Cuckolded at the Breeding Party

Marta had asked me over to her house for the afternoon. Her voice was light and happy as she called me up.

"Hi K, want to come over about three?"

"Sure Marta, whats up?" I agreed readily. Marta's invitations were always fun.

"Just be here K, be ready to rut won't you."

"For you Marta, how could I be anything else." I chuckled, hefting my balls in anticipation.

"Not for me K, but you'll have some competition too, I should tell you."

Indeed I did have as I arrived. A young woman I knew slightly as Janey let me in.

"Oh Hi there, you're K aren't you. This is my man Jake. Say Hi Jake." she said.

Jake grinned at me. I smiled back. Jake was a fairly well-built sort of a guy with powerful shoulders and narrow hips. I could see why Janey had hitched up with him. You could like Jake, he exuded good nature. I should say that I'm not into homoeroticism but I can appreciate a fine man's body.

"What d'you think we are here for K?" Jake asided to me, "looks like a bit of good fun though. Your Marta is a fine woman I must say."

"Yes, she is," I grinned, "she's a real cougar though, watch out for your manhood."

"Grrr!" Jake laughed, "I don't think I'm here for her somehow."

At that moment there was another arrival at the door and Janey let in another couple. She was lovely. Absolutely stunning. A tall striking brunette woman with an air of command about her. Her white silk shirt, black tight business skirt and black high heels set off her air of efficiency perfectly. When she looked at me without speaking, I could feel my dick stiffen automatically and she knew it too. Jake reacted the smae way but he stole a trick on me by stepping over to her to help her with her short coat.

"Well, thank you." she smiled at him, "there is one real man here at least."

There was further evidence of this as I could see the beginning of the outline of Jake's penis on the leg of his trouser. The woman did too.

"Do you see that Simon? That is how a real man treats a lady and that is how he shows his appreciation for her too." she addressed the man with her.

"Yes Josie," he answered meekly.

The man with her was normally built, not a weedy type at all, but somehow you got that impression. His diffidence and his cowed manner somehow told you that he was a wimp, a mere adjunct to the woman he was with.

"I'm pleased to meet you too Ma'am," I said to her smiling frankly at her face, and turning added, "and you Simon, good afternoon to you too."

"Oh, don't bother being friendly to him," Josie sneered, "this is my husband Simon. I just hope he can learn manners from you two boys for once."

"K is always attentive and polite Josie," Marta said as we all went through to her salon and she bade us sit down to talk.

"Your wife is a real beauty," I commented to Simon as we sat together, "I expect that you are real proud of her aren't you?"

"I have to agree with that, K," Jake added.

"She's difficult to live with," said Simon diffidently, "she puts me down all the time."

"Well, you like that though Simon don't you?" needled Jake.

"Oh leave him Jake," I smiled more kindly, "if she puts you down Simon, you just have to show her who is boss."

"She is of course," Jake dug the knife in a bit more.

"And you are the boss in our house are you?" Janey called across to Jake laughing.

Jake had at least the grace to blush at this, and held his tongue.

"I don't really think like that," I said mostly to Simon but looking significantly at Josie as I spoke, "but this is Marta's house and she's invited me here so I am a good guest and fit in with what she wants me to do."

Josie smiled at me.

"Another real man Simon. I hope you are taking this in." Josie snapped at him.

"Yes Josie." he answered. You really felt you wanted to slap him he was so wet.

Just then the doorbell went again and Marta ushered in another man.

"This is Winston everybody," she announced as she introduced a huge black guy.

"Hi you guys," Winston hailed Jake and me, and looking at Simon said "how you doin' there milksop? You OK?"

There was silence at this outspoken acknowledgement of Simon's status in the gathering, but Marta broke it.

"Winston and Simon have met before. It wasn't exactly a meeting of equals was it Simon?" Marta laughed and we all joined in. Even Simon gave a pale self-depreciating laugh.

"Josie, its good to see you again babe. I begin to see why Marta asked me over now. You got sumptin' in mind for ol' Winston and these two fine men here Marta." he grinned blatantly hitching up his crotch as he spoke.

"Well Josie has I think Winston, better let her take charge. Simon's used to that anyway." Marta said.

"OK Josie, lemme guess. You want ol' Winston's cock on display?"

He began to remove his pants and stripped off his tight T-shirt quickly. He wasn't really wearing anything much else. He was certainly a well-built man and his black muscles rippled.

"Winston, you certainly are a well-built man," Josie echoed my thoughts, "look how his black muscles ripple Simon. Why don't you ask Winston if you can feel what a real man's muscles are like."

"Oh, he don' need to ask Josie honey. Here Simon, come and feel this arm." Winston directed at Simon.

Simon stood and placed both hands around Winston's bicep.

"Wait, that's not really fair, Simon should be naked too really." Janey joined in.

"Oh, do we really need that!" Josie sneered, "do we really want to see his pathetic little cock?"

"Well we should really Josie, it may be small I suppose, but I'd like to see it anyway." Janey smiled at Simon who looked back at her gratefully.

Simon undressed himself and we waited until he stood there naked. There was nothing wrong with him really, he was a normal man, but he certainly was not an inspiring physical specimen and his cock was small and shrivelled and showed no signs of enlarging. Not like Winston however, who was now standing proud and erect, with a good 7" of thick meat aimed straight at Josie. the contrast between the two men was striking.

"Oh dear, Simon's is a pathetic little cock after all isn't it Josie. I didn't believe you, I didn't think he could be really that small." Janey dug in the killer blow after all.

Simon's cock wasn't soft now, it had lifted a little from his groin, but it was still a pathetic little thing no bigger than a finger.

"Look at that Janey. He's got what we call a stiffy now, but its hardly worth it is it. He's excited by the situation but too much of a wimp. Aren't you Simon? Yes you are you weedy little man. Look at that real man's cock compared to yours." Marta spoke joining in the humiliation of Simon.

Josie was stroking Winston's dark shaft by this time. Her slim elegant perfectly manicured fingertips rippling along his hard length. Winston's glans was swollen and huge the skin stretched like a balloon. Moist clear fluid dripped from his meatus, the little slit at the tip.

"Yes Simon, Marta is right isn't she. This is a real man's cock." Josie spoke to her husband, "you feel it yourself to see how hard it is compared to your little worm. You don't mind if he does do you Winston?"

"No ma'am," grunted Winston for Josie's fingers were having their inevitable effect on him, "you just go right ahead and do whatever you want ma'am."

"Oh, I will Winston, I will." Josie promised him.

Simon reached out and held Winston's shaft tentatively. His own cock twitched in sympathy.

"It is big and hard Josie," he spoke for the first time, "I couldn't hope to match that my dear."

"No you couldn't you miserable twerp. This cock could really satisfy a woman, but its not going to today, thats for the other two cocks over there." and Josie nodded towards me and Jake.

Quietly we had undressed because Marta had had a word in our ear during Simon's humiliation and were sitting watching. Jake was fully erect and I was on a half-lob waiting. I was quite happy with my lob on, the feeling in my balls was tight, the pull under my groin told me that I'd stiffen fully without delay when required. I suppose for the benefit of any female reading this account of Simon's cuckolding, I should attempt to describe the feeling a man has between his legs when he's erect. Women often say that men think with their dicks but when a man has a load of sperm on that is absolutely true. The feeling in their balls overides any other consideration.

I stood to get a better look at Josie as she wanked Winston, and my dick sweled to its full extent immediately. A tight feeling gripped my groin under my balls and my balls tightened and an intense feeling of pride filled me as my cock demonstrated to the assembled women that I was ready and sexually aroused, and demonstrated to the other men that my cock challenged theirs. To be sure, I had not the length or girth of Winston, but I was bigger than Jake. The feeling also said that it would not go away until my balls had discharged their accumulated load of semen. Spurting my load was an imperative thing, it was not negotiable. Of course, for Simon, it was negotiable. Josie was not going to let him offload whatever miserable offering that he had.

"Now Simon, watch as your wife masturbates another man." Marta told him.

"A man with a far bigger cock than yours and a black one too!" Janey added showing again her talent for rubbling salt in.

Winston began to sweat and buck his hips. Josie wanked him most delicately with her finger and thumb just rippling his foreskin. Winston's cock jerked but this way Josie could hold him still. She needed to as she had cupped her other palm under him ready. Josie knew exactly what stage Winston was at, and quickly rippled her fingertips to finish him. Winston grunted, his cock jerked against Josie's fingers and spurted. A thick flob of white seed splatted into Josie's palm, followed by another and another.

"Look Simon. Real sperm. Look how thick and rich it is." Marta whispered at him.

"And you are going to eat it all up aren't you Simon," said his wife holding out her palm for him for she'd finished Winston off by now. "A real man's sperm! It might do you some good."

Simon clasped his wife's hand and his tongue darted into the white gelatinous mess that was Winston's deposit.

"Go on Simon, lap it all up for us." Janey encouraged him.

"I hope you like that Simon. I wanted to let you have a real load of sperm first so that you know what it is like. The point is you see that I have decided that we are going to have a baby. We are going to start it today and you are going to be present at the conception as you should be. Of course, that is all you are going to be, you'll not be taking part. That is going to be the service that these two fine male specimens are going to provide and you are just going to witness it and then you'll take over raising and providing for the baby that you've been allowed to help start." Josie lectured her husband.

Simon seemed genuinely surprised. I don't think he had any idea that this was Josie's plan at all. She had decided to have her first baby and arranged it with Marta and Janey, and Simon had no input on the discussion at all. Neither for that matter had Jake and I, no idea that we were about to be put to stud, but that was slightly different.

"Sorry Winston, you don't get the chance today. But thank you for your sperm anyway." Josie smiled at him

"Thats OK ma'am." Winston grinned, "anytime I can be of service."

By now, Marta had quietly taken me by the cock in a firm grip and was leading me over to the table on the far side of the room.

"Come on K, you are going to cover Josie first. Don't let me down, I want a good performance from you." Marta instructed.

Josie came over and without any ceremony spread heself face down over the table and spread her legs. It was such an exciting sight my penis nearly exploded, especially when Josie hitched up her skirt and revealed that she had no panties on. Her perfectly shaven vulva glistened at me and I caught the scent of her, beautifully musky so I knew she was ovulating. Janey brought Simon up alongside as I slid easily into his wife.

"See how easily K slides into your wife Simon. Look how deep he goes. You know his sperm is going to spurt right up past her cervix don't you, and you know what that will mean." Janey breathed in his ear.

Simon's breath came in shallow pants, his lips were parted with horror as he watched me servicing his wife. Janey held him back.

"No Simon, K will do it for you. You know you are not man enough." she told him.

Indeed I did do it for him and it didn't take long. Josie's cunt was delicious and it wrapped me like a glove. I sank in deep, I could feel her cervix, and I spurted. Long leisurely deep spurts as I offloaded my sperm into her.

"Jake's turn!" Marta called as I slipped out of Josie.

Jake was up her in a flash where I had left. He fucked her quickly his hips jerking like a frantic rabbit. I knew he couldn't wait as we'd talked while we watched Wimston.

"Look at that Simon," breathed Janey in his ear, "I bet you couldn't fuck like that. You wouldn't know how to fuck a woman properly would you. Oh look, Jake is coming inside her now."

Jake was certainly coming as he grunted in time with his spurts and fell back spent.

"Now look Simon. Look, some of the sperm that has not made it past your wife's cervix is leaking out." Marta told him.

White sperm coated Josie's vulva, a mixture of mine and Jake's. It looked quite attractive on her.

"Lick it up Simon. Clean your wife up." Janey told him and he did so before patience expired, Josie flipped her skirt down and brushed him off.

Well, Josie certainly fell pregnant, but as to whether it was mine or Jake's we will not be told. It certainly wasn't Simon's but he was the one charged with all the duties of feeding and raising it on Josie's behalf.

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3 years ago
Except that you'd know it wasn't yours Mike!
3 years ago
it is good
3 years ago
Very hot! i am extremely envyus of Simon. that would be a dream come true. I dream of my wife becoming pregnant in a gang bang so there would be no way of knowing who the father really is.
3 years ago
Not bad story just seems a tad too long but it is erotic
3 years ago
good story. love to hear more