Leg Man

I nodded at the bartender, Matt, and he grinned back at
me. Rap music thundered out of the overhanging speakers,
shaking the walls of the strip club, egging on a silicontitted
blonde gyrating against the centre stage silver pole.
The place was packed for noontime, and the hungry crowd
greedily shovelled the three dollar lunch into their faces,
as they ogled the balloon-breasted blonde. She held no
interest for me, however, not with her chicken legs.
I quickly threaded my way through the cheering and
chewing mob, walked down a hall that led to the
washrooms, on past the washrooms, and up to a guy
leaning against the wall. His thick arms were crossed, and
a toothpick balanced precariously between his thick lips.
‘Hey, Adam,’ I said, my voice breaking.
‘Jeff,’ the black-clad bouncer responded, eyeing me
and smiling. ‘Got a new one for you today.’
I rubbed sweaty palms on my pants, sucked cool air
into my bursting lungs. ‘Y-yeah?’
‘Yeah.’ He pushed off from the wall, held out his huge
right hand, and I promptly crossed his palm with a fifty.
He pocketed the cash, then shoved an unmarked door open
and stood aside as I walked on through.
It looked like a women’s washroom, painted a drab
green with white tiling, four cubicles and a couple of sinks
lining the far wall. The door whisked shut, and I stood
there staring at the first cubicle, my hands trembling, my
throat clicking dry when I swallowed. I walked over and
pushed the cubicle door open, slipped inside, shot the bolt
behind me.
There was no toilet, only a round, padded hole in the
wall, waist-level. I fought with my zipper as I gazed at the
glory hole, at the yellow shaft of light streaming through
from the adjoining room, and then I wrestled my fly down
and pulled out my cock. I gripped my rigid dick and
moved even closer to the hole, gulped hard and guided my
prick through the opening, announcing my presence to
whoever was on the other side.
I let go of my rock-hard prong and flattened myself
against the wall, sweat prickling my forehead – and
nothing happened. The distant thumping of the peeler
music sounded from far off, too muted to drown out my
ragged breathing. My entire body started shaking, the
anticipation and the need growing and growing and
growing. And just when I was ready to cry out with angry
desire, I heard a slight rustling sound. I braced myself,
pressing my lower body hard against the wall and sticking
my straining cock out as far as it would go.
I jumped when something brushed against my prick,
something soft and smooth and warm – a reply to my
greeting. I quickly pulled back, awkwardly got down on
my knees, and peered anxiously through the hole at a pair
of petite, black-stockinged feet that rested haughtily on the
pedestal in the room opposite.
‘Yes!’ I hissed, licking desert-dry lips, blinking sweat
from my eyes, gazing at the most exquisitely-shaped
feminine peds I’d ever seen in my life (and I’d seen, and
worshipped, plenty of pairs of female feet).
The girl attached to the beautiful feet wriggled her toes
at me, and her stockings whispered my name. The
delicate, high-arched peds were ivory beneath their sheer,
sexy, noir-shaded sheathes, slim and small, perfectlyformed,
with slender, succulent toes tipped with mediumlong
nails painted a shiny crimson. The playful toes waved
at me, and my cock grew to epic hardness with the wicked
thought of those shapely foot-digits enwrapping and
stroking my dick.
I strained to see past the gorgeous pair of feet, to get a
glimpse of a luscious leg or two, of the woman beyond,
but the well-groomed peds effectively blocked my view,
filled my eyes, waved me away; our get-acquainted
session was over, it was time to get down to business. I
pulled my eyes off those dainty feet and stiffly climbed
upright, shoved my painfully-erect cock back through the
hole again.
The tender tootsies on the other side of the wall quickly
grabbed onto my dick and started brushing up and down
the length of it. ‘Fuck, yeah!’ I groaned into the green
paint, revelling in the slick, silky feel of the girl’s dextrous
feet on my pulsating prong.
I could tell right away that this babe was no amateur, no
fumbling footer; her peds weren’t thick and clumsy, feet
squeezing shaft like they wanted to choke it, toenails
scr****g sensitive skin, like most girls. No, this lady’s feet
were soft and gentle, yet firm and controlled. She worked
my dick with her feet like she had it in her hands, easily
gripping my erection on either side and erotically sliding
her silk-clad peds back and forth, giving me the foot-job to
end all foot-jobs.
‘Yeah,’ I murmured, marvelling at the girl’s skill. Her
talented toes lightly clenched my steely shaft and jacked
me repeatedly, the awesome foot friction sending my balls
to boil even faster than normal.
There was no holding back this time, no counting to ten
or thinking about an ex-mother-in-law – she was that
good. I closed my eyes and clawed at the wall and uttered
a strangled scream as the wicked pedestrian foot-stroked
me to the very precipice of all-out orgasm. Then, right
before blast-off, right before white-hot jets of spunk rocket
onto the girl’s delectable peds, she suddenly pulled her
feet away.
‘No!’ I wailed, pumping my hips and pounding the
wall, imploring her not to leave me hanging.
I felt something loop over the base of my raging hardon,
something soft and smooth and warm, like a recentlyworn
stocking, felt it pulled tight. I opened my eyes – this
was something different. Most girls wanted nothing more
than to jerk and run, get you to cum and go in a heated
rush so they could collect their cash and get back to doing
something more respectable, like stripping. But not this
lady with the flawless feet; she secured the silken noose
around the base of my throbbing rod, cutting off the only
escape route for my bubbling semen, then started stroking
again, buffing me with her bare feet now, leisurely pedpolishing
me without fear of being sprayed with my sticky
‘Fuck almighty!’ I yowled, my balls bursting with
pressurised jizz, my grossly-engorged dong pulsing with
raw, sexual electricity as the barefoot contessa behind the
drywall barrier tugged and tugged on my prick.
She swirled her naked feet up and down my cock with
more skill than a massage parlour employee with years of
hand-job experience, her precious peds stroking my shaft
over and over, smooth and sensual and sure-footed, her
teasing toes playing all over my prick, grasping my
mushroomed hood and squeezing, tickling the supersensitive
spot on the underside of my prong where shaft
became head. The silken cock-ring held me in check,
prevented me from relieving the thunderous pressure,
blowing my load with volcanic intensity. I could only
whimper in agony and beg for release, driven to the
breaking point and beyond by the girl’s delightful, dancing
She thoroughly worked over my angry cock with her
fabulous feet, and then – they were gone. ‘No, please!’ I
moaned, an aching, desperate emptiness instantly filling
me, my abandoned, stiffened-beyond-stiff cock straining
against its silken leash, yearning to be recaptured by the
girl’s blessed toes.
‘Time’s up,’ someone said.
I glanced at my watch, saw that my time had indeed
expired, felt the stocking being untied and pulled from my
‘Fuck!’ I groaned, ripping my bloated dick out of the
hole and wildly fisting it.
But the cum wouldn’t come, and when Adam knocked
on the cubicle door and said, ‘Time’s up,’ for a second
time, I dejectedly tucked my over-stimulated dong back
into my pants and exited. If the girl with the gifted,
glorious peds was daring me to come back for more, then I
was going to meet her dare, because I’d never been so
sexually frustrated and exhilarated in all my life.
After feeding him a pair of twenties, Matt-the-daybartender
told me that the new girl with the amazing ped
prowess was named Melody, and he agreed to phone me
whenever she was on cubicle foot patrol. And that’s how it
went for a couple of excruciatingly exciting months – Matt
would give me a dingle and I’d rush right over, pay my
money, and get my granite pole foot-polished by Melody.
She’d toe-stroke me, heel me, put me through the footspin,
dressed in all manner of ped-apparel: black, red,
white, blue, or striped slut-stockings; modest, brown
pantyhose; or white, woolen footies with bunny tail balls
on the back. Or, best of all, she’d simply jerk me to the
jetting point with her bare, brilliant, pedicured feet. I could
only stand forward and marvel at her talent, my body
shaking uncontrollably, my head spinning, my hands, face,
and groin flattened against the sweat-slick wall as she
tantalized my numbingly-hard cock with her tender
She instinctively knew just when I was about to spill
my beans, desecrate her pale, perfect peds with salty,
slimy semen, and at that fleeting, failsafe point, she’d
instantly bind my dick at its base, corking my eruption,
keeping her wondrous feet unblemished, up on the
pedestal where they belonged. She’d go on stroking me
once the sperm was safely bottled up in my balls, toying
with my flaming cock, denying me everything and giving
me everything at the same time. And in honor of her grace
and beauty and buffing ability, I hadn’t cum on my own,
or in a woman, since the first day I’d laid dick on
Melody’s feet.
Eventually, however, I just couldn’t take it any more –
two months without a jizz-letting, while continually,
maddeningly getting ped-dled to the point of spermlaunch,
was enough to drive any red-bl**ded man around
the bend and over the edge. So, finally, I asked Matt,
verbally and monetarily, if there was any way I could meet
face-to-face with the girl with the fantastic feet who was
filling my every fantasy. It was against house rules to
disclose the identity of the backroom performers to the
customers, but Matt bent the rules at the hundred dollar
‘See that woman sitting by herself in the balcony?’ he
said, glancing up, then back down again.
I turned around and quickly spotted the lady in question
on the second floor, but the lights were too dim up there
for me to get a good look at her. I thanked Matt and
walked over to the staircase, took a deep breath, and
climbed the stairs.
She was sitting all alone at a table for two, with her
back to me, and I stared at her, at her long, black,
shimmering hair. Then I rubbed my hands on my pants,
briefly touching my rapidly swelling cock for inspiration,
and with perspiration prickling my forehead and prick
bulging my pants, I quietly came up behind her, reached
out a trembling finger, and tapped her on the back.
‘H-hi,’ I stammered.
She turned to look at me. ‘Hi,’ she said. Her voice was
soft and sweet, her eyes large and violet, her face pretty
and pale. A shy smile lifted the corners of her lush, red
lips, and she set the drink she’d been holding in her right
foot back down on the table.
I gaped at her small, shapely foot, the slender toes that
dextrously grasped the highball glass, the medium-long
nails flashing a crimson gloss. Then my astonished eyes
travelled slowly up from her foot to her shoulders, and I
saw that Melody had no arms.
‘I was just having a drink,’ she said. ‘Would you like to
join me?’ She pushed out a chair with her bare foot.
I snapped back to life. ‘Um, I was, uh, wondering if
maybe we could go someplace…more private…to talk?’
‘You’re Jeff, aren’t you?’ she said, her eyes shining.
‘Uh, yeah. How’d you –’
‘I recognized your voice.’ She looked down at the
table. ‘I guess I owe you something, don’t I, Jeff?’
‘Nah,’ I scoffed, ‘you don’t owe me –’
‘Yes, I do,’ she said firmly.
We both looked at the delicate, ivory foot that gripped
the chair, the painted toes playing across the cushion like
‘But I wonder…do you want it now – now that you’ve
seen me?’ she asked, shrugging her shoulders.
‘I want it anytime you’ll give it to me, Melody,’ I
She looked up at me and nodded, slipped her foot into a
blue slipper that lay on the floor, and stood up and walked
past me. I breathed in the warm, intoxicating scent of her
perfume, my eyes following the subtle sway of her hips,
the sensual swagger of her round butt cheeks in the tight,
black skirt she was wearing, the twin flashes of her lithe,
white legs. I quickly followed her down the stairs.
‘I have a place a couple of blocks from here,’ she said
when we were outside, standing together on the sundrenched
I looked down at the tiny girl, studied her pretty face,
her petite figure, her smooth, slender legs and slim,
shapely ankles, the small slippers that exposed the tops of
her delicious feet, and I knew that two blocks were two
blocks too far. I was on fire, my cock ready to burst my
zipper, my balls boiling with cum. ‘I-I can’t wait that
long,’ I mumbled, steering the delicate beauty into an alley
that ran between the strip club and the building next door.
She sensed my burning need, as she’d always sensed it
in the past, and moaned when I gripped her shoulders and
shoved her up against the brick wall, mashed my mouth
against hers. We kissed long and hard and hungrily,
devouring each other’s mouths, before she snaked out her
tongue and lashed at my lips. I drove my own tongue into
her mouth, and we swirled our slippery, pink stickers
together over and over again.
She finally pulled back from my mouth, leaving me
gasping, and then broke away and ran down the alley. I
cried out for her to stop, frantic that she might be trying to
get away from me, deny me my long overdue release yet
again – but she wasn’t. She jumped up onto a silver
garbage can, leaned back against the wall, and kicked off
her slippers and cocked a painted toe at me, beckoning at
me to join her. I hurried after her, then stood before her
and watched in awe as she unhooked my belt and
unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my fly and pants with
her deft foot-digits.
Then it was her turn to be surprised, as she stared at the
twin metal prosthetics that were my legs from the thighs
down. ‘It’s funny, isn’t it?’ I said, ‘a leg man with no
She looked up into my eyes and smiled. ‘I’ve got all the
legs you’ll ever need, Jeff.’
She tugged my shorts down, and my swollen dick
sprang out into the hot air, twitching with excitement. She
quickly grabbed it and started stroking, like she’d stroked
me dozens of times before, only this time was really the
first time for the both of us.
I closed my eyes and groaned as Melody expertly
polished my prick, juggled my balls with one foot while
she buffed my dick with the other, completely oblivious to
the foot-traffic that passed across the glaring mouth of the
alley. She tugged on my jacked-up cock again and again
with her nimble, nude feet, and before I could even warn
her, the sexual pressure became unbearable, unstoppable,
and my balls exploded and I blasted superheated sperm
onto her flying feet.
‘Yes, Jeff! Coat my feet with your cum!’ she yelled,
pistoning my spurting cock.
‘Fuck almighty!’ I bellowed, spraying rope after rope
of thick, steaming jizz onto the girl’s pumping peds and
legs. I came for what seemed like for ever, harder and
longer and more voluminously than ever before, my body
jerking around like I’d been plugged toe-first into an
electrical socket.
And when I was finally, totally spent, Melody took her
foot from my wasted dick and brought her peds up to her
mouth, tongued my salty, simmering semen off her
smeared feet.
‘Now it’s your turn,’ I said, once the footloose girl had
licked up and swallowed all of my goo.
She smacked her glazed lips and grinned at me, then
unfastened her skirt and pulled it open, arched her back
and flung it aside. She spread her supple legs, exposing
her glistening pussy. ‘This what you’re looking for?’ she
‘Exactly,’ I replied, grabbing her lean, lightly-muscled
legs around the ankles and kissing and licking and biting
her fleshy calves, her well-turned ankles, her magnificent
feet. Then I shouldered her dancer’s legs and jammed two
of my fingers into her sopping wet twat, started sliding
them rapidly back and forth.
‘Yes, Jeff! Yes!’ she shrieked, wrapping her feet
around my neck, jamming her drenched pussy into my
pumping digits.
I added another finger to the first two and relentlessly
pounded her poon, finger-fucked her into oblivion, the
leggy foot fatale closing her eyes and arching her body
and screaming as she came in a heated gush.
‘We were meant for each other,’ I gasped, once
Melody’s wild cries of ecstasy had stopped ricocheting off
the walls of the alley, as we both tongued her tangy cum
off my fingers. ‘We fit together perfectly.’
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