Andrea And Monique

‘Rene and I broke up’ Monique told me as she stirred her
coffee. I was checking my make-up and nearly smeared
the lipstick all over my face when she said this.
I never did like Rene for her: Beautiful and handsome
yes, but too involved with his own good looks. I can’t bear
that type but, then again, Monique and I are different in so
many ways. She rarely wears make-up while I prefer a
bolder look. Her high cheekbones, lovely slanted eyes,
whiskey lips and sandy hair come from a Chinese mother
and Dutch father. I got my black hair and alabaster
complexion from a Latin and Greek background. Her
slender figure is the result of a successful dance career.
My body is more hourglass, the type people call
voluptuous. She maintains a year-round tan, wears loose
dresses without a slip and enough jewelry for a gypsy. My
office job calls for skirts and high heels.
I tend to keep to myself while Monique expresses every
idea that comes into her mind. One afternoon we visited
an antiquities museum that featured statues from ancient
Mycenae. Women back then wore dresses that displayed
their ample breasts and adorned their faces with very
provocative make-up.

‘That’s you!’ Monique exclaimed, drawing looks from
the other patrons as she pointed to a statue of a
voluptuous, bare-breasted priestess wearing lots of makeup.
Even her nipples were painted a lovely shade of
carmine that contrasted nicely with her alabaster skin.
‘Why!’ Monique said. ‘Your breasts are bigger than
I wanted to hush her but after one of the stuffy old
matrons who volunteered in the museum give us a dirty
look, we broke out in giggles and quickly stepped into
another room filled with statues from India. We were
alone in that room, the only sound the taps of my high
heels and Monique’s sandals echoing off the walls.
‘Oh, look,’ Monique said as she admired a statue of a
Hindu dancer, the curves of her generous hips and rounded
breasts exaggerated by her provocative, dancer’s pose.
‘There you are again.’ Monique cooed as her eyes ran
over every detail of the statue until she was looking at the
rather large nipples that sat on top of each breast. Then,
she looked at me before grabbing my hand, standing me
next to the statue and saying; ‘Do the same pose, please,
just for me!’ while taking out her camera.
I could never say no to Monique. I guess by now you
must realize I was always very attracted to her, even back
in the days when we met at the University of Paris. So, I
looked at the statue for a minute, kicked off my shoes and
struck the same pose.
‘Now take off your top!’
I responded with a loud ‘No!’ followed by more loud
giggles, drawing the attention of the dour-faced matron
who entered the room and told us to leave.
‘Maybe you should try to get laid once in a while. Then
you wouldn’t be so uptight,’ Monique said as I pulled my
shoes back on. I could see the matron’s face turn a

beetroot red as the words sputtered in her mouth; before
she could say another word I took Monique’s hand and got
out of the museum as fast as possible.
That’s my lovely Monique, always making heads turn
wherever she goes; and today was no exception.
We always meet in the same café for lunch and when I
looked up to watch her enter I was treated to wonderfully
teasing glimpses of her provocative figure through the
light cotton dress she wore, as she passed the window. We
had always exchanged light, friendly kisses but this time
she paused, stroked my arm and complimented me on my
‘You always look so professional, yet so sexy,’ she
said, gazing at me. ‘That skirt really shows off your
figure.’ I didn’t know what to say. Like I said, I had
always harboured feelings for Monique, sometimes
masturbating long into the night and fantasizing about
kissing her lovely, heart-shaped lips. But I valued our
friendship even more and kept them a secret, even forcing
a casual attitude when I heard about the break-up.
I took a deep breath and asked ‘Weren’t you two
planning on getting married?’
‘I had suggested it once,’ she responded, buttering a
croissant. ‘But, really, could you see that happening?
Remember last summer?’
I nodded. I was dating one of my co-workers back then,
a handsome American named Bob. The four of us made
plans to spend a weekend at a seaside cottage. At the last
moment Bob was called back to America and I wound up
by myself at the train depot. Monique consoled me by
offering to go shopping for a swimsuit. The thought of
seeing her lovely figure in a skimpy bikini made me feel a
little better.

The sales girl at the shop was a lovely Polynesian girl
called Claire who wore an alluring one-piece that barely
hid her round breasts and firm buttocks. She selected a
yellow thong bikini that showed off Monique’s wonderful
Both of them convinced me to try on the same style, but
in black. ‘It’ll look wonderful against your skin,’ Monique
said as I changed in the fitting room.
I stepped out to their approving comments, and
couldn’t help the rush of excitement coursing through my
body. The mirror next to the dressing room reflected my
almost naked body, standing close to those two beautiful
women in skimpy bikinis.
The admiring looks Claire gave me, and Monique’s
playful slapping of my exposed buttocks almost sent me
into an orgasm. I wanted to run my mouth all over their
luscious bodies, kiss their lips and taste their juices.
Thinking back, I believe Monique could sense my
arousal. She kept on stroking my hair while Claire rang up
our purchases at the counter.
‘Well, well,’ was Rene’s comment when I stepped onto
the deck with Monique, both of us all but naked in our tiny
swimsuits. The three of us were on a yacht lent by one of
his wealthy clients. He looked so handsome at the wheel
with his tanned sculpted chest. I guess he was unused to
seeing me so exposed and kept eyeing me as he steered the
boat. Monique had to constantly warn him to watch out for
the nearby jetties, all the while enduring his almost
ridiculous attention to my body.
This lasted for only a few minutes. We passed by a jetty
where two blonde, English girls were sunning themselves.
Rene slowed the boat down when he saw they were
topless and began chatting with them in a very flirtatious
manner. The sight of their nubile bodies glistening with

suntan oil made my gaze linger for a while until I noticed
the hurt expression on Monique’s face. I knew she
tolerated Rene’s attitude, but this was too much.
After a while he got discouraged and set off, not even
wondering why Monique was so quiet. We turned down
his invitation to go snorkelling, opting to sunbathe instead.
After he left Monique asked me to put lotion on her. I
rubbed her lithe, hard body for while, my hands massaging
her firm shoulders, taut back and tiny waist until I heard
her murmur ‘Please do my buttocks.’
Those words made my pulse surge in my ears. I paused
for a moment, forgetting the hot afternoon sun on my
back, the sound of the waves against the hull and the smell
of the ocean in my nostrils. Monique shifted a little,
causing the delicious swell of her buttocks to arch up ever
so invitingly. I tipped the bottle of lotion over the twin
hills of her backside and let the oil slowly pour over her
naked skin, even allowing some of it to seep into the cleft
where her thong disappeared.
I heard Monique murmur and coo and, when I began to
rub and kneed the firm, hard muscles of her glorious
buttocks, she began to moan between short gasps. I was in
my glory, my hands drinking in her buttocks, thighs and
hips until she suddenly turned around and asked me to do
her front.
It was wonderful rubbing her backside but the sight of
her upright breasts, defined stomach and naked hips sent
my heart racing again. I wanted to take my top off and let
my generous bosoms ooze all over her taut breasts and
hard nipples. To part her thighs, bury my face in her pussy
and drink the juices of her body.
Just then, she looked at me. I could see the hurt in her
eyes and knew it was caused by Rene’s boorish attitude. I

wanted to hold her, to kiss those lovely lips and make her
feel totally appreciated.
Suddenly, we heard Rene clamber back on board.
Monique quickly sat up, a confused look on her face. I
was afraid she didn’t know how to deal with my attention.
Rene was oblivious to everything. The sight of his
gymnast physique glistening in the bright sunshine made
him look like a Greek god. He gave us each a big smile
before reaching into a pocket and showing Monique a
gold, heart-shaped charm on a chain.
‘I wanted to give you this later but decided maybe now
would be a good time’ he said, putting the chain around
her neck. Monique responded with a slight smile. ‘I’m
sorry for my behaviour back there.’ She even gave him a
brief hug and endured a friendly pat on her lovely, bare
behind. It was a scene played out over and over again. I
know she even sensed his eyes travelling all over my body
as he held her.
We had a light, quiet dinner at the cottage. Rene was
still talking about his underwater adventure as he openly
fondled and caressed Monique’s body. She seemed in a
better mood. I decided to give them some time alone and
went to my room.
I looked at my reflection in my mirror and liked what I
saw. The tiny white lines on my hips and the contrast
between my dark breasts and the pale triangles that
surrounded my nipples made a wonderfully sexy look. I
held my breasts and licked my nipples. Bob had
introduced me to this technique but all I could think of
was Monique’s delicate tongue stimulating my breasts.
Just to be daring, I tried on one of the wispy cotton
dresses she had in the closet. The white, almost seethrough
material contrasted nicely with my cinnamon dark
skin, giving a provocative view of the white thong I wore

underneath. I looked out the window, saw it was a
beautiful, moonlit night. I knew I would probably spend a
good part of the night masturbating but decided I needed a
walk first. Maybe it would cool me down.
I went downstairs and sure enough, Monique and Rene
were kissing on the living room couch, the fireplace
casting a sensual glow on the entire room. Rene for once
was the gentleman but Monique whistled and teased me as
I went to the door. I blew them each a kiss, put on my
sandals and stepped out.
It was pleasant walking along the water’s edge. I tried
to distract myself from the day’s disturbing events by
staring out at the dark ocean, illuminated by early
moonlight. It was no use. Remembering how beautiful
Monique’s dainty feet looked in her sandals, the kind
Hindu women wear, open-toed, with a slight heel, or her
almost naked body glistening with suntan lotion made my
heart race. I never noticed until that day but Rene had such
handsome thighs. Thinking of his strong buttocks and
manly calves brought a moist sensation between my legs. I
passed by a series of dunes and remembered Claire’s
lovely cinnamon skin and her upright breasts. Polynesian
women have such lovely figures. And then there were
those two English girls, sunning their young, pale bodies
on the jetties.
Suddenly, I heard a light, feminine giggle from behind
one of the dunes. I walked as quietly as possible until I
saw two figures wrapped in a blanket sitting in front of a
small fire. They were close enough to be kissing. A sigh
followed by a brief yet pleasant moan followed.
My curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it I
was close enough for my eyes to adjust the dim glow.
When they parted I saw to my pleasant surprise that it was
the two young English girls we had seen earlier. Suddenly,

the blanket fell to the sand, revealing their newly tanned
skin, contrasting with the white, threadbare bikinis on their
nubile bodies. They sat there for a while, looking into each
other’s eyes as they stroked and caressed each other’s
arms, pert breasts and trim, youthful stomachs. I could
hear their conversation.
‘I never kissed a girl before. I liked it’ one said while
running her hands through the other’s long blonde hair.
‘I think you’ll like this better?’ the other girl said as she
kneeled, parted her lover’s thighs and buried her face in
her crotch. I imagined what it would be like, my mouth
travelling over the slight fabric of her tiny briefs, my
tongue pushing the material aside before tasting the juices
of her loins, mixed with the flavour of the ocean still on
her body.
I realized my hands had wandered underneath my dress
and were stroking my nipples as I saw the girl who was
enjoying her lover’s oral attention reach up to undo her
top. I ached to see her tight breasts and pert nipples but,
just then, a loud voice called from nearby.
‘Phoebe! Nicole! We’re leaving now.’
The girls parted quickly. They gathered their blanket
and put out the fire. I heard them exchange a few words as
they walked away.
‘They’re going out to dinner. Do you want to go with
them or stay in the cottage?’
‘What do you think?’
I heard them giggle and saw their departing silhouettes
embrace tenderly.
Disappointed, I went back to the cottage. The walk did
nothing to calm me down.
When I reached the cottage I heard a moan through one
of the open windows. It was torture but I decided to look

I nearly moaned out loud myself when I peered through
the open blinds and saw Monique, her tanned body
glowing in the firelight, on her knees taking Rene’s
handsome cock between her beautiful lips. Both were
naked, their perfect bodies glowing in the firelight. I could
even hear Rene gasp as Monique ran her tongue all over
his shaft, nibble his glans and suck greedily at his balls. I
closed my eyes as my hands went at it again, travelling all
over my body, probing my wet, aching pussy, rubbing my
breasts and nipples.
I opened my eyes in time to see them change positions.
By now, Monique was crouched on all fours, showing the
inviting curve of her buttocks to Rene as he knelt and
whispered something in her ear. She smiled and nodded. I
wondered what they said but was overtaken by the
expression on Monique’s face. A craving, almost hungry,
expression as Rene entered her from behind and began
thrusting. She shut her eyes and opened her mouth wide.
Her expression was one of total desire and satisfaction. Of
sheer abandonment and total ecstasy. Of…
‘Andrea, are you listening to me?’
Monique’s voice brought me back to the cafe. My
panties were moist. I had to wipe off a bead of perspiration
from my forehead. She held my hand. The touch of her
delicate, jewelled fingers did nothing to stop my heart
from racing.
‘Tell me’ I said, trying to look casual ‘Did you and
Rene ever have anal sex?’
A coy, demure look crossed her face. My mind went
back to the cottage. Rene entering her from behind while
she gasped and smiled with a deep, hungry look.

‘Yes,’ she replied ‘Many times. It’s such a wonderful
feeling. A delicious balance between pain and pleasure.
And the orgasm that comes from it is so…unique.’
She sat back and toyed with one of her necklaces. I
noticed the charm was missing.
‘Did you get rid of that charm?’ I asked, my hands
trembling as I stirred my coffee.
She smiled and said ‘Do you remember my aunt
‘The one who passed away last year? We went to the
funeral,’ I responded. Monique’s f****y had a rather low
opinion of Mathilda. A burlesque dancer who married a
rich man and became a jet-setting libertine.
‘The inheritance finally came through,’ she said while
buttering another croissant.
‘You got the country house?’ I asked. But what this did
have to do with the charm?
‘I went there this weekend. To clear my mind,’ she
said, a look of satisfaction on her face that didn’t come
from the croissant. She ran her lovely fingers over those
beautiful lips. My heart raced. I knew this story was going
to be…unique.
‘I got the deeds and two keys from her solicitor.’
Monique began. ‘It was a long drive to the house. She
lived as a recluse in her latter years. Her only company
was a lovely Vietnamese maid who had been with her
since her days in burlesque. Her name was Mai. I heard
she passed away a few months after Mathilde.’
‘The first key allowed me into her house. There was
such a lush cosiness to the entire place. Opulent Persian
rugs and antique furniture. I had meant to leave before
dark but after seeing her boudoir I changed my mind.’
‘What was so special about it?’

She gave me a wicked smile and said ‘You should see
it. All lace and ruffles, a lace canopy over the bed, nude
statuettes of men and women everywhere…and her
‘She was beautiful!’ Monique almost shouted.
‘Wonderful black and whites of her in see-through lace,
feather boas, exotic costumes. Some were of her totally
nude. What a body! Her breasts were as nice as yours.’
She was eyeing my chest by then. I wanted to rip my
blouse off and feel those lips on my nipples. I controlled
myself, gave her a light pat on the hand and said; ‘Go on.’
‘She had lots of costumes in the house. Trunks and closets
with all kinds of things. But I was curious. The first key
opened the gate and all the locks in the house. I searched
the big closet in her bedroom and found a steamer trunk.
The second key fit perfectly in it. Inside was one set of
black silk stockings and five big photo albums. There were
more sexy pictures of Mathilde except she wasn’t alone in
any of them.’
‘You mean?’ I whispered, my throat was dry by then. I
wanted to hear more.
‘I saw her with one, two, sometimes three men at once.
All making love to each mouth of her body. Her
expressions ranged from playful to completely orgasmic.
There were even pictures of with her and Mai. A petite,
curvy, high-breasted beauty with full, sensuous lips. They
made love in many ways. Sometimes with their mouths,
other times with these ivory phalluses…’
We giggled at this. I loosened the top button of my
blouse. This resulted in a sexy expression on her face. I
wondered. What was she thinking of? I decided to play for
time and asked ‘Who took the pictures?’

‘Oh,’ Monique replied, ‘Mai’s lover, I guess. One
picture showed Mathilde behind a camera wearing only
those black stockings while Mai and a handsome Latin
man were on a bed having anal sex.’
‘How did you know it was him?’ I asked.
‘There’s a picture of him bare-chested and standing
next to a camera in Mai’s room. He had broad shoulders
and deep, mysterious eyes. Suddenly, I had the urge to
take off my clothes and wear her stockings. I wanted to lie
in her bed and masturbate with those pictures all around
me. I must’ve had ten orgasms before going to sl**p. But
that wasn’t the end of it.
‘You see, I had this wonderful dream. I was in her
room, still wearing only the stockings. Lit candles
everywhere. There was a perfumed scent in the room, like
jasmine. A door opened. Mai entered wearing a long,
black dress with waist-high slits that exposed her shapely
thighs. She sat on the bed, poured oil in her hands and
rubbed my feet. I felt completely at ease and closed my
eyes as her expert hands gently but firmly worked up my
ankles, calves and thighs. She rubbed my hips and
stomach and then stopped. I opened my eyes and saw her
undo that beautiful dress. She straddled my body, poured
oil on her breasts and ran those sexy, hard nipples all over
me. Every inch of my skin tingled with electricity.
‘After a while she got up, turned me over and rubbed
more oil on her body. I lay on my stomach as she ran her
nipples all over my back and began licking the cleft of my
buttocks, all the way down to my anus. The feeling of that
tongue reaming my back door! It’s so nice to feel a penis
in there but the sensation of that lovely mouth! She poured
more oil over my back. It flowed down my cleft while her
fingers entered my anus and pussy. I came right away, my
entire body flowed with orgasm after orgasm.

‘Then she gave me a light kiss and led me to another
room. Her lover was there, shirtless and loading film into a
big, old-fashioned camera pointing to a low bed.
‘I sat down as she adjusted my make-up and brushed
my hair. She went back to her lover who started taking
pictures of me. Then I heard another door open. To my
pleasant surprise I saw three handsome, naked men enter
the room. Their bodies were trim and athletic. They
surrounded me on the bed, their stiff members brushing
against my body. I decided right then to give the best
performance anyone had ever seen. I leaned down and
opened my mouth wide, taking each throbbing cock in my
mouth. I never made love to more than one man at a time
but I wanted all of them at once.
‘I realized right then I was the one in control. They
were there to please me. I pushed one man down to my
crotch and enjoyed his oral attention. His tongue licked
my wet, flowing pussy. The other two soon followed,
licking my anus and nipples. Their mouths brought on yet
another orgasm that shook my body with pleasure.
‘I wanted to return the favour. I told one to lie down,
straddled him and slid his wonderful cock into my wet
pussy. It felt so good, his thick meat sliding inside my
body. I turned my head, took the nearest penis in my
mouth and sucked and licked away. I still wanted more. I
gestured to the last man and raised my buttocks slightly.
He understood, knelt behind me and slid his cock into my
anus which Mai had so thoughtfully lubricated.
‘Oh, to make love to these three beautiful men at once.
To feel every orifice of my body filled with hard, veined
manhood. It was so…wonderful. They began to moan in
unison. I sucked even harder as my hips and buttocks
moved back and forth. I wanted them to come right away.

Suddenly, I felt their bodies tense as they emitted one
final, masculine shout and came inside me.
‘Suddenly, juicy, glorious cum bathed my pussy, came
down my throat and filled my anus. I felt every inch of my
being filled to the rim with hot, creamy, liquid manhood.
It was wonderful.
‘Suddenly, I woke up alone in the bed but I could still
feel the sensation of having a cock in each of my three
mouths. I sat up. My hand travelled over my neck and I
felt Rene’s locket. I looked at it for a second, tore it off
and flung it through an open window.’
We sat in silence for a while. Monique’s dream flowed
through my mind like a river. This was it. I had to ask her.
‘Monique, I…don’t know how to say this but…’ I
stammered. She held my hand. It was now or never.
‘Would you like to make love to me?’ that was it. I didn’t
know what to expect.
She leaned close and whispered in my ear ‘I’ve wanted
to make love to you since that afternoon on the boat. Do
you remember?’
I nodded, happy and excited at the turn our relationship
was about to take.
‘Let’s go to the house,’ she said; ‘I’d like to show you
the pictures.’
That evening we lay naked on her aunt’s bed, our arms
and legs wrapped around each other after the most intense
love-making I had ever enjoyed. In a moment of sheer
abandonment we had even licked and fingered each
other’s back doors. I could still feel her delicate fingers
inside my anus while her other fingers probed and stroked
my pussy. It was so new to me.
‘That was wonderful.’ She said, cupping my breast. She
had fondled them all day.

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1 year ago
Lack a little more action at the end, but it's fairly good.
1 year ago
Mmmm. So sexy. I love this story. Thanks.