The Contest

I was feeling good. My Mistress Cherie had me in peak condition and here I was, naked body lightly oiled with a taught stomach showing a well developed six-pack. I tensed my tight buttocks and my erection jerked upwards, and the reason for this is that I was being paraded around a huge roomful of women.

That in itself would have ensured my erection, but just at this moment Mistress Cherie was showing me to an attractive young woman who she addressed as Susan, and Susan was caressing my balls appreciatively.

"You say he does as he's told?" Susan questioned.

"Yes Susan, he's my slave and I've trained him from when he was quite young."

"But, do you have to beat him then?" Susan was puzzled.

"Rarely. There are other punishments for poor work but he's well trained and he knows that obedience brings its rewards. Like this for instance. What man could really expect to parade naked for the benefit of 120 women."

"Yes I see. Of course." Susan laughed, "Well his balls are certainly lovely. They are probably the biggest and fattest that I've seen. Does he shave them like that all the time?"

"I have him shaved Susan. He has no say in the matter! Yes, he's shaved constantly, but tonight he's been depilated with cream to finish him off. Are you going to put a bet on him?" Mistress Cherie asked.

"What odds are they offering on him?" asked the older woman sitting next to Susan.

"10-1 at the moment," replied my Mistress, "he's the outsider you see, first time in competition and no track record."

"I think I might have a flutter then, " the woman replied, "what's his stud book like?"

"Here Auntie Sarah," said the young woman offering her catalogue to the older. "Its all in here for the five contestants."

"Yes, its there Sarah, but I trained him and I've had him at stud for 10 years now. He's sired 192 babies and he's known for producing girls mostly so he's in good demand for that. Also he rarely needs to inseminate twice, his sperm count is very high." Mistress Cherie volunteered.

I don't have access to my stud records, I just perform when it is required of me and so this information was new to me! I admit that I swelled with male pride a little at this, but there was no time to reflect on it as Mistress Cherie had moved me on to another group of women and was showing them the line of my back and buttocks.

"He has powerful thighs ladies. See how they tense, tight little buttocks and a good thrust too."

"Has he got stamina though? I get so annoyed when they run out of steam and I am only half-way there." one of the new group laughed.

She was an attractive short-haired brunette and quite petite. I longed to be able to show her my stamina. Her companions giggled, and one of them stroked my cock delicately.

We were in a large room with a small low raised stage in the centre. Women sat around at tables relaxing and enjoying the evening. The air was shrill with feminine voices. Across the room I could see my five opponents, each being led by their owners, and like me being paraded before the big event so that the women could study us. Just across from me was a big black guy that I knew slightly, his owner had visited Mistress Cherie's a few times and brought him with her. That didn't mean I knew him, Mistress Cherie did not permit conversation between slaves. We'd just worked together and exchanged glances.

He was a big guy built like an ox and dwarfed me. His cock too was far bigger than mine and I could see that it was attracting a lot of admiration from the women on the table he was in front of. His Mistress was handing out business cards offering his services as he was not primarily a stud like me but because of the size of his penis, he was used for pleasure.

I felt another soft hand snake around the root of my testicles and test them for firmness and probe at the seminal cords that attached them to my body. My legs buckled a little. Mistress Cherie laughed.

"They feel pretty fat Ma'am," commented the woman, "he been saving up his sperm for long?"

"I've had him making sperm for a week now. Thats a long time for him, he's leaking freely now. You can see." my Mistress answered.

"Mm, yes he is," her fingertip brushed my glans and wiped off a bead of pre-cum and took it to her lips. "nice and sweet. Congratulations Ma'am, you keep him well."

Before any more could be said there was a drum roll and a young woman jumped up on the stage.

"Can we have all competitors and their slaves up on stage please, its time for the big event." she announced.

Mistress Cherie pulled me away and we all lined up on the stage. The MC had our Mistresses bring us forward one at a time.

"Here we have Ray, trained by Serena. As you can see ladies, he's a big guy!"

This was the black guy I have just told you about and the room erupted with a laugh and cheering and a good round of applause at the slanting reference to the size of Ray's cock.

"Ray at 35 yrs old is evens favourite tonight, and looking to repeat his victory of last month, and the month before, and the month before" the compere announced.

The room went wild.

"Next up is Simon who is 29, trained by Jane. A strong challenger you'll see, well-built and a fine specimen. Simon is standing at 2-1 tonight. Jake next also at 2-1 and 30 years old. Quite a small penis ladies I think you'll agree."

This raised a huge laugh, but Jake didn't seem upset by the comment. It was small yes, smaller than mine, but it was wickedly hard and jutted from his crotch like a dagger.

"Still," said the compere, "with balls like that, who needs a big cock!"

Jake drew a round of applause.

"Jason at 5-1 has performed here once before, trained by Amelie. He's only 19 ladies so he young and eager. Wayne is also at 5-1 and trained by Suzette, who tells me he is 25, eager to go and hopes to surprize us all."

The compere paused for her words to settle and wait for the applause to die down.

"Finally, a newcomer K, trained by Cherie. A nice young stud speciment and never exhibited before. We have him as outsider at 10-1. Let the contest begin!"

I drew an acceptable round of applause and a cheer and then the compere had our owners draw straws to decide the running order. Jason was first up, and the room went hushed. His Mistress Amelie began to masturbate him gently and firmly. The muscles around his neck tensed and he strained his buttocks. With no apreciable delay he orgasmed. Thick spurts jetted from his glans, flopping into a small glass that the compere had smoothly held in position. A trail spurt, another, then a massive jet that splashed the side of the glass and six more equally strong. Amelie calmly finished him off, squeezing his shaft and milking it firmly.

"7.2 grams!" called out the compere to much cheering.

Wayne was led forward and Suzette started to wank him just as Amelie had done to Jake. Wayne needed no stimulation, almost as if by trained response he began to spurt as soon as Suzette touched his shaft. Fortunately the compere was ready for this and had a fresh glass in place.

"6.8 grams," she called out, "a disappointing result there for Wayne."

Wayne was led away, defeated. His contest was over.

Ray was already on the podium, he was next and Serena was wanking him firmly. After a minute of this, Ray's huge frame shuddered and he too did his sperm for the assembled women. The compere's fresh glass washed with the first gush which swirled around the rim. Ray's hips bucked as he delivered the load he's laboured for a week to make.

"7.9 grams!" announced the compere and Jake was led away now defeated.

The room erupted and three glasses of white semen sat side by side on display.

I was next! Mistress Cherie led me forward and her hand curled around my shaft. I felt her stimulate me as she always did and my penis became totally rigid and racked like it was in cramp. I deep seated feeling started under my balls, my balls spasmed tightly and a deep warm glow filled me as I delivered my sperm. One, two, three . . . seven, eight, nine spurts all full ones. Mistress Cherie milked my shaft of three or four large thick globules and the glass was taken away.

"8.5 grams!" the compere announced.

I had not disgraced myself, I had performed. Ray was led away and my sperm joined the other three glasses.

Jane brought Simon foward. Her hand snaked around his small penis and she held it between finger and thumb. Delicately she teased his glans. Easily he spurted his load. To say he spurted would be wrong, his sperm flowed more than spurted. You could see that it was thick heavy almost gelatinous semen which pumped from his glans like a thick river. The young compere was ready for it as it flowed into the glass. Simon's penis pulsed for ever as the river slowly dried up and he almost collapsed from the effort.

"10.1 grams!" the compere shouted excitedly, the sight of Simon's spurting cock had roused her against her professional role.

I was defeated! Only second place and by a long way, but I still had my moment. Unknown to me, but known to my Mistress it is the custom that the runner-up drinks the sperm of all the other contestants, including his own and the winner's in order to encourage him to better effort next time by absorbing all their testosterone and the goodness of their semen. One by one, the young compere offered me glasses and one by one I swallowed them eagerly enjoying the varied salty tastes. I'd soon be ready for the next round!

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3 years ago
Oh, but they do Mike. My stories are fiction but are all based on fact and personal experiences.
3 years ago
What a great story. If only places like this really existed.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
3 years ago
excellent writing, was there punishment for not winning?