The Girls School Biology Lesson

My new girlfriend Nikki was a new teacher in a nearby private school. You know, one of those very expensive private schools they have in England called "public schools". Nikki taught biology.

"You know K," she said to me, "I want to do something for my senior girls class that will really grab their attention about sex."

Well, I thought that it wasn't difficult to grab any teenager's attention about sex, but I listened more. Nikki was the expert here, I guessed she might have a good idea and as she talked my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped with the boldness and directness of her plan.

"Do you think you can pull it off K?" Nikki asked.

"I think that is precisely what I can do Nikki I laughed at her phraseology, but I thought the idea was for one of the girls to pull me off!"

. . .

"Now girls, I want you all to gather round at the front here today. This will be an important lesson and a little special." Nikki addressed her group of senior girls.

These were final year girls, all were leaving at the end of this term (semester to you Americans) and most going on to University. The class was small, about f******n young ladies gathered around. They were of course well-behaved, this was an expensive school that daddy was paying for.

"Is this alright Miss Smart?" one of the girls asked as she and her little bunch of special friends sorted themselves out.

"That's fine Karen," Nikki told her, "Settle down. Today we are going to study the male sexual organs and how they work."

From my position in the small preparation room behind the science class bench, I could hear the collective gasp at this announcement.

"But Miss . . . " a young brunette girl poised to ask a question.

"But nothing Simone," Nikki spoke firmly, "some of you may think you know about such things already."

A murmer ran round the class. I bet they do, I thought to myself. There was no way that a group of lovely young girls like this had not had encounters with boys.

"Well, you may, " continued Nikki, "but today we are going to study and examine and I have a male here that we are going to look at."

Nikki called me through. I was naked of course and I stood in the circle of the young women. There wasn't any chatter now, they were a bit stunned I think. I had a full-on erection of course. I'd defy any man to stand before f******n nubile young women without having one.

"Is he your boyfriend Miss Smart?" Simone asked slyly.

"If he is, she'd have her hands full." a girl named Josie added.

"That's enough girls." Nikki slapped down the rising ribaldry before it go out of hand. "As you can see here we have a fine example of an erect penis."

Nikki then proceeded to lecture the girls on the various parts of my sexual anatomy, pointing out my glans and making reference to the sensitivity of the nerve endings there. She rolled back my foreskin and the girls all studied the crset of my glans, my frenum and the slit in the end which Nikki told them was called the meatus.

Then she invited the girls in turn to examine my balls as she taught them the various parts and how the sperm was made in them. Each girl's fingers traced them and pinched them, making me wince a little at times. Under instruction, they searched for, and found the chords that attached them to my body as Nikki told them all about the sperm and bl**d flow to and from them.

"So if we cut them off Miss Smart, would he still be able to be a man if you know what I mean?" a sweet little blonde asked.

"He'd not be complete Anne no, but yes he'd still be able to serve yes if they were cut off after he'd developed. They used to have Euneuchs in Eastern Harems for just that purpose. Anyway now we need to move on. We need to see how the sperm is ejaculated. Josie, would you fetch that Petri dish please?"

Josie brought it over.

"I think you might as well continue Josie. Can you extract it? Use your finger and thumb to ripple the foreskin." Nikki instructed.

"I think I know how to wank a guy off Miss Smart," Nikki answered her with a slight acid tone to her voice. The way she started to stimulate me confirmed that confident tone too. Here touch was magic and showed some experience well beyond her years.

"Oh miss!" one of the girls gasped, "he's coming! Josie's brought him off."

"Gosh, look at it too," Anne choked out despite herself as my thick white sperm jetted across the Petri dish in gluey long strings as my thighs shook.

"That's well done Josie. Now this is fresh sperm and we can examine it under the microscope." Nikki told her class.

As Nikki had told me to do, I slunk back to the small preparation room and quickly dressed. I was forgotten, I'd served my purpose
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2 years ago
Fabulous, well behaved
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what a great purpose
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4 years ago
That was a good one
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another good one dude
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very good my man very good indeed
4 years ago
A well told story. I would love to be an eg. of an older male who needs a little help to erection but cums after a long slow wank.