A Slave to the Gathering

My Mistress Cherie is in the habit of masturbating me regularly. She'll do this last thing at night before locking me away in my cage and again first thing in the morning. My cock raises to her hand expectantly each time, trained in a Pavlovain way to her demand. At times too I am wanked, or she has me wank during the daytime too. She tells me she does this to keep me docile, to reduce my maleness and increase my servility to her feminine domination. She knows too that it is good for me, good for the exercise of the muscles of my penis and the training of my balls. My testes are kept hard at work making spermatazoa and my glands busy replenishing my seminal fluid. In short she ensures that she keeps my essential maleness in fine condition. I am always kept naked too.

When this routine stops for a few days, I know that she has something planned and surely thismorning when some of her friends started arriving I realised why my wrists had been tied for the last few nights and I'd not been wanked off.

A Mistress I knew as Lisa was first to arrive and I showed her in to the lounge to join Mistress Cherie. She'd brought one of her slaves with her and I was told to take him out to the yard and chain him up. He was a weak pathetic wretch of a thing, I think Mistress Lisa likes to reduce her men to a snivelling shadow of themselves. Mistress Cherie doesn't, I'm glad to say, and keeps me in fit breeding condition.

I was instructed to bring the two Mistresses coffee and serve it as they sat at the coffee table. Of course I'd noted that Mistress Cherie had made me arrange the lounge earlier and there were many chairs brought up around the big glass-topped coffee table and so I guessed that there were to be further guests. Indeed as I placed Mistress Lisa's coffee in front of her the doorbel sounded again and I made to go to answer it only to find that I could not. Mistress Lisa's fingers had snaked around my testicles and was holding them in a firm grip. This was made easy for her as you'll note from my pictures that Mistress Cherie always kept them enclosed in a leather strap held by a padlock so that they were always on display to advertise my servility to her. Of course it made them handy to hold or to fasten me by too.

"Stay here slave." Mistress Lisa told me.

My obedience was implicit. Her firm grip gave me no choice. Mistress Cherie opened the door to her other guests and two women who I had never met were ushered into the room along with much happy feminine chatter. They greeted Lisa and one commented on her handful.

"It looks like you've got a firm grip on Cherie's slave there Lisa. It looks like he likes it too."

"Too much," said the other, "look at that erection. Give him a squeeze Lisa, remind him of his position."

I felt a pain in my balls. Lisa had complied with the suggestion. My knees weakened with the strength of her grip.

"Hey, don't damage him Lisa." my Mistress laughed, "I'll want to use him again later!"

"Are these balls full slave?" Mistress Lisa asked me.

"Three days load Lisa," Mistress Cherie answered for me, "do you want it?"

"I might," she replied, "I was thinking of having another baby soon. What is his breeding record like?"

"I'll show you his stud book later if you like. You're welcome to him anytime though. Borrow him for a while if you like." Mistress Cherie offered.

More women arrived. I recognised Mistress Jennie and Mistress Carol but not the three others who came with them. Soon there were 12 women around the table as Mistress Simone and two of her friends arrived soon after. None of the women other than Lisa had brought any of their slaves and so I was kept busy serving coffee and bringing in cake and biscuits.

Mistress Carol took my balls in her palm at one point, she caressed them gently.

"I have to congratulate Cherie on the condition of these balls. They are so lovely and smooth. that starp really shows them off." Carol commented.

"Let me look," one other the other women asked.

"Here you are Jane. Move over to Mistress Jane slave." Mistress Carol ordered me.

Mistress Jane studied my balls with professional expertise, rolling them in her fingers and probing at my seminal cords.

"Yes, pretty aren't they?" she remarked, "are they strong Cherie? Can he spurt well?"

"Oh yes, I keep him exercised like that. I heard Simone was arranging a competition soon, I might like to enter him. Is that right Simone?" my Mistress asked.

"In a week or two Cherie, yes." Mistress Simone answered, "I've got five strong contenders entered already. Let's take a look at your slave and see if he is up to standard. Tell him to wank himself for us."

"Not just yet Cherie, I think I'll take advantage of him first if you can spare him. Do you mind if I do?" Mistress Jane spoke up, still holding my balls firmly.

"Not at all Jane, why don't you use my bedroom? That is unless you want to do it right here!" my Mistress replied.

"I'm not quite ready for that yet Cherie, but thanks yes, I'll use your bedroom." Mistress Jane smiled.

She led me by the balls upstairs and shut the door of the bedroom. Sitting on the dressing stool, she bid me stand before her.

"Now slave, you are to worship me as your Mistress. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Jane." I replied meekly.

She quickly lifted her flowing skirt and removed her lacy knickers kicking them off her ankles before sitting back and spreading her legs wide.

"Kneel between my legs slave. You know what to do? You've been trained?" Mistress Jane ordered and questioned.

"Yes Mistress." I replied, "Fully trained Mistress."

I kneeled down between her legs and my head disappeared under her skirt. Excited by the scent, my penis was throbbingly erect. Following my instint, I found her warm pussy and felt her gasp as my tongue made contact with her engorged clitoris. Hungrily I lapped at it, teasing it with the tip of my tongue and occasionally licking further along the lips of her pussy to taste the sharp musky scent of her juices. Mistress Jane squirmed and moaned with pleasure at each lick. Her breath panted and her pussy lips became engorged and puffy.

"Faster, faster now slave." she demanded urgently.

My tongue darted unceasingly, for in truth I was excited by her scent and taste and wanted to feel her orgasm. Suddenly her legs clamped round my head and she pushed her cunt into my face. I heard her cry out in orgasm and held on as she racked and shuddered.

"Go slave, leave me now." she ordered when she'd recovered.

"Oh not yet slave. Stay. On your back, do it!" came another commanding voice.

It was Mistress Carol who had entered to room as Mistress Jane was finishing with me. As I lay back, she hitched her skirt up and kneeling, placed her gorgeous thighs either side of my head and sank down on me. Her vagina engulfed my face and nose and finally as she squirmed into position, her clitoris settled on my searching tongue. I knew what was expected of me although I could see nothing. The women spoke, and I could hear their muffled conversation.

"I'll have him now Jane." she said laughing, "It looks like you've had a good time."

Mistress Carol rocked back and forth on my face, pleasuring herself as Mistress Jane composed herself.

"Oooh, that's nice," Mistress Carol sighed, "I'm going to need this, I've not come for days."

"Enjoy then Carol, why you are getting flushed already."

"Stay and watch me if you like Jane, I don't mind. Mmmhh, of that hit the spot. Good boy."

"I don't think I could stand watching you scream Carol," Mistress Jane laughed, "I'll see you downstairs when you've finished with him. Cherie says to bring him down, Simone wants to check him out for her competition."

Mistress Carol didn't reply by then, she was too intent on working her vagina up and down my face. My tongue darted for her clitoris when it could but basically she was in charge of her own pleasure and the intensity of her thrusts became ever stronger. My face was wet with her juice, my palatte filled with her delicious taste. I struggled for breath, gasping when I could as she moved. She could not have cared if I breathed so intent was she on her pleasure. Suddenly she froze, her thighs clamped, her vagina bore down firmly and my airway was blocked. Then her thighs trembled and I heard her breath pant. I held on desperately as her orgasm hit her and she played out her convulsions on my face.

"Now you go slave. Go to your Mistress. She has plans for you." Mistress Carol ordered me as she stood up. She was plainly shattered but still firmly in control of me.

"Here he is," Mistress Lisa said as I returned to the gathering, "come here right now. Kneel before me."

I did so and pulling me by the ear, Mistress Lisa guided me under the folds of her skirt. I followed the musky scent, tired and tongue aching to the very root but unable to disobey or even resist the urge to lick at the core of a Mistresses being. This was my queen, my ruler, the vagina. The scent of Mistress Lisa was different, headier, muskier than Mistress Carol and Jane. I knew that this was the scent of a woman ovulating. Somehow it was heavy and overwhelming. I licked avidly.

"Hold my hand Jennie," Mistress Lisa asked her, "hold it while he licks, I'm going to come quickly today."

She bucked under my tongue, I could sense the other woman nearby and suddenly I felt my balls held in a firm grip. I gasped and paused with the sensation.

"Don't you dare stop slave." I heard Mistress Simone address me and I gathered my concentration. I'd be in real trouble if I did not give satisfaction.

Mistress Lisa was moaning gently under my tongue, and I felt another soft hand wrap around my penis masturbating me with firm strokes. i tried to concentrate on Mistress Lisa and was successful as she began to jerk at my face and I knew she was having her orgasm.

"Your sperm slave! Do you sperm now!" my Mistress Cherie's voice ordered.

I was relieved, as I had always to ask permission to release my sperm and the hand masturbating me was absolutely insistent. I would have no choice in the matter. Suddenly the warm tenseness under my testicles gripped and I knew that I was triggered. So did the female hand as I jerked in her fingers and then, with pump after pump, I unloaded spurt after spurt of my heavy semen.

"He does quite a lot Simone, doesn't he. That is just three days worth." my Mistress Cherie commented.

She was holding up a small clear glass to the light. I was kneeling free now. free of Mistress Lisa's skirt as she and Mistress Jennie collected themselves. In the glass was my pearly roe, a satisfyingly large quantity of my spermatazoa.

"Yes, quite pleasing, and it looks high quality too. Yes Cherie, we'll enter him in the competition next week." Mistress Simone agreed.

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
what happens at the competition?
3 years ago
I like his training. No doubt there will be a follow up. Thanks