eyes, an epic sadness in her face.
‘I wish…I wish it didn’t have to be like this. Please
don’t hate me, Adam.’
He saw a tear glistening in the corner of her eye.
‘I don’t hate you, Evelyn,’ he whispered. ‘A moment
ago I thought you were crazy, but not now.’
She managed a weak smile. ‘Are you ready?’
He was surprised to find that he was not only ready, but
‘Y – yes,’ he said softly. ‘Will there be much more pain
– like before?’
Evelyn nodded. She brushed her lips against his, and he
found himself stifling a low moan. His lips parted,
welcoming the wetness of her tongue, the heat of her kiss.

He strained his neck against the ropes, tasting as much of
her as he could.
When at last she pulled away Adam gasped; her skin
was illuminating: an electric, rosy glow. His eyes darted to
his own flesh and he found himself in the same state.
‘What’s happening?’
‘Don’t be afraid, Adam.’
She bent down and her nipple slid between his lips.
Before he could think, his tongue was swirling around the
tip, his lips sucking in her sweetness. Every time his
tongue lapped at her flesh, he felt tiny prickles, as if there
were an electric charge coursing through her. It became so
strong that he began to wince, but he refused to part with
her, licking and sucking until he felt himself grow weak.
When she guided his head back against the slab, her
breast wet with his saliva, she had a serene expression.
Her look was infectious, and despite himself, Adam felt
his lips mirror her smile.
With their bodies lighting up the room like pale stars,
Evelyn eased herself backwards until her sex hovered
above his own. He was frightened, yes, but now he was
consumed by another kind of pain. Her eyes shifted to his
hardness, and as she began to ease her hips down toward
the source of his aching, a tiny drop of her moisture
tumbled down, trickling across his manhood – he groaned
at the warmth of it – until he bit his lower lip to stifle a
‘Ignore what you see,’ she whispered. ‘Ignore what you
hear. Look at me, Adam. Keep your eyes on me.’
She tilted her pelvis until she was pressing against him,
and she began rubbing herself back and forth, painting him
in her wetness. He felt his body melting into the cold
‘Oh, God – Evelyn…’

Her eyes were sparkling with something that almost
appeared to be adoration. Cupping his cheek in her palm,
she dipped her head low, and her lips brushed across his
Then she pressed her body to his, coaxing him deep
inside. He could feel her heat even before she engulfed
him, taking him in slowly, letting him savour her inch by
inch. When he felt himself completely encased by her she
was still for a long moment, eyes half-closed, relishing the
weight of him inside her. She looked down at him–a fallen
angel–her hair pouring like a river over her shoulders,
brushing against his chest.
The story she had told him earlier began to flash
through his mind, and suddenly he was picturing her
pressed against the dirt, her nails digging into the earth in
terror, as she was taken without love, without the slightest
tenderness. And now Adam wanted to take her in his arms
and cradle her to him, to take her slowly and gently, to
stroke her hair and let soft words waft upon her ears. But
he felt the ropes rubbing against his flesh and the thought
faded from his mind.
He looked into her violet eyes, not daring to blink, as
she began to rock her hips. His wrists strained against the
bonds. He arched his back, stealing as much contact as he
Adam could hear the pants that came in a rush from her
lips, could see the beads of sweat gathering on her
forehead. But he became aware of another sound – a low,
almost inaudible hiss – that was echoing like a choir
around him. It was getting louder…closer. He broke away
from Evelyn’s gaze, and what he saw made the bl**d
freeze in his veins.
From all corners of the room they were pouring down –
serpents with scales as sharp as knives. They were

plummeting from the ceiling, coiling in piles, slithering
over the furniture and across the carpet.
He opened his mouth to scream, but Evelyn covered his
lips with her hand, whispering quickly ‘Don’t look, Adam.
They won’t harm you. Don’t look at them – look at me.’
She was grinding against him faster, moving her hips in
frantic little circles. He swallowed a moan and tried to
ignore the writhing creatures surrounding them. But by
this point there were hundreds of them, and now they
clustered around the slab; he felt one of them brush against
his torso, dragging its scales slowly across his flesh, and
his eyes clamped shut as he waited for the creature to slide
There was a piercing crack – like lightning – from
above. Adam’s eyes flashed open and flew to the ceiling.
He screamed. A swirling red cloud hovered over them,
crackling and churning in a fury of light.
The hysteria in his voice cut through the roar of the
cloud. ‘Evelyn!’
She ignored him, thrusting faster. The wind beating
down from above whipped her hair into a dark frenzy.
‘Evelyn!’ he screamed.
‘It’s alright,’ she called. ‘No harm will come to you!’
Adam gritted his teeth. He felt the pressure below, felt
the ache in his groin reaching a fever pitch. Evelyn
grunted with determination; she seemed to sense how
close he was to exploding. Around them the hiss of the
serpents became deafening, rattling the walls and shaking
the slab. Her breasts were bobbing up and down so
frantically that the nipples became a rosy blur, her thrusts
unrelenting. He felt himself start to twitch, and Evelyn felt
it too. She plunged down with a f***e so violent that he
could feel the orgasm being sucked from his body. His

skull dug into the slab. A howl echoed from his throat and
the walls rumbled with his scream.
Evelyn’s head shot backward. Her eyes slammed shut.
She clenched down, squeezing out every droplet from
deep inside of him. He felt a wave of electricity tearing
through her body – a jolt of pain so profound that she
began to sob, her shoulders heaving uncontrollably. She
tried frantically to steady herself with her legs, and for a
moment she seemed so weak that she would fall to the
floor in a trembling heap. The bellowing cloud above them
exploded in a deafening burst, smothering the room in a
crimson fog as the snakes rolled onto their bellies,
twitching and screaming in a shrill chorus.
Adam felt a stabbing pain inside his chest, as if his
bones were unhinging within his body, then a jagged
pressure inside his throat–something burrowing its way
toward his mouth. His jaw opened wide. He coughed and
retched until he felt the hard object tumble from his
mouth, landing with a sharp thud on his chest where the
pain had originated. He stared incredulously at the rib,
sticky with his saliva.
The red mist was dissipating. Adam’s eyes darted to the
floor, relieved to find that the serpents had vanished. He
took a deep breath.
Her voice was uneven, scratched. He looked up to see
her eyes stained with tears.
‘Are you okay?’
He nodded.
She dabbed at her eyes with her fingers. Then with
shaking hands she took the rib and held it close to her
face. She seemed lost in thought, eyes cloudy for a long
time before she finally spoke again.
‘It’s over now,’ she said. ‘I’ll untie you.’

He felt himself sliding out of her warmth, her wetness.
She knelt beside him and wiped the sweat from his brow.
‘I’m sorry, Adam,’ she said. ‘You don’t deserve such
pain. I wish I had chosen someone else–some musclecovered
jock with a contemptible personality. I‘ve never
done this with anyone like you.’ She gave him a smile
tinged with irony. ‘They say you always remember your
‘I – I feel so weak.’
‘It’ll pass,’ she assured him.
She kissed his cheek.
He managed to give her a feeble smile. ‘I understand,
Evelyn,’ he whispered. ‘You had to do this. I’ll never hate
you for it.’
The words made her lips tremble. ‘I – thank you.’
She grabbed the knife from the floor and began cutting
through the ropes that wrapped around his legs.
‘Let me see you again,’ he blurted.
She almost dropped the knife. ‘W – what?’
His eyes were earnest. ‘I said I want to see you again.’
Evelyn shook her head quickly.
‘No,’ she whispered. ‘Don’t you understand? I’m
cursed. Damned. I can’t stay in the same place for more
than five years; lest people become aware of the way my
body refuses to age. You need to go home now, Adam.
Forget what happened here tonight. It was a dream.’
‘But –’
‘No!’ she said her tone serious. ‘I don’t have friends
and I certainly don’t have boyfriends.’
‘Don’t you ever get lonely? Want someone to confide
in? Evelyn, please – I won’t leave until you agree to see
me again.’
She moved toward his face, her eyes like open wounds
as she studied him. She could see the resolve in his

expression. She tousled his hair with her fingers. A tear
clung to the corner of her eye; when she blinked it trailed
down her cheek and across her lips.
‘Goodbye, Adam.’
He felt her hand tighten around his hair, wrenching his
head forward. When she brought it down hard against the
slab, her mournful eyes were the last thing he saw before
everything went dark.
When his eyelids fluttered open, he wasn’t sure where he
was at first–the room was bare, stripped of furniture and
paintings. His head was ringing. He felt the carpet beneath
his fingers and he turned his head to find that there were
no ropes, no slab – no Evelyn. But his eyes caught a
crumpled piece of paper lying several feet away, and he
lurched toward it, his head reeling. He brought the note
close to his face and his eyes frantically combed the
Dear Adam,
Please forgive me. I had to. Friends are a danger I
cannot afford. Please understand. Though I doubt it will
lift your spirits, I want you to know that I genuinely
enjoyed being with you, and I know you’ll find happiness
in this world of cruelty and degradation. Don’t worry
about tidying up after yourself – I’m abandoning the
apartment for good. I’ve had enough of the sun and the
ocean. I’m thinking somewhere where there’s snow.
Perhaps Europe…

He let his body sink to the floor. As he took deep, ragged
breaths, the faint scent of apples curled around his nostrils
as he sobbed into the carpet.
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