My Life as a Slave - Chapter 3

In Training

Well, that pretty much set the pattern of my life for the next two years. Rachel was very pleased with me when I got home that night and handed her the letter
for her that the Doctor at the clinic had given me for her. She had me stripped and standing in front of her as she read it.

"Dr Blackwell tells me that you are accepted on the clinic's stud register and compliments me on the quality of your sperm. She says that with regular controlled ejaculations and the right diet and this zinc supplement, your volume will increase too." Rachel told me.

She fondled my balls idly, rolling them in her long slim fingers and cupping them in her palms.

"Do they ache now after your orgasm?" she asked me.

"Only a little bit Mistress," I admitted.

"Hhmm," well they will strengthen with the exercise, "You will only ejaculate at the clinic, but you will masturbate every day under my supervision and I will massage them for you as you do it. I have a reputation to maintain at the clinic, I always send them the best trained sperm donors."

My balls did ache after Rachel had finished with them that evening. She encircled my sacs with her finger and thumb and gently coaxed them down and away from my
body, stretching the soft skin that contained my two hard testes so that they hung low. If she'd released them at that point, they would have swung low like two pendulum weights, but my cock stiffened alarmingly and tried to draw them back up again. Rachel was relentless though and traced the hard nuggets with her
her fingertips, squeezing and pulling them.

"Wank yourself." she ordered.

I did so gratefully, despite my big orgasm earlier, my cock was rigid and stiff from Rachel playing with my balls. The stiffness in a man's penis, the tension he
experiences at the root in his groin is the most fantastic feeling a male can have, especially when a female is the cause of it happening. I quickly felt
the basic urge to offload my sperm.

"Yes," Rachel encouraged, "yes, go on, spurt now. Quick as you can."

I did so and felt my balls jerk and jump in her firm grip as I did so. Thick white sperm flopped out in lazy spurts and I was delighted when Rachel caught it
in her free hand.

"I know you think that you are not to wank between your sessions at the clinic, and that is true, but you are not due back there until next Friday and Dr Blackwell has written to me to advise that you be thoroughly exercised up until next Tuesday. She wants that all of your donation on Friday be freshly made,
so we are going to wank you steadily for the next four days. Keep on wanking now." Rachel told me.

My penis was slackening slightly by now, but her instruction stimulated me and slowly I felt full erection returning. As I wanked, Rachel sat back and I was delighted to see her spread my recent ejaculation into both palms and slowly work it into her fingers like a hand cream.

"The best hand cream in the world she smiled at me. And there's not quite enough here, give me some more, come on, do your sperm quickly now."

I masturbated furiously now, eager to retain my stiffness and then, as I knew would happen, I felt that deep sensation that told me that my orgasm would
not be long. Six or seven strokes later and I was on the brink. Rachel held out her hand knowingly and with a further half dozen strokes I delivered another
orgasm into it. A further small puddle of white joined the rest as my balls racked with seizures and a deep ache set in.

"You're almost empty now, but thats not enough." Rachel instructed.

She worked my fresh ejaculate into her fingers in a lazy cat-like way.

"Twice more tonight I think, " she mused.

I continued wanking. My prick was no longer rock hard. Rachel made herself comfortable and turned on the TV, settling back to watch.

"Keep wanking yourself." she told me.

I stood by her chair abusing my cock. Slowly her right hand reached out and curled around my balls, fondling them. My stiffness returned, my wanking became furious as I struggled to comply with her request for more. A female had demanded my sperm and I was unable to refuse. I orgasmed. My thigh muscles trembled and
weakened and my balls jerked in her hand. Only a small bead of semen appeared which she wiped off with her thumb.

"Don't stop. One more now, then you'll be drained. Your orgasm becomes more intense as your balls empty and it will be easier for you to have another."

It wasn't that easy. I wanked for another half hour before any feeling of orgasm returned despite her constant grip on my balls, now swinging limp and loose
from their strain and from the warmth of her hand. She noticed the change in me.

"Come on then, one more time. You'll come dry this time and then you'll be empty. You can go to bed and nurse your aching testes. Then we'll start over in the

And so it was. When I came that last time, my balls writhed and every spasm was delicious agony as the intensity of the orgasm racked my body. An orgasm far
more intense than when I was delivering my full cream, an orgasm more like to those that I'd observed in Rachel when I'd licked her out. My prick jerked and
reared and my glans gaped vacantly like a dying fish struggling for air. My balls were quite empty.

Each day, Rachel made me repeat this. Each day, I wanked until I was dry. Five times on the Saturday. Six on the Sunday and seven on the Monday. I was exhausted but deeply fulfilled. On the final day of the training, I managed eight orgasms each time producing some thick white semen and only on the eighth, balls throbbing with a deep ache, did I rear wildly and produce nothing.

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Great. Would like to seee more people involved in this training
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very good