Gurlz night out

I was getting ready for a wild night of drinking & dancing with my best friend while my husband has all his buddies over for poker night. Im in the bathroom doing my hair & makeup when my husband walks in. "Oh baby, how about a qiuckie before the guys get here" "no" I replied. "I dont want you cum oozing outta be & stinking. Later when I get home you can hit it". He's standing in the doorway stroking his hard cock watching me. Im at the sink wearing my thigh high nylons, black lacey thong panties & bra. Both with a pink bow on the front. } looked over at him & he really was turning me on. I told him " fine. But just a blowjob for now, sit on the bed" he backed up, pulled his sweat pants to his ankles & sat on the bed.

"Make this quick steve, Janice will be here shortly" I told him walking from the bathroom while putting in the last hairpin. I knelt down & grabed his beautiful cock. Think how much i love this mans perfect cock & his cum is the most delious cum. I put his perfect mushroom head into my mouth & slowly working his shaft with my hand. The sounds of him moaning is a clear indication i know what im doing. I work his shaft for a couple minutes & stop to say " you work the shaft & i'll suck the head". He grabs his cock & begins stroking fast. Then again, when he's fucking, it's usually the same speed. And i love it then too. Its all i can do to keep my lipps on te head of his cock. Its a bit of a challenge to message the underside of his head with my tongue. Thats the most sensitive part of the penis. Just then i can taste his precum. Here comes my treat. I feel his legs tense up & his strokes get slower. I have my mouth tight around his head. I feel his cum shoot into my mouth & i move his hand so i can take his whole cock into my mouth & take his full load. I love this mans cum. Taste so awesome. At this point he lets out a huge moan & falls back onto the bed. I finish cleaning his cock with my mouth. I stand up, my lip & lean over to give him a kiss. He slides his tongue into my mouth, rolls over ontop of me. As much as i wanted him deep inside of me, i had to finish getting dressed. I lovingly pushed him off & said " later". I got off the bed & went into the bathroom & drank the remainder of my long island ice tea. Swishing it around in my mouth then swollowed. I went into my closet to get my dress. A sexxy black, form fitting dress. The doorbell rang & i heard the door open. "Krissy, you ready?" Janice called out. I told steve to go tell her i was up here. He stood, pulled his sweats over his half-hard cock & left the room.

Janice comes in as i'm putting on my lipstick. She said "aren’t you ready yet?" "Just got to slip on my heels,” I replied. I had some nice 3" heels that mad my husband crazy horny when I wear them. As were leaving my husband said jokingly "remember your married!" I told him "just free drinks honey, good luck with poker" I gave him a long kiss & told him bye.

At the club rendezvous, Janice & I are alternating btwn dance floor & bar. By now the long islands are catching up to me. Even though there small glasses & were sweating, i'm getting pretty lit. This guy come over with his buddy & asks to buy us a drink. We accept. He introduces them selves as Jordan & Tony. Jordan asks me why a lovely lady is here with out my husband. Probably cuz he noticed the large white gold & diamond ring on my left hand. "He’s at home with the fellas playing poker" after a bit of small talk he asks to dance. "Sure" I said.

After a few dances, with most of which my ass was grinding against his semi-hard cock, I told him I needed a drink. He said ok. At the bar, I told him he didn’t need to buy me more & he insisted he would pay. I needed to use the ladies room first. When I returned there was a large long island waiting for me. I told him "thanks, but i'm still married" he replied, " He was lucky enough to dance with the sexiest woman there so he was happy with that. I needed some air, so we took our drinks out to the patio. I could feel my nipples swell in the cool air. We sat on a bench near the rear of the fenced patio. I could tell he wanted in my panties. He was cute, but I really didn’t want the bs that goes along with an affair. He leaned over & kissed me. He had soft lips & I know then I wanted him. I kissed him back for a moment then pushed him away. "You were digging it,” he said. "Its the alcohol, its got me horny... I mean buzzed" with my drink half gone he grabbed my hand, pulled me out an exit gate where we stood near the packed parking lot. Then we went behind the tour bus the nightclub uses for promotions. He started kissing me again & I was like 'oh well'. I cold feel his cock getting harder on my stomach. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached into his pants to find his hard cock. What a beautiful specimen. I may have to treat myself to a little fun tonight. I’m d***k. Who cares? His hands are squeezing my ass cheeks until one side of panties rips. I said "oh shit" Jordan replies "they must have ripped when you slide them down or up to pee" I look into his sexy eyes, by now his meat stick was outta his pants & I could barely make it out behind the dark tour bus. I sledded down & began to suck his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked him to spit into my hand. He gave me a big wad of his saliva. I reached around, pulling my dress up & slathering my ass with it. I left his cock very wet. I turned around & put his cock tip up to my asshole & Jordan took over. He put one hand on my shoulder the other on my waist. He started slow working his cock deeper & deeper with every stroke. I had my hands on the rear bumper of the tour bus & my cheek was against the cold metal. His partially dry cock as slightly painful, but in a good way. I heard start to moan, " oh baby". I guess his d***ken ass has already forgotten my name. He slide both of his hands into the sleeves of my dress & into my bra, grabbing my tits then slightly tweaking my nipples. That’s all it took, I could feel his hot cum squirt into my ass. It wasn’t dragging any more.

What he did next really shock me. He ripped his boxers off of himself... to first clean my wet ass in the dark. Then wiped himself. I attempted to fix my panties but there wasn’t much to fix with a thong. Jordan & I kissed a couple of times, and then he said he needed a drink. Walking back into the club Janice looked at me & she knew what happen. Jordan ordered a round for all of us while Janice whispered, "what have you been doing" I replied, "I just kissed him"

After a couple more drinks, on their dime of course, Janice & I needed to leave. Jordan asked for my phone number. I told him I couldn’t cuz I was married. But told him to email me at work. He said he wanted more & couldn’t wait to see me again. I asked him what make him so sure I would see him again while I winked at him & bit my lip. He smiled & said bye & kissed me on my cheek. On the ride home Janice asked did I screw him? I told her everything. She asked if he knew my secret? I said no. Should he? Maybe. We'll see.

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28 days ago
After reading this Naughty Story, I wanna be Janet's Boy Toy, pleasuring her both night & day while she plessures Me as well... Like we did one another in the Fantasy that I Jacked Off too...
7 months ago
I'd continue with her secret!! I have the same problem...but I'm also able to overcome it with a snug little ass-cunt to offer a horny guy!! ...Susie
3 years ago
Well.... How should it continue?
3 years ago
Wow i hope you write a sequil soon
3 years ago
Oh I get it...give us more!