My Sperm is Taken

Natalie had me for the day. My Mistress Josie had loaned me to her. Josie was away on some business, I found out later that she was buying a new slave and arranging to sell me, but that is really incidental here.

Natalie had worked me all morning, she had me all around the house cleaning and polishing, and she'd been keeping her eye on me too, no slipping up allowed here. I did the work alright, or I'd be made to do it again. It was easier to obey. Around lunchtime she had me stop to prepare her a sandwich and coffee and stood me in front of her as she enjoyed her lunch.

"You'll do my washing and ironing thisafternoon, I can't have you idle. Josie is coming to collect you at four o'clock." she told me.

"You're quite nicely muscled I see, and you can keep your penis under control. I approve. Does Josie train you to do that?"

"Yes Miss Natalie, she has me work out regularly and With my duties I'm never idle." I answered her.

"I know that. I meant your penis boy, your penis! Does she train you to keep it under control?"

"Yes Miss Natalie,"I answered, thinking of all the times when an unwanted erection had been slapped down, or several f***ed masturbations had been employed to lower my libido.

"Well, erect it for me now." Natalie ordered, "I want to see your girth."

My penis rose obediently between my legs, stiffening rapidly. Natalie leaned forwards and reached out to hold me in her hand which made me jerk and firmed up my erection. She seemed to approve and fondled me carefully peeling back my foreskin and revealing my swollen glans. Her fingers rippled too and fro and as her other hand closed around my glans I knew that I had no control left,.

"Your sperm boy, release your sperm." she ordered me.

I had little choice, her hand was stimulating me to an inevitable orgasm. She was masturbating me inexorably. I was being milked but it wasn't quick enough for her.

"You're keeping me waiting!" she complained.

Not for very long though and as she spoke my testes tightened and my glans twitched in her hand and I began offloading my semen across hr fingers.

"That's better! " she sounded pleased.

I watched her as she carried all of my thick sticky sperm away and at back massaging it into her fingers and the palms and backs of her hands. My silky offering glistened and thinned as it gradually absorbed into her skin.

"Good," She commented, "good high quality semen. How long was that in the making boy? Three days?"

I confirmed that she had indeed received the product of three days labour by my testicles and told her that Josie made me orgasm regularly twice weekly.

"Good. Well back to work boy. Josie won't need to drain you tonight."
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Fucking GREAT!!!!!!