Cuckold Husband - Breeding

CUCKOLDED HUSBAND - The Breeding Session

"You're useless Simon," Jenny sneered at her husband of two years.

Well, it was her fault she supposed, what do they say? Marry in haste, repent at leisure? She married Simon after a whirlwind summer romance with nothing to indicate his impotence then. She supposed that she really thought all that summer that she should have fallen pregnant but it didn't happen and goodness knows they had taken no precautions and had fucked like rabbits.

"He is useless to you Jenny, just look at his pathetic little cock." the comment came from Samantha, jenny's best friend, who was sitting by on the sofa, her attractive golden tanned legs crossed as she relaxed while she studied the scene.

The scene was erotic to say the least. Jenny was naked and langorously d****d across the table with her legs spread and her attractive bottom jutting into the air. Her vagina was slightly parted in anticipation of being penetrated by her husband Simon who was also naked and standing behind her with a soft on curled between his legs. Samantha was fully dressed and sitting back to witness the performance where her friend was to be inseminated. Samantha was a little bit disappointed, she had hoped to see some action although Jenny had told her that Simon wasn't really up to it. The disappointment to Samantha was that Simon was quite well-built physically, he certainly had powerful thighs and a tight little ass that she'd have loved to watch as he nailed her best friend. The problem was getting his erection.

"I told you he wouldn't be able to get it up Samantha," Jenny sneered, "I hoped that you watching would inspire him to some effort."

"Maybe if I stroked him a bit Jenny?" Samantha offered, "let me see if I can rouse him."

"Go ahead Samantha, he's no use to me like that. Play with him all you want."

Samantha sat up straight, her soft delicate hand curled around her friend's husband's balls gently and sensuously. Simon quivered at her touch but there was no answering response even when she started to work at his soft penis.

"You are right Jenny, he's no use to you at all is he. Simon you are pathetic, here is a piece of prime pussy almost gasping for you to fill it and you behave like this!" Samanatha taunted him.

Simon looked ashamed, his penis shrivelled even further if that were possible, but he knew the truth of the women's statements. In fact, he realised that after his first year married to Jenny when he'd failed to impregnate her, she had progressively taunted him with his impotence. She'd told all her friends and diminished him in front of them at every opportunity and this had now culminated in her getting Samantha to actually witness his performance. He couldn't get a hard-on now if he wanted to. Jenny had effectively castrated him.

"I'm fed up," shouted Jenny, "I'm going to get a real man to service me!"

"Good idea," agreed Samantha, "but Simon can be of use to you, as a punishment for not satisfying you himself, he can work and provide for you and your babies that you have by other men."

Of course, the women had already privately decided this plan. Only the day before, they had laughed and plotted Simon's final humiliation between them. As Jenny had failed to conceive, she'd become increasingly fed up with Simon and had deliberately undermined him at every turn and Samantha had aided her.

"The thing is Samantha, Simon earns a lot of money and he's quite rich too so I'll keep him on to support me while I enjoy other men of my choosing. I've emasculated him and got him just where I want him, the fact that he knows he's sterile means he'll never get over it." Jenny had confided her plan.


"We are going to advertise for a stud." she announced to Simon a few days later.

Simon just nodded acceptingly. Samantha had called round for coffee and the two women looked at him pitying. The doorbell sounded and Samantha went to answer it and a third woman's voice joined the conversation. It was a young female reporter from one of the local free sheets. Samantha knew her slightly.

"Hello Simon," Kylie smiled at him, "I hear that you are going to be cuckolded then! That's the plan isn't it Jenny? Tell me all about it please."

She got her notebook out and as Samantha and Jenny filled her in on the plan she scribbled it all down and started laughing with the other women.

"Oh, my editor is going to love this!" she enthused, "Maisie is a real dominant lady, she's got no time for wimps like Simon. Of course its realy going to kick up a storm but I'm sure we can handle it and after it all dies down you'll have your nice new baby on the way won't you Jenny?"

Simon must have winced a little at this and Kylie looked up at him.

"Well Simon, that's what happens if you can't perform as a man should. Can we have his picture in the paper Jenny? You know, we'll caption it 'Impotent' or something!"

In a few days time, that is what happened. There was the predicted storm of public indignation and Simon's picture appeared for all to see under the heading of "Local Woman's Desire for a Baby". It was made clear what Simon's inadequacies were, his humiliation was complete. Almost complete that is, for the newspaper was flooded with letters from the eager men that it had solicited and Jenny and Samantha spent a few happy evenings going though the letters and photographs where they would select the most likely and show Simon who they were thinking of inviting.

Samantha favoured proven studs, males who had already sired offspring, but Jenny wanted unproven young males, for as she put it, even if the first few didn't perform, well she had hundreds more to choose from. Also, she said, why take some other woman's second-hand male? She deserved the first cream from their balls. She told Simon that she was going to have natural insemination too and that he would be witnessing the conception of the baby that he'd raise as his own.

Samantha drew up the short list of five males, she contacted them and she explained the plan to them. They were all quite receptive of the unusual conditions, after all, they had responded to a pretty whacky newspaper article! Each man was to arrive at an appointed time. Jenny and Samantha would interview each of them in turn and if they looked promising stud material they would be required to produce their sperm for examination. Simon would be required to watch this of course.

The doorbell rang at exactly noon, exactly the time that Joe had been told to arrive. Samantha let him in and sat him down after he had been introduced to Jenny.

"Jenny, this is Joe. Joe, this is Jenny." went the formal introduction.

"Beautiful Jenny!" Joe complimented immediately. "Well, you are too Samantha, but I believe it is Jenny here that I'd be required to fuck?"

"Yes it is Joe, but we are going to assess you now. You have competition you know." Samantha told him.

"Yes, ma'am," Joe admitted, "but if you just let me show you my physique Jenny I'm sure you'll agree I'm the best stud for you."

"Well Joe, that's good that you are prepared to strip right away, it saves a lot of time, if Jenny doesn't want you maybe I'll be interested." Samantha chuckled.

"Well Samantha, I'me here for Miss Jenny so I ain't gonna get no other ideas about that. Its her I want to impress."

Joe had stripped quickly as he talked. His 5'10" muscular body was tanned and fit and his cock was already stirring into erection.

"Excuse me ladies," Joe apologised and chuckled, "but with you two attractive women right here, I don' really have much choice but to show my attentions"

Samantha laughed. Her hand curled around Joe's penis apreciatively.

"Don't worry Joe, that's what we want to see isn't it Jenny. Lets see Joe, you must have about 7" there?" Samantha assessed him with her fingers and gently peeled his foreskin back to show his shiny purple glans.

"What do you think of that fella?" Joe pointed his cock at Simon.

"That's a real man's cock Simon. Take a good look and compare it with your pathetic specimen." Jenny told her husband who looked shamefaced.

"And its only eighteen years old too, isn't it Joe?" Samantha asked him.

"It sure is Samantha," he concurred, "just eighteen and not yet fertilised any woman. Its gonna get stuffed up a lot of pussy from now on though, I'm real horny to fuck as much cunt as I can get."

Samantha winced at his directness, but couldn't argue his intent.

"But I'm going to be the first." Jenny affirmed.

"I don't see how you'd not get preggo Jenny, look at it, its drooling with semen already. Simon, feel that real man's cock. Flick off that drool of semen and taste it, it might make more of a man of you." Samantha said.

Simon did as he was bid and stroked Joe's cock wonderingly.

"Time for the deed I think." said Jenny eagerly.

She removed her skirt and kicking it aside stepped out of her knickers. She then got down on all-fours and parted her legs for rear entry. Her shaven puffy vagina glistened invitingly. Joe's nostril's twitched as he caught the scent of her juices and his cock jerked in Simon's hand.

"Put Joe's cock in your wife's vagina Simon." Samantha told him.

Simon guided Joes glans towards Jenny's slightly parted lips but not for long as almost immediately Joe mounted Jenny with a smooth action in which instict overcame his inexperience.

"Hold Joe's balls for him Simon. Then you can feel when he comes inside your wife and does your job for you." Samantha ordered.

Joe stroked Jenny powerfully, diving to his full length in her before pulling back. Three or four powerful strokes were enough until he sank his entire 7" in Jenny and grunted as his balls went into siezures.

"He's spurting his seed Simon. Joe is spurting his seed inside your wife. Can you feel his balls jerking?" Samantha breathed in Simon's ear.

Simon could only nod assent, his mouth open with wonder.

Joe pumped for ages, Simon counted ten or eleven jerks of his balls as he deposited his massive load in Jenny before withdrawing. The evidence of this was revealed as his cock left her and thick droplets of semen dripped from her lips.

Jenny barely blotted herself but pulled up her knickers and replaced her skirt.

"Thankyou Joe. See him out Samantha would you please," Jenny said, and looking at her husband tld him, "now I'm fertilised by another man and you're going to raise the baby as your own."

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