School Girl at the Bus Stop

As I arrived at the bus shelter I saw there was a girl already there waiting. I was shy in those days, well I was only nineteen, and avoided her eye. She wasn't having that though.

"You're Josie's b*****r aren't you?" she piped up cheerfully.

"Oh, yes I am." I responded warily.

"She often talks about you," the girl said, "I'm Kerry, her friend. We are in the same class at school."

I did a double-take. This little minx looked older and more sexy than my little sixteen year old s****r. Perhaps that was just familiarity though, I considered my little s****r more of a nuisance than anything. I looked at Kerry with more attention. She wore the same regulation school white blouse and black skirt, but the skirt was far shorter than my s****r would ever have been allowed to wear and the white bouse was unfastened down to the third button revealing the cleavage of very generous breasts. Kerry may have only been the same age as my s****r but her female hormones had promoted very full womanly development.

"What does she tell you?" I asked, my throat going a bit dry I have to say.

"Well, really that she doesn't think you have any girlfriends and stuff like that you know." Kerry told me and she began to encroach on my personal space in a most delicious way.

"Mm," she continued, "you may not have but there's nothing wrong there at all, don't you think?"

Kerry smiled up at me, the palm of her hand lightly brushing the front of my trousers. My cock was absolutely rigid, now way I could hide it.

"Can I see your cock? Get it out for me, its alright there's nobody about and we've got ages for the bus yet. I haven't seen many yet." she added.

She was already unzipping me and her free hand sliding inside. I felt her sensuous cool fingers curling around my naked shaft and suddenly the cool air on it as she released me.

"Oh, its lovely!" she purred, her fingers rippling along my length. "Its so much bigger than the boys in our class."

I would not liked to have dwelt upon the study of the boys in her class that presumably my little s****r took part in too, but fortunately Kerry had me far too distracted. The sensation as she wanked me off was incredible. For sixteen, she had the touch of an expert.

"Do your sperm for me!" she urged softly, almost pleadingly. " I love to see a man do his sperm. Come on, quickly, here's the bus."

How could I resist!

"Lovely, lovely." she whispered as I spurted in her palm. "Lovely thick loads, much more than Jimmy does for me."

With a quick flick of her hand, I saw her lift it to her mouth, her tongue snake out and easily licked herself clean as she jumped onto the bus smiling at the driver as the cat who ate the cream. I was left fumbling embarrassedly trying to make myself decent again before boaring after her!
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2 years ago
lol i would find my sis & ask her more then fuck that slut
3 years ago
That wss excellent. Definitely like this story.
3 years ago
i am hard