I used to be afraid of the dark, until you showed me just
how wonderful it could be. Losing my sight behind a
blindfold has over time sharpened my other senses
dramatically. As soon as you cover my eyes I become a
different person. I can smell the paraffin wax candles, the
sounds of your heavy breathing, even though you have yet
to descend the basement stairs. I can smell your cock, the
glistening, sweaty sweetness of your body.
I know that you’re watching me. I stand a little taller. I
can feel the worship in your eyes. Though I’m bound like
a slave I still feel like a queen.
I sense your eyes on my naked breasts, especially those
areas that seem to be painted in the darker chocolate hue
that accentuates my areolas. You love to try and get your
mouth around it all. From there your eyes travel down my
voluptuous chocolate body, over my flat stomach with the
butterfly tattoo, to the kinky blackness of my sex; and
further on to my softly sculpted things and long legs.
I have been waiting for hours. You woke me this
morning by sticking your tongue between my legs, licking
my body awake until every nerve was on fire.

Just when I thought that you would shove your morning
hard-on into me you told me that you wanted to play this
game. I love our games but I’m tired of waiting. I’m
hungry in every way possible. I want to eat you, to feel the
strength of your hardness under my tongue. I am waiting
for you to come to me, to relieve the ache between my
I hear your feet moving across the concrete floor and
then you’re so close to me that I can feel your breath
across my skin.
‘What took you so long?’ I ask.
‘It’ll be worth the wait,’ you say.
I feel your hands on my feet. I allow you to lick from
heel to arch, over and over again. I feel the wetness of
your tongue, the sharpness of your teeth as you bite into
my carefully moisturised skin.
A bolt of electricity shoots up my smooth thigh. I
inhale deeply as you take each toe into your mouth and
suck on it. Then I feel the thick carpet above your sex. I
try to take my feet lower but you won’t let me. You want
to deprive me of sexual pleasure until I’m so hungry that I
beg you to take me.
If you could only see the desire in my eyes that I can’t
allow to reach my lips, for then you would torture me even
longer. But I know that in the end I’ll get the reward of
your cock, your body heavy on top of mine, the taste of
you in my mouth and on my skin.
My foot hits the ground with a loud thump. My
heartbeat quickens with excited pain. Damn! You are in
control and I love it! Okay big daddy, show mama what
you got!
Your mouth is on mine, your tongue and teeth pillaging
my softness without mercy or restraint. Viciously you take
my bottom lip between your teeth and tug. I try to pull

away but you grab the sides of my head in your strong
hands. Your teeth sink into my top lip. I whimper with
pain but between my legs there is nothing but pleasure.
You leave my side for a moment and I’m breathless,
wondering what you will do next. Something smooth and
soft glides up my thigh. I guess it is a peeled, green
banana. In my Caribbean culture green bananas can be
turned into delicious dishes but as you dip the tip into my
pussy I know that my grandma never had a recipe like
The banana circles my large pinkie-sized nipples
leaving a wet circle of pussy juice and fruit. Then it’s in
my mouth and I’m sucking it like it’s your dick. I take it
deep down my throat. I learned to give head using a green
banana. It’s still one of my favourite toys. It begins to fall
apart under the wetness and passion of my mouth. I sink
my teeth into it, swallowing the top half in one smooth
gulp. I’d love to devour your cock, to sink my teeth into
your military helmet and listen to you scream.
‘Please, please eat me!’
Lord, I’m begging already! This darker side of you is
making me crazy with desire. Your hands slip between my
legs. God you have a big clit, you tell me. It’s like a
Hershey’s kiss.
‘But I taste better.’
I hear you smacking your lips. Yes you do, you say.
Your hand moves back to my clit.
‘Please oh please.’
‘Not yet,’ you growl and pull your fingers away.
I feel white hot heat next to my face and inhale the
aroma of a vanilla scented candle. Now I realize what you
are doing. You are planning to fuck me with everything
that I’ve fucked myself with, everything that I’ve used in
place of your hard, jealous cock. I feel my arms drop as

you lower my chains and for a moment the sheer relief is
almost orgasmic.
Fear sets in as you f***e me to my knees and push my
head down to the ground. Would this new torture be worth
the thrill of a slick candle sliding in and out of my pussy?
Don’t you understand that I need something to fill me
when you’re not here? Even though my pussy moulds to
your dick, it’s a naughty, insatiable little slut.
I feel the first drop of hot wax searing my apple shaped
ass. I feel it congeal on my skin. Again another drop. This
one rolls down my ass cheeks stopping just short of my
pussy. Oh, the miserable ecstasy. I want to touch my
engorged clit so badly!
‘Please, please!’
You pay no attention to the sobbing in my voice.
Instead I feel you move away again. Oh God, what will
you torture me with next?
I feel warm silicone sliding down my back. I know that
you’ve found my favourite dildo, the one with the added
leather straps and buckles. I love to strap it on our bed and
ride it hard.
I wait with all holes open and panting, not knowing
which one you’ll shove my beloved joy into. The snap of
the straps across my ass holds more surprise than pain.
You’ve been a bad, bad girl you tell me.
So punish me, punish me until I learn to control myself!
The second swipe is a little harder; the third makes me
cry out. I feel my juices flow from my pussy onto the
backs of my legs.
‘Please let me feel it!’
You place the dildo at the entrance to my pussy. I hold
my breath in anticipation. Suddenly the head moves
upward and you’re forcing it into the tightness of my ass.
Holy mother of God! The sweetness of the shaft

burrowing deep into my posterior is almost unbearable.
You work it inside me, long, deep thrusts that have me
scr****g my nails on the concrete like a deranged a****l.
Desire sweeps through me like wildfire. Brutally you
ravage me. I feel your fist on my pussy, kneading me like
soft island bread. I grind my hips into your hand.
Without warning the fist and the dildo are gone; I’m
left cold, unsatisfied and confused. I call your name softly
but you do not answer. Time drags as I wait for your next
I hear the drip-drip of our leaky basement tap. Except
for that and my heavy breathing there is no sound. Will
you leave me here for another few hours? God, I think that
I would die from sheer torture and frustration.
And then I feel it. Its rough texture on my ass makes
me creamy. I don’t need to see it to know that it’s
beautiful, like hemp, my favourite.
You lift my body until I’m standing up again. Carefully
you wind the rope around my chest and stomach in an
intricate design that you have perfected over time. I would
love to see myself, the pale rope against my dark skin, my
big nipples peeking out. The light deprivation is now
driving me crazy, but isn’t that the point of our little
games? You place the rope between my legs, burying it
between my pussy lips. It bites into my sensitive clit. The
rope travels up between my ass cheeks. It is still sore from
the dildo lashing. I love the feel of the rope against my
raw flesh. You loop the end of the rope and secure it in a
I adore the feeling of being confined, of being helpless
and totally at your mercy. I feel the rope on my nipples.
You play with me, teasing me until I can’t take it any
longer. God, I’m about to come!

Suddenly my blindfold comes off and my face is
flooded with light. Even though it is only the softness of
candles it is bright after hours of darkness.
I look down and you’re on your knees, rubbing the rope
against my clit. ‘Oh baby, I love the way you love me.
Make me come honey, make me scream.’ The rope moves
faster. ‘Oh God, I’m gonna die!’
I bend my knees, opening myself up to you. I can’t
breathe. I can’t think. I can’t do anything but feel the
texture of the rope and the fire it is causing. At the perfect
moment you untie the last knot. I watch in amazement as
you scoot under me and open your mouth wide. I’m
gushing, my female ejaculation spilling into your open
mouth like honey from the rock. I watch you worship at
the altar of my cunt.
I am woman, hear me roar as I come.
Oh yes! Yes! Yes!
Just when I think that it’s over you run your face up
into my pussy. My lips open amazingly releasing even
more cream into your hungry mouth, enveloping your
nose and mouth in a musky, sticky embrace.
I wish that I could press your head further into my
body. I wish that I could grab your cock and shove it into
my aching hole. But you know me so well. Sometimes
better than I know myself. You stand up and grab my ass
cheeks. Then you plunge your stiff, giant cock up into me.
‘Who gives you the best fuck?’ you ask.
You know that it’s you baby, nothing compares to you.
Nothing comes close to the feel of your pulsating dick,
your warm breath on my skin, the beauty of your
contorted face as you come. Oh the taste of your come,
nectar from the gods.

Once again you anticipate my needs. You pull out of
me and begin rubbing your cock over my rope-clad body.
How good that feels.
I drop to my knees and watch you pump your cock
above me. I see it coming. Your come erupts like a geyser
spewing white liquid gold all over my face. I stick my
tongue out and taste the salty tang of your desire.
I love being bad. How about punishing me one more
In seconds I’m on my back with my legs spread open
with you between them eating my pussy like it’s your last
supper. God, you’re good with that wicked tongue. You
eat me, over and over again until I’m reduced to
whimpers. Oh yes baby, make me feel like a woman. I
love you so much. I need you so much, my sweet baby.
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