My Life as a Slave - Chapter 4

At Stud

When I turned up for my appointment at the clinic on that first Friday, my balls felt pretty good. Rachel had exercised them thoroughly and fed me my zinc supplements each day, and now, three days later they were full again. They were sufficiently full that I knew that release was necessary.

I cannot adequately describe to a woman the feeling a male has when his balls are full. There is a deep seated glow in them, a silky heavy feeling, and a constant pushing demand for release that over-rides all other considerations. Women will know that a man in this state thinks with his cock, but really it is his balls. I'm not talking about the casual wank, fuck or orgasm, but the heavy insistence of a male whose balls have been brought to the peak of breeding condition and must offload his seed.

I entered the main entrance of the clinic and was greeted by Natalie behind the reception who smiled at me sweetly. She was absolutely stunning, petite with long blonde hair and a cheerful open disposition. My cock thought so too as I felt it stir.

"Hello Keith," she greeted me, "as its your first visit, let me show you where you go in future. This reception area is really for our female clients and we
don't let the males in this way."

She took me through a door and led me around a corridor to the back of the building where she showed me an altogether lower standard entrance hall with
simple waiting room chairs.

"You come in that door at your appointed time and wait here. One of the staff girls will call you in for your session then. Dr Blackwell will deal with you today as its your first donation." she told me matter of factly.

Dr Blackwell did appear shortly after that.

"Hello Keith, I'm glad you've arrived on time, but of course we expect males from Rachel's string of studs to be well behaved. Come on through Keith." she told me.

The room was warm and clean but very sparse and clinical. A low table dominated the centre and a simple chair was placed by the wall. On the table were various things you might expect; tissues, wipes, a towel and a box of disposable gloves. Other things had functions not immediately obvious such as a small box labelled "Sample Tubes type 905" for instance.

"Strip naked for me please Keith," Dr Blackwell asked me, indicating that I was to place my clothes on the chair. No privacy then, but what should I expect really.

"As its your first time here, I will extract your sperm this time Keith." Dr Blackwell told me. "So that we don't have any mishaps or misunderstandings though, I'm going to make sure your hands are out of the way. I don't expect any difficulty with you, I'm sure Rachel will have trained you properly, but some of our bigger hunkier studs can get very excited when they are erect.

She put on a single disposable glove on her left hand. "You may have some preconceived ideas of how this things work, but I need to tell you that we do not
just leave you in a room on your own with a pornographic magazine. The delivery of your sperm needs to be supervised and observed so each time you attend here you will masturbate yourself while I or one of my assistants supervises the operation.

She took a damp tissue from a box marked as antiseptic wipes and proceeded to clean my shaft with it very thoroughly. Not just the shaft but under the foreskin
and behind the crest and all of my glans until is shone wetly. This of course had the effect of stimulating me too and so my erection was rearing and surging in her hand eagerly.

"Good boy," she said soothingly as her hand rippled my foreskin causing me to rear up wildly, "now, take yourself in hand and masturbate for me now please."

I wanked briskly while Dr Blackwell extracted a sample tube from the box and uncapped it ready.

"Come along Keith, " she urged me, "I need your sperm quickly. Do you sperm for me now please. Good Boy!"

The last was because she could see I was ready, and she held the sample tube over my swollen glans right over my gaping meatus just as my balls went into spasm. Thickly, I shot my load and she caught each spurt neatly in the sample tube. Five or six powerful spurts of warm sperm hit the glass without wasting a drop. Dr. Blackwell waiting until my orgasm subsided and my penis softened slightly and then with her finger and thumb gripped me quite firmly at the root and milked my shaft of the last few drops.

"Good Boy," she repeated soothingly as she held up the tube for examination and replaced its cap. "Get dressed now please."

As I did so, I saw her weigh the tube before labeling it and make some notes on what was obviously my file. She took 15 shillings from a petty cash box to give to me with an instruction to hand this over to Rachel and to return on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock.

Thus began a phase of my life that lasted two years. I was given 15 shillings per donation, the equivalent of about £15 in today's money, which in my case I had to
hand over to my mistress. I had to present myself at the clinic twice a week, on Tuesday mornings and on Friday afternoons, and was not permitted to ejaculate at any other time. Of course for me this was easy as I had my Mistress Rachel controlling me.

I don't think that I was ever fitter than in that two years at stud. My balls were strong and my orgasms powerful and my penis always rose to erection on
demand. At masturbation times of course, I was always more than ready to ejaculate a after 3 days of build up.

At the clinic I was never attended to by Dr.Blackwell again as there was no need for her attention. One or other of the young girls that worked at the clinic would take charge of me. They were all very efficient, but being younger and with less responsibility than Dr.Blackwell would treat me a bit less informally and
mostly masturbated me themselves as they found it speeded things up. I think they all knew that I belonged to Rachel though as she was quite well known at the clinic. I was just the latest stud in her stable.

On only three occasions did I fail to make a donation. I'd been attending for about four months when Claire came in to supervise me. She'd been working at the
clinic for about two weeks and had handled me once before. The session proceeded as normal, but I could see that she had a leaflet with her as she attended to
me. As she turned it over, I saw that it had my photograph on it as well as the other pictures that had been taken when I signed on at the clinic. Claire
looked at me.

"Oh," she said, "this is your brochure you know. I suppose you haven't seen it have you? It has everything about you on here. This is what the female clients browse when they are choosing a male."

Claire wanked me in the normal way. I did not disappoint her and as she capped off my sperm, instead of putting in the rack, she placed it in her handbag
and gave me 15 shillings from her purse.

"This is for me," she smiled, "I've chosen you, but I'm not paying what they charge at this place."

I didn't see Claire again. She left the clinic right after that, and I suppose she only took the job to have access to the donor files and ultimately her chosen
donor, me.

The second occasion came after about a year and was similar in its outcome, but very different in its manner. I was attended to by Jenny who I'd only seen in passing as she'd never dealt with me before. When I was stripped, Jenny shocked me by hitching up her skirt and bending forward over the table.

"Hurry up Keith," she instructed, "come along, do it quickly before we are found out."

I looked at her naked vagina glistening at me from between her legs. Her outer lips were parted and I could see her vaginal passage opening up for me. It was a wonderful sight and so very pretty, but it was the first time that I had ever copulated. Instinct took over and when I placed my glans between her
labia, it slid into her with a slippery ease which surprised me. My hips jerked and I felt her clench tightly on my penis, squeezing it. That triggered my
orgasm right away and I grunted softly as I delivered my sperm this time safely right inside a woman.

Jenny just pulled her skirt down afterwards. I suppose she dealt with the surplus semen later.

"I'm putting you down as a 'no-show'" she told me, "they won't hold that against you for once, but I'm not paying for your donation."

As with Claire, I never saw Jenny again and I wondered how many young women took employment at the clinic for the purposes of becoming pregnant, but it only happened to me on those two visits. Of course, I had to tell Rachel what had happened and why I hadn't got her money. I think she contacted the clinic, but Jenny had already given notice.

On the third occasion I was not at the clinic and because of it had to miss my regular donation . . .

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