Sperm Robber Susie

My first real job when I was in my early 20s was in one of the regional offices of a multinational company. It was a big operation and I sat in my little cubicle all day doing IT support. It was interesting enough I suppose, my girlfriend was happy that I was pulling in some dough. Some months after I'd started, our boss got himself a new secretary and she was a real fox. We all envied his taste and how he had the position to appoint someone like that. We tended to stand up a little more than before, looking over the top of our barriers in the hope of catching a glimpse of Susie. Sometimes we did, sometimes we were unlucky!

I was working hard one day, head down, hard to believe I know, but I'd got a little problem by the tail, and you know how it goes. I was aware of my spare chair being slid up alongside me and a delicious waft of heady feminine perfume as Susie sat down alongside me. Suddenly the IT problem didn't seem so important! I looked up and Susie was smiling at me in that beguiling way that I came to know well. You know, the one women use when they want something and you can't refuse them.

"Oh hi K," she smiled, "I know you'll be a real sweetie and help me set up this spreadsheet that old grump wants done. "All the girls here tell me that you're the one to ask about these things."

She referred to our boss who we all knew as Snoutie on account of his big nose. Also I was unaware the girls here talked about me much. My throat went dry. Susie crossed her legs and the slight rasp of her nylons as she did so made my eyes glance down. Her exposed thigh was wonderful and her short black tailored skirt set her legs off beautifully. My eyes travelled up taking in her well developed hips to her small but firm breats enclosed in her crisp white blouse. Our eyes met, and she returned my gaze frankly.

"Oh be a dear!" she coaxed and her elegant hand reached out and touched my knee.

She slid closer as we both moved to the monitor so that I could work on want she wanted. It was a bit difficult though, by head was swimming.

"Oh goodie," she said, "you are a love."

Her hand moved higher up my thigh.

"You are a bit distracted though aren't you? Oh, you are a big guy down there aren't you, the girls thought you were." her hand at this point was over my crotch and gently pressing on me.

I turned towards her and she slid my zip down, her cool slim fingers went exploring.

"Tell you what," she said in a matter-of-fact way, "I'll just relieve you now and then you will be able to concentrate that one-track male mind of yours."

She'd got me out of my trousers by then and was stroking me gently between finger and thumb as she inspected my cock in an expert way.

"The thing is too, that I want sperm in my diet. I read somewhere that a high sperm diet will improve a girl's breast size and you can see mine are rather small." Susie said very practically.

Well, I coudn't see much wrong with her tits, they looked great to me, but I was not about to deny her anything especially as she dropped to her knees in front of me and her soft mouth devoured my hard shaft in one easy motion. Her tongue wrapped itself around my glans. Oh save me I thought as I felt and realised that she had a piercing in her tongue and the little bead was teasing at my frenum. Thats about the only thought I had as my balls tensed and I knew I was already over the edge. My cock jumped and I started delivering my thick sperm onto her waiting tongue.

"Lovely K, thank you." she purred at me, her vocal chords thickened. I'd not even noticed her swallow, she was so slick. "Now for that spreadsheet and maybe some more fun later."


Later turned out to be that afternoon in the lift. I had to go up to accounts and she stepped in beside me as the doors were closing.

"More of that sperm please!" she grinned at me. She held the stop button and dropped down on her knees and was sucking me within moments. Consent didn't really come into it, my dick was hard and spoke for itself as she swallowed my semen for the second time that day. When we got to my floor I didn't even take in that Susie didn't get out of the lift with me but rode it back down again.


At the end of the day Snoutie asked me to work late to make a start on a new project. Just an hour working in the quiet office so you can concentrate he told me. He also told me that Susie would be working on a bit too. Of course, she'd suggested it to him, and there I was doing my duty again and pumping out the remains of my load for her. Even three times, I could not resist that agile little tongue.

"Oh thankyou K," she told me as she left me working and buttoned up her pretty little outdoor coat prior to leaving. She looked down at her breasts.

"Look," she continued, "I really want to try this thing to make them bigger, would you mind ever so much if I took all your sperm like that every day?"

I gulped.

"Really K, you wouldn't deprive a girl would you?" she grinned at me.


My girlfriend was really pissed off that night when I couldn't perform, but I put it down to general tiredness. True to her intentions, Susie the next day returned to me soon after I got in.

"Snoutie is not in today," she grinned, "I think I'll have you right here in his inner office. I need my breakfast."

I really broke into a sweat, my mouth was dry and my palms clammy as she ushered me into Snoutie's inner sanctum. I was rested yes, but my balls still ached from yesterday. Susie must have sensed my reserve.

"Oh come on K, you are made of stiffer stuff than that. Your cock certainly is anyway."

My cock was rigid, the bl**dy turncoat, he wasn't having any nonsense. He wanted to be sucked off and Susie knew it.

"Look at him!" she laughed with her soft silky fingers wrapped around my shaft, " its alright K, you'll perform well enough. Your sperm is lovely my the way, some of the nicest I've tasted."

Well, I swelled up with pride at this and more so as she knelt before me and continued her praise.

"Mmm, fresh virile young sperm from a lovely healthy virile cock. You should be good for several ejaculations a day. We'll exercise you and tone tour balls up." she crooned.

The outcome was inevitable and my aching balls were soon in spasm as I delivered my night's accumulated load onto her tongue.

"See you later," she smiled as she ushered me out.


What I did see later was a guy from accounts slipping into Norkie's office soon after, followed by another guy from the Marketing department around coffee time. This would have been unusual, our IT didn't get visitors from these areas, we went to them or dealt it on line. I was suspicious that I wasn't the only guy contributing to Susie's sperm diet.

Susie came for seconds from me around lunchtime and I challenged her about the other guys I'd seen.

"Of course K," she answered me frankly, "young and virile as you are, you didn't think you could feed me all on your own did you?"

I gulped. Her hand was already working its magic on my shaft but I persisted.

"Look K, I'm on a sperm diet to see if it will improve my titties. I'm not eating anything but so I've had to choose a stable of you guys to satisfy me."

My cock actually stiffened at this as my surprise reacted to her.

"Oh, let's see then seeing as you seem to need to know. Well there's my neighbour, I have him each morning while his wife is in the shower. Then there's B from accounts . . . " she counted on absently, "well I guess I've had 20 loads thismorning so far."

Before she could continue, her lips were around me and I was delivering her 21st. Sweating with the effort I must have commented about her methods.

"Look here K, don't get all indignant about what I'm doing. He will speak for you, you know!" she laughed, "just enjoy it. You know you love it."

I muttered about my girlfriend.

"Well frankly K, I don't give a fig for your girlfriend. I'll have all the sperm you make and she can just let her pretty little cunt go dry for all I care. And you too I think, get my lips around your cock six times a day and what do you care either?"

Susie was right too of course. I noted the bit about six times a day too. It had sarted at three so it gave me an idea of her plans for me but I was happy to contribute. It was a strange feeling having a pretty young woman using you as part of her stable of stud males but it was thrilling having her swallow and devour everything your balls could make for her.

Susie was around our office for a month. My balls were permanently tired and everytime I got used to the dull ache, Susie increased the frequency of her demand. My girlfriend left me after two weeks and so for the last part of Susie's time with us I could concentrate on her, so she had me call by her flat most evenings too. That was obviously her way after she'd eliminated the competition.

She left suddenly and without notice and left an office full of exhausted males. Did the diet work? Well, Susie looked fabulous anyway, how could we tell?

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3 years ago
I think there were about 20 of us in the company who got our balls drained completely for those few weeks.
3 years ago
that was good so how many guys was she sucking off each day finally??
3 years ago
Yes, fiction this time, but I've known females in office's I've worked in who were not averse to a quick trip to the "stock room" with any of the men that they had the hots for. Vote the story on merits please and message me with any scenarios you'd like expanded. If they fit with my kinks I'll have a go at them.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice tall tale!