My Life as a Slave

Chapter 1
The training of a young male

"Come in young man" my new landlady greeted me at the door to her house in North London, "let me look at you properly."

I stood awkwardly in her sitting room as she walked around me and then finally sat down, still studying me intently. I had not expected this, but then I had not really known what to expect. The student lodgings bureau had given me the contact and I'd never searched for accommodation before so I accepted this minute examination.

"You seem clean and respectable enough. How old are you young man?" she asked.

"Eighteen." I replied simply.

"Now, if you are to have lodgings here, I should like that we start off on the right foot please. I only like nice polite young men as my lodgers. I am Mrs Jackson and I like my young men to call me by that name. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes Mrs Jackson."

"Now try answering my question properly and tell me exactly how old you are and how tall you are as well please." she interrogated.

"I'm eighteen and one month Mrs Jackson" I stammered and for good measure as I was so taken aback added her name a second time, "and five foot seven inches tall Mrs Jackson."

"Good lad. Just a man then, good. You may now sit." she gestured me at last with a slight smile for the first time.

And so started my residence with Mrs Jackson, my new landlady as she proceeded to tell me the rules of her house. That I would return from my studies at six each evening and no later and that I would not be late for meals. She showed me to my room which was neat and tidy but told me that I would only be allowed my books and enough clothes to fill the small wardrobe and no other possessions. As I'd been used to a regimented life as a schoolboy and I had very few clothes and no real possessions anyway, I had no idea that these
terms were in any way unusual.

"You unpack now and tidily mind!" she told me, "then as it is nearly meal time, come downstairs as quickly as you can."

"Yes Mrs Jackson." I complied.

The meal was adequate but basic. Mrs Jackson did not eat with me but left me to eat at the kitchen table while she took her meal in her dining room. Afterwards she called me through.

"As you have no studies yet, I can't have you idle. Take my plate please and clear away. Then wash up and put everything away. You can take your time and find out for yourself where everything goes, then when you have done, bring me through a cup of tea here please. Weak and milky with one sugar."

"Yes Mrs Jackson." I nodded.

When I brought her the tea, she was watching TV but she switched it off and gestured to me to put it down beside her armchair. Sipping it, she studied me again as she had on my arrival.

"Young men that stay here have to obey my rules," she explained, "I only take one young male at a time and I am very particular. You seem nicely built, perhaps a bit underdeveloped. What is your weight?"

"I'm about ten stone Mrs Jackson."

"Yes, a little slight, but no bad thing. Shall we work on your development do you think? Would you like that?"

"I suppose Mrs Jackson."

"What do you mean suppose!" she smiled, "you will study to improve your brain, why not exercise to develop your physique?"

"Yes Mrs Jackson."

"Now, that is the nicest thing you can ever say to me. Don't forget that will you. Try it again." she laughed.

"Yes Mrs Jackson." I smiled too.


The next day I went to the University for the first time and although some of my new friends seemed keen to get together and stay on in the student union, I left and returned to Mrs Jackson and this set the pattern for the week with me washing up and preparing her tea. Each evening a little questioning, but now I had studies and so was sent to my room each evening. That is until Friday night when Mrs Jackson told me that there was no need to study as I had the whole weekend in front of me.

"But I have arranged to meet up with some friends tomorrow." I explained.

Mrs Jackson looked darkly at me.

"You have arranged to meet friends, Mrs Jackson!" she snapped at me.

"Sorry Mrs Jackson, I forgot."

"Yes, and you forgot that you should ask me if you want to meet your friends," she said. "you are my responsibility while you live here and you ask my permission."

"I'm sorry Mrs Jackson, I didn't realise."

I still had no idea that this was unusual, that she was just my landlady and I could come and go as I pleased. I was still thinking as a c***d living at

"Who are these friends? Are there any girls?" she questioned.

I told her that it was just four of us and we were all male students. She told me that I could go but gave me instructions on my return. Then she returned to her theme.

"You can still study over the weekend, but I want to show you this. Follow me please young man."

I was led to a room I'd not seen before. Plain white walls and a tiled floor it contained some items of gymnasium equipment; a rowing machine and an exercise bicycle. There were various hooks on the wall too and one in the ceiling but the purpose of these was not immediately obvious. The leather whip hanging by the door was obvious though.

"This is the room where I exercise my young males," she smiled archly and laughing added, "to keep them in good condition."

I've not described Mrs Jackson until now, but perhaps I should do so now as the surroundings seem to enhance her, to make her stand out more. She was probably in her early thirties, with medium length dark hair, lovely blue eyes and now I could see, with a startlingly shapely figure.

I felt myself stiffen slightly and she spotted it immediately.

"Good boy," she breathed at me, "you like it in here don't you? I thought you would."

She stroked the back of my neck as she said this, sending a shiver up my spine. My penis erected completely, there was no hiding this from her.

"Yes, you do like it. I hoped you would from the day you arrived here, most males can be trained to it, but I could see you would be very susceptable to
domination by the female of the species."

The back of her hand brushed my fly as she spoke, causing my penis to jerk.

"A new young and powerful virile male in my power," she spoke softly and seductively, "are you ready to move onwards to the next level now my darling Keith?"

She used my name for the first time.

"Say, 'Yes Mistress Rachel', if you are ready. Thats my name for you now slave." she instructed.

"Yes Mistress Rachel." I croaked, my throat dry with excitement.

"Well then, please your new Mistress by showing her your naked body. I want to see my new possession."

I hesitated as to how to react.

"Strip! Now, immediately!" she snapped at me, an unmistakeable order.

I fumbled at by shirt buttons.

"That's better," she said more softly now, "put your clothes in a very neat pile over there. Now Keith, don't make me order you like that again will you?You'll learn to obey instantly. If I have to raise my voice to you in future, it will be followed by a stroke from this whip. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"Come along Keith, you know the correct response already don't you. What is it please?" she spoke not unkindly.

"Yes Mistress Rachel, I understand." I could barely get the words out my mouth was like cotton wool.

I was naked by this time and stood awkwardly under her gaze.

"Stand still, don't slouch or cower." she told me, "you're a fine male speciment, show it. Turn slowly please, let me see all of you."

She stopped me as I was side on to her. Her whip touched against the shaft of my erection.

"A fine penis, not large but very stiff. Quite adequate I think."

She paused and studied me intently.

"But those balls, they are really good. Very large, that's promising!" she exclaimed.

Her hand caressed my balls, her touch sensuous and soft. My balls were limp and heavy in their sacs which made it easy for her to feel them. She traced the outline of each with her fingertips and then cupped them in her palm, relieving me of their weight. All the time, my rigid penis strained and jerked with excitement.

"You are to be my slave from now on Keith, you do understand that don't you?" Rachel asked me.

"Yes Mistress Rachel, I understand." I replied.

"But do you I wonder," she asked, "you realise that all your sperm is now mine for instance. No girlfriends and no masturbation without my permission?"

"Yes Mistress Rachel."

"You will be masturbated regularly, very regularly, and you may be allowed access to other females if I arrange it. I want you to agree that you serve only me, and that you make sperm only for me."

"I agree Mistress Rachel. My sperm is yours." I offered.

"Go to the kitchen and return with a small sherry glass." she ordered me.

When I returned, Rachel was sitting on a tall stool. She looked lovely. Her command and authority was so exciting.

"Come here," she said. "Stand by me, give me the glass."

Her finger and thumb held my glans and rippled my foreskin deliciously. My balls stirred and she knew it and held the glass over me. Within moments, I felt my balls tighten and knew that normally I would have poised in my stimulation at this time to hold myself on the brink and prolong the delicious feelings that filled my loins. However, this was not to be. I was
being milked now and Rachel, my Mistress, was not concerned with my pleasure. She was concerned only to extract what was to be her sperm as quickly and
efficiently as possible, to ensure maximum yield of the thickest and most rich texture. As I passed the point of no return and my thigh muscles quivered with
the effort, I saw my penis jerk and spasm powerfully. Rachel caught it neatly in the glass and held it there as spurt after spurt of thick creamy white fluid
pumped out.

"Good boy." she praised me as she squeezed my shaft firmly to extract the last drops.

My legs were weak. A male puts so much effort into producing his sperm.

"Stay there and wait for me." she told me in no uncertain terms and holding up the glass to study it, took it away.

After what seemed to be an age she returned and patting my bottom sat once more at the stool. Idly, she fondled my testes.

"Your sperm looks excellent, very high quality. I've just studied it and you have done a high capacity and there are plenty of little swimming spermatazoa in there. I'm really pleased with you because it means that I can almost certainly put you to stud and earn some money from you." she told me.

My penis stiffened again between her fingers.

"What do you think of that slave?"

"I must do whatever you require of me Mistress." I replied. My experience had given me a better understanding of what our relationship would be like.

"Yes, that is right my boy, I'm glad you understand that, so now we are going to train you in another of your duties. You are going to learn how to pleasure
your Mistress." she masturbated me gently as she spoke.

As I stood there, she quckly unwrapped her skirt and spread it aside. She wore nothing under it and my eyes fastened instantly on the area between her legs. She spread them wide.

"On your knees before me!" she ordered.

I did as I was bid, fully erect again despite my recent orgasm.

"This is your true Mistress, slave, my pussy." she told me, "Study me carefully and listen to what you are taught."

I studied her. I could scarcely have kept my eyes from her in fact. My nose caught a soft subtle scent which roused me even more. Rachel put her hand to herself and with her long slim fingers she opened the lips which had been closed as a neat slit, revealing the structure of her inner lips and the opening of her vaginal passage.

"Lick at the opening slave, gently. Lap at the juices and taste me. Learn the taste of your Mistress so that you will know me even if you are blindfold."

I did as I was told. As I lapped at her, her juices flowed more readily as she became wetter.

"I am shaven to make it easier for my males to lick at me. You will not always find that other women that I give you to are shaven so you will need to understand where to place your tongue. Now lick softly along my
inner lips, along the whole length of my pussy. Take long slow licks with your tongue fully extended. That's right. Does your tongue ache? It should, and we
are going to exercise it every day so that it grows strong and supple."

I licked and licked at her silky juices. The taste of her filled my palate so that I could imagine no other. My tongue was on fire with the strain and ached with the effort. I knew that she was right though and the need of this regular servicing would soon tone the muscles at the root of my tongue.

"Now slave, pause for a moment and look here at this." she instructed.

Her fingers parted to apex of her pussy and revealed a small hood of flesh from which peeked a tiny little hard nubbin.

"This is my clitoris, slave. This is where you will always concentrate your effort when you lick me. You will always seek this out and lap at it gently and
persistently. Once you have started licking at it, you will never stop until I give you permission and you will lick as long as I tell you. For hours and hours if required. Stopping for fatigue is not an option for you, it is not permitted. Do you understand?" her order was very clear.

I nodded my comprehension.

"Good. Now lick at it. Yes, that's right.

The tip of my tongue found it. It was electric for me as for her and I felt her jerk in delight. It was hard under my tongue and as I licked, I flickered it from side to side, from up to down, and slowly I felt my Mistress moving herself against me too. The lips of her pussy began to swell and engorge, threatening to close in over her clitoris as her pleasure mounted but
I f***ed my tongue to stay in contact and she writhed and squirmed and her breath came in short gasps.

Suddenly she jerked hard and both her hands clamped my head close to her. She thrust against me and shrieked with ecstacy as she reached her orgasm. Jerking again and again, while she held my head clamped tightly, I fought to keep my tongue in contact with her clitoris as she shuddered out her climax.

"Keep still slave, don't move at all." she commanded.

Slowly she settled, with now and again just the slightest jerk of her hips. Then, stirring, she pushed against me once more.

"Again slave. I need another. Lick me again."

I needed no further bidding. The taste of her was so delicious, the juices of her full orgasm overlaying the earlier scent of her in heat, my senses were
swimming and my penis was at full stretch despite my own recent orgasm. I licked. Her body responded quickly this time, she was already on a high plateau
of arousal. Within minutes she was thrusting at me and gasping out her pleasure as her engorged lips threatened to engulf my tongue.

"Again, more slave. Don't you dare to stop." she ordered.

Twice more in quick succession she took her pleasure from me, each orgasm wracking her body in pleasure until she finally settled back and relaxed with a

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makes my pussy drip.... I and my master r looking 4 domination
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Excellent and very arousing tale. Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter!!
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