3 a day makes you tired

The look on her face is priceless and her feeble protests are useless as I guide her into the shower to kneel before her and take the shoes and stockings off before turning on the water.

Rounds two and three are coming
Round Two
As I kneel before her taking the shoes and stockings off I think to ask her what her name is I have spent the better part of the afternoon fucking and enjoying her many charms and I realize if I did ask for her name I don't remember what she said. Roseanne, and please don't call me Rosie I don't care for that.

Ok Roseanne now that your naked lets hop in the shower and get cleaned up, OK? Well she fidgets a bit and then whispers that she has to use the toliet and is embarassed by my being there. She flushes a little and doesn't meet my gaze directly. I stand and wrap my arms around her and kiss her very softly and while doing so I turn her around so she is in front of the toliet. I then let go and put my hands on her hips and push down so she sits on the seat. She is getting pretty agitated but I again reach in with my thumb under her tongue and my fingers hold her chin and tlit her head back until she is looking into my eyes and I tell her to get busy and to do it NOW. At the word now I push back on her head and make a show of looking to see if she is indeed going. I see her squirm and her little pink tongue is flickering but she cant move her head and her knees are pressing together. I put a leg in between hers and part her legs and give her head a shake to get her attention. I reach slowly down and grasp a nipple and start to tweak it and tell her that she is to do exact what I want and not to delay, I then press very hard on the nipple with my thumb nail to emphasis what a delay might mean. Tears are running down her face from the pain and the humilation but she doesn't let loose with her piss so I pull her to a standing position by her nipple and jaw. I bring my face very close to her and ask her what the problem is and let her talk even though her mouth is almost full. She stammers that she is to embarassed to go with someone watching....
Well I think I am not going to be able to fix that in one session so I reach out and click off the lights and we are plunged into darkness in the tiny bathroom. I then push down on her jaw and tell her to get it done quickly. I hear the stream start and I let go of her jaw and lean forward to plant a nice soft kiss on her lips and tell her that she is a good girl and that I really appreciate her willingness to please. I feel her reach for the paper and I grab her wrist and say no thats my job not yours. I take a few sheet and pat her dry lingering at the bottom applying pressure and softly moving the paper back and forth until I am sure its done the job.
She is gasping and reaches out to hold my shoulders almost rising out of the seat but I dont let her. I then kneel down and reach in and start to finger her pussy and asshole with she sits there. She makes small inaudible sounds that really turn me on and I quicken my pace and depth with my fingers. She is panting and leans her forehead onto my shoulder and I feel her legs part to help me gain better access.
I push in and really push hard feeling her get light on the seat and I gently tell her to stand up with my two fingers planted inside. She gets up and I just wrap my arm around her waist and pull her into me and I stand dr****g her over my shoulder. I begin it just abuse her pussy with my fingers rub her clit with my thumb. Her legs kick a little but I feel her fingernails rake my lower back and feel/hear her cries as she buries her face into my lower back. I slowly turn and walk into the shower that has by now steamed the bathroom up and let the hot water jet into her ass and wash over my hand buried in her pussy. The water just sent her over the edge and she again squirts out a huge amount of liquid, I feel it mixing with the shower water and running down my forearm.
I slowly kneel and set her feet on the floor allowing her to gain her footing and stand up on her own. All the while the shower rains down on her back and I am kneeling in front. I reach up between her legs and grab an ass cheek and pull her onto my waiting mouth and begin to eat her pussy and lick her small clit. She really only has a small button but I feel her shake every time I lick it and feel her legs get shaky as she comes again. she has to grab my head to help her stand and I believe she actually cuts my scalp with her finger nails and she grabs my short hair and vibrates during her next orgasm. She pleads for me to stop, she claims she can't breathe. I pull my tongue out but insert two fingers into her ass and push her pussy forward to rain kisses down on it. Roseanne grabs the porcelian soap dish for support and raises her leg to allow me better access and starts humming. I just take my time and begin to ream her ass with my fingers pulling them out and just plunging them back in letting her asshole pop closed and then prying them apart again and again. She d****s her raised leg over my shoulder and wraps it behind my head and just leans into me lost in some world until she just emits a small scream and almost collapses onto me.
I pull back and help steady her and stand up to hug her and plant a long slow kiss on her lips. i reach back and find the silly small bar of face soap the hotel provides and begin to wash her shoulders and back all the while kissing her lips, ears and neck. Roseannes eyes are closed and she is panting but she remains standing and has her arms wrapped around my neck.
As I rinse off her back and shoulders and draws close and whispers into my ear that she thinks it time I got cleaned up and pushes me backwards to the wall and kneels down in front of me. I offer her the bar of soap and she just smiles and begins to suck my cock and lick me clean. I let the bar slide out of my hand and wash away with the water and I lean back and enjoy her version of getting cleaned up. Roseannes ministrations get me rock hard but after a while I realize I am not going to come like this and i tell her I need her to stand up. She pouts a bit with my cock tip in between her lips and my balls in the palm of her hand but with a sly grin rocks back and almost jumps to her feet. I pull her into me and start kissing her neck as I reach down to cup her two ass cheeks and I lift her up and onto my cock and let her slide down until she is hanging there just impaled her toes unable to touch the floor and her arms pinned to her side by my grip on her ass. I lean back and just let go of her ass until nothing but cock is holding her up and she starts to twist and squirm. She grabs the back of my neck to steady herself and begins to hump me as best she can until I just can't delay and further and push another load deep inside her. She has a satisfied look on her face and she just leans forward and puts her cheek on my chest and says she loves the feel of her pussy getting stretched like this. When I feel her calm down I gently lift her off and lower her to the floor again. She stoops down getting the soap and begins to soap and scrub my cock and balls being a little rough with them in a playfull manner. I even feel her finger slip into my ass as she looks into my eyes and with a "O" on her lips she silently asks me how do I like the turnaround in ass play? I just keep staring at her and begin to once again play with those tiny breasts and abuse her wonderous nipples. I feel another two fingers slip into my ass and she then kneels down to suck on my cock as it jumps to attention. She definitly learned a thing or three from my assualt on her a few minutes ago and proceeds to pound my asshole with three fingers in and out, grinding them and twisting them really working the muscle down there. Roseanne has my cock in her mouth and three fingers feverishly working their magic on my ass so I can't say I lasted long and just groan and unload what little I had left into her waiting mouth but I pumped a long time it was just dry I guess I had drained it earlier but noone told my balls they were empty. I came so hard so long it actually hurt my balls, it was a wonderous pain deep in the sack and with her suction it felt like they were being sucked right up the cock.
I believe my little Roseanne really enjoyed herself as I opened my eyes and refocused I saw that she was flailing away at her clit still sucking my cock until she bit down and groaned a deep satisfying groan and slumped backwards against the far wall in the shower. I slumped down my wall to join her sitting on the floor and just relished the feeling of a great blow job and a mind bending orgasm.
Roseanne crawled over and curled up in my lap cupping my balls and lightly licking my cock. I sensed she was a worn out as I was and just relaxed a bit letting the hot shower rain down on my face.
When a few minutes passed I storked her head and she rolled up squinting into the falling water and told me she wanted more. There had to be more and that what ever I wanted she was willing to try it. She then said as long as it doesn't leave a mark that I can't explain to my husband is that OK?
I laughed and told her that her ass has a huge red hand print on it and that she probably had some brusies coming on her tits that will be hard to explain. But that I would try to hold off because I loved having sex with her and wanted it many more times.
We finished up soaping and exploring each other and finally stumbled out to fall into bed in a nice deep sl**p.
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