Frank watched her from his window every day. Her
apartment was a floor above and across the alleyway, so
he was looking up at her when she worked in her kitchen.
She often had on shorts or a little skirt and sometimes
just panties. He dreamed of tying her up with rope. She
would be so helpless and vulnerable and beautiful. He
could do whatever he wanted to her.
One night he looked up and she was getting spanked
right there in her kitchen as she washed dishes. A large
man yanked her light pink panties up the crack of her ass
and spanked her round beautiful tan cheeks.
Frank stayed in the dark so they wouldn’t notice him
watching. It seemed like the man was yelling at her as he
slapped her ass. Then he pulled off her panties, got on his
knees and buried his face between her ass cheeks.
It blew Frank’s mind. He felt his cock aching and just
had to unzip his pants and take his throbbing cock into his
The man stood up; his finger disappeared into her ass.
She squirmed and he grabbed her long black hair, bending
her head back and licking her neck.

Again and again he rammed his finger in and out of her.
Then he pushed her over the sink, took his cock and
pushed it into her ass.
Even at this distance, he heard her squeal and saw her
jerk. The man showed no mercy, fucking her in the ass
until she fucked him back.
Frank loved the transformation – seeing her resist at
first and then pushing her ass to meet the man’s cock. He
could hear the man calling her a whore and a slut and
telling her to take it up the ass like she needed it.
It was just too much! Frank came before either of the
two in the window did.
He liked watching her. Another night when he got in
late, he went to his kitchen to get a drink of water and
didn’t turn on the light. Glancing up he saw his hot
neighbour getting felt up by a much older man. The man
was wearing a suit; she was dressed in a skirt and blouse.
He was shorter than her, his head barely reaching her
chin. He had her up against the fridge. He was opening her
blouse and she was pushing him away, but not too
vigorously. She seemed to let him overpower her until her
black bra was exposed.
Once he had her tits exposed he sucked on one and
fondled the other.
All the fight had gone out of her; she was leaning back
against the fridge, her eyes closed and her mouth open.
The older man sucked each tit in turn, then removed his
belt and lightly tapped each nipple.
Flinging the belt aside, he put one hand over her mouth
and his other hand between her legs under her skirt.
He must have known what he was doing under there
because she put her arms around him and rubbed her tits in
his face.
She lay back on the table and he pushed up her skirt,
leaned between her legs and licked her pussy.
Frank gasped. He could see her dark bush, and at the
same time the look of ecstasy on her face.
He thought about his naughty neighbour a lot and kept
watching. He badly wanted to tie her up and spank her.
She definitely deserved it – and she liked it. He wanted to
belt her and show her to other horny men. He wanted to
fuck her face with his hard cock while she was helpless
and bound. He wanted to taste her and fuck her pussy. But
Frank was a gentleman. He wouldn’t do any of those
things to a woman unless she gave him a sign indicating
she wanted it too.
He thought about approachable women. Carmen at his
job seemed to be flirting with him lately, but he took the
view that it was crazy to start anything with someone you
worked with.
But the right woman had to be out there.
With high hopes he went for a drive and stopped for a
few beers at a bar downtown. For a weeknight, it was
pretty full and friendly, so he decided to play some pool.
He won the game against some guy, couldn’t stop
thinking about his neighbour. That was when he saw her.
She was standing there waiting to play the next game with
His eyes stood out on stalks at a very hot-looking
woman in a red blouse, her nipples brash and brazen
through the cloth.
She wore tight black jeans and high-heeled shoes. Her
long blonde hair was in a braid and her eyes were as big as
Her heat was enough to burn a guy. Frank let her break,
his heat rising as she bent over the table.
‘Loser gets spanked or gets a drink,’ he said, his gaze
fixed on her ass.
He almost blew a fuse when she smiled at him over her
shoulder. ‘We’ll see which seems better at the time,’ she
said, wiggling her ass suggestively.
With the stakes that high, Frank played his ass off. He
made damned sure she never got to shoot again.
‘What are ya drinking?’ he asked, not daring to push
his luck and go straight for the spanking.
She was sipping her drink when the subject came back
‘Consolation prize?’ she said, raising her glass. ‘So!
When do I get the spanking?’
‘Do you mean that?’
‘I am asking.’
bl**d racing, he asked her if she’d ever gotten a good
spanking by a man.
‘What do you think?’ she asked playfully. ‘Come on.
Do I look the shy, retiring type?’
This was too good to be true. ‘I think you need one.’
He put his arm around her waist. ‘Nice body.’
In response, she wriggled and complained of feeling
With trembling fingers, he undid two of her blouse
buttons and blew on her cleavage.
‘That cooler?’
She let her head fall back, sighed and smiled.
‘It helps. But hell, I’m naturally hot. Hot as hell.’
Frank touched her tits through her blouse. She smiled
encouragingly even though she was as aware as he was
that they were being watched.
The bartender came over and suggested they might
prefer more privacy in the back.
Frank thanked him, and throwing a smile at those
showing an interest, he e****ted his sexy lady into a room
set aside from the bar and furnished with a big, green sofa.
He kissed her and unbuttoned all her blouse buttons,
baring her bra-less tits with their big nipples and creamy
He told her how great they were then lowered his head,
sucking on them one at a time.
She moaned, enveloped his face with her tits to the
point that he had to come up for air, and stroked his head.
‘This is all very well,’ she said in a husky voice, ‘but
what about my spanking. I lost the game, remember?’
It was difficult to pull his head away from her tits, but
he f***ed himself.
‘You are a hot horny little slut aren’t you?’ he gasped.
She let him lay her across his lap face down and
wriggled seductively when he spanked her real hard.
Her squirming and squealing attracted the attention of
several men from the bar. They appeared in the doorway
just as Frank stood her up and undid her jeans, pulling
them down to expose her lovely ass.
Resisting her beautiful bush, he pulled her back down
across his lap and spanked her bare ass in front of the
other men. She pretended she didn’t know they were being
watched, but he knew she did, knew she was enjoying it.
After a firm spanking he stood her up and gave her a
nice licking while he remained seated, his hands gripping
her ass so he could more easily pull her toward his face.
As he licked her clit, she moved her pussy to his tongue
The men who were watching could no longer remain
quiet. ‘She likes what you’re giving her.’
They whistled and egged him on.

He made her get down on the floor on all fours with her
blouse open and her jeans down at her thighs. Her white
ass in the dim room was a fantastic sight. Frank took off
his belt and used it on the hot woman’s round behind in
front of the small audience they had. He landed his black
leather belt across her ass until she tried to crawl away
from him. Grabbing her by her braid, he made her suck his
cock. While he sat on the sofa, she remained on her knees
between his legs, his hands using her braid like a pulley to
push and pull at her head.
Wanting to delay his climax, Frank put her back across
his lap and penetrated her ass hole with his finger. She
whimpered. He fingered her ass and told her he wanted to
take her home and tie her up and then fuck her everywhere
– in her mouth, her cunt, her big fine ass. He told her he
might decide to keep her tied up in his house for days as
his slave. He rammed her ass as he said that and she lifted
it to meet his finger.
Their audience began to ask to join in. That was
something he could well do without.
‘Come on. Let’s get out of here.’
She went willingly; hot to have more of him and
lingering on the brink of climax.
In his apartment, he made her strip and he tied her up,
just as he’d watched his neighbour doing.
He pulled the rope tightly around her tits and thighs so
that she couldn’t move her hands. Her thighs were apart
and her tits restricted by the time he was done.
He asked her if she minded being photographed. She
told him to get on with it.
He photographed her on the bed like that, and then
licked her clit until she came on his tongue.
His game wasn’t ended. Not yet.

Her eyes widened when he scolded her. ‘You got naked
for a strange man. You are a horny little bitch. You made
the men in the bar crazy. I could have let them loose on
you. But I decided to punish you myself. You will be my
slave tonight. You will call me Master. If you feel pain,
you deserve it. You will obey me and try your utmost to
please me, whatever that entails. You are my slut, and I
like you bound and helpless. You need to learn a lesson
about torturing men.’
He sat on a chair and stared at his hostage. She was
quite a sight and he couldn’t possibly leave her
unm*****ed, not with his dick still stiff in his pants.
He got up and went to her, nibbling on her tits until her
nipples were very hard. While she remained bound in his
rope and on his bed, he climbed on her and fucked her
cunt from behind, yanked her by her hair and called her a
whore, a hot slut, a horny bitch, a brazen hussy.
He told her she was his bitch and she was going to like
being his bitch. He told her she was going to be naked for
days and at his service. He fucked her hard and told her
that her pussy was delicious and hot and juicy. He told her
she liked getting fucked because she was a whore.
She answered him, telling him to give her more, not to
‘I love being so overpowered. It’s so hot.’
‘Had it done before?’
He gasped as he said it, fucking her for all he was
She told him of her summers with her Uncle Lou and
how he’d sneak into the bathroom when she showered and
try to do things. She had acted like she didn’t want it, but
she’d left the latch off purposely.
At night he sometimes climbed into bed with her. She
was only 17, and he would pull down her baby doll panties

under the covers and turn her over onto her stomach. He
would play with her ass and push his finger into her tight
ass hole. She would gasp and act like she was going to cry
and Uncle Lou would cover her mouth and tell her she
needed something. He told her she was walking around in
skimpy clothes all day asking for it. He told her he
wouldn’t get her in trouble if she accepted her discipline
from him. One night ‘discipline’ meant she had to show
her pussy to his friend. She had to act like it was
accidental, but she had to be sure his friend saw her naked
between her legs. Uncle Lou threatened her with a much
worse punishment if she didn’t do as she was told. And he
reminded her it was her own fault for being such a bad
girl. She’d never disclosed that she’d liked what she was
doing, that although he thought she was in his power,
showing her naked pussy to appreciative older men, he
was really in hers. She liked what she was doing.
Frank pulled out of her cunt and came on her ass, the
come dribbling down between her full cheeks.
Once he was sated, he untied her and directed her to
shower. They ate, they drank, and later he tied her up
again. It was different this time although still intricate.
This time he tied one of her legs to the leg of his kitchen
table. He also tied her hands together in front of her and
made her stay bent over the kitchen table for a while.
‘I want everyone to see you.’
He put his kitchen light on, stood behind her and stared
at her ass; drank another beer; lit a joint and held it for her
when it was her turn to inhale.
‘Yes, Master?’
She shivered with apprehension when she said it.
‘I’m going to fuck you up the ass.’
His cock was hard again just from looking at her.

The kitchen light glared, so he turned it off and lit
candles so anyone outside could see her getting fucked up
the ass.
‘A little punishment, just to remind you of your place in
He took his belt and whipped her ass a few times until
she yelled.
‘Now you are goin’ to get it, bitch.’
Separating her cheeks, he guided his cock until he was
easing himself inside her tight hot ass hole. The feeling
was electric. His cock was being squeezed and at the same
time sucked into her ass.
Her ass cheeks shook some when he rammed inside
her. ‘You like it, bitch? Huh? You like getting my cock up
your ass, bitch!?’
‘Ow, it hurts,’ she whined.
It was a put-on. He could tell that by the way her ass
was wriggling, pushing back against him.
But he knew what she wanted. He responded with a
whack of the belt. ‘How’s that? Does that hurt?’
Tied down and taken, she pushed her ass up to meet his
cock. He sensed she knew it would inspire more beating.
He grunted and belted her as he came in her tight hot
ass, until eventually he had no more to give and the
woman herself collapsed, exhausted, beneath him.
Frank remained slumped over her body for a few
minutes, but as he began to disengage himself, he
happened to look upwards. His neighbour was at the
window touching herself as she watched him, just as he’d
used to do.

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