On Death's doormat!

On deaths doormat but still stiff

A few years ago I was in a serious relationship with a lady and I didn't fully understand how good she was to me and for me. She and I had met a lot of times either on her side of town or mine to have sex the only thing she could do is anal there were valid reasons for that but Tricia could more than make up for that in many ways and certainly I didn't miss it one bit. We are both married and so each time was really precious and fun. We had a few close calls, once I was just done mauling her tits in COSTCO when we rounded the corner and I was face to face with my next door neighbor. We were on the other side of town and you couldn't say surprise but man what a close call that was. Like a pro she said thanks for helping me pick this item out and have a good day as I strolled with my neighbor and shot the shit for while.

When I got back to the car she had her hand down her pants and was seriously in bliss already. When I got in the car she told me that the near miss was turning her on and fed me her fingers as proof of that. Now we are both large people, ample as they like to say in the dating sites we all frequent. So it wasn't easy to get into the floor in front of her and eat that soaked pussy until she came with a muted scream. I kept at it until she grabbed my hair and backed me off so she could catch her breath which made me feel great that I could demolish her pussy so well that she needed relief.
Well that is the nature of what we do when together and I truly thought it was special but I didn't know how special our relationship was until the chips were down.

I got a diagnosis of a heart valve replacement from my doctor. He looked at me and said what are you doing Tuesday? I knew then this wasn't an IF conversation but a when conversation. He arranged for me to check into the hospital and get the valve replaced which requires cracking the chest wide open and doing a lot of plumbing. When I woke up I was in agony and feeling pretty whipped. Now in the cardiac ward one of the things they tell you is that getting up and walking around as soon as you can is really a good thing but I was just trashed and couldn't imagine getting up for anything. Thats until my Tricia came by she waited until she saw the wife leave and dropped in to see me. She had some gifts, a book and flowers to cheer me up. Well while she was there the physical ther****t came in to attempt to coax me into a short walk and I wouldn't budge so she left telling Tricia that I have to increase my heart rate to help with my recovery, thinking that was my wife. Talk to your man and get his head straight was the advice she left with.

Tricia tried to coax me up but I claimed I was in too much pain and played the patient card. Tricia did not relent and put her hand under the sheets and told me that if I got up she would make it worth my while. Now as sick as I was and in as much pain as I was in that got my interest. I asked her what she meant and she just smiled and started stroking my little limp cock. Raking her nails from under the ball sack up to the top, touching my thighs and generally being a real slut. Now in my room there was just a curtian between the two beds so I was trying to be quiet but I also did not want this to stop either. As I got harder and harder she started to garb it and really work it like the slut she can be. I broke into the mother of all sweats, my cock just totally betrayed me and stood up like nothing else mattered and all the time Tricia just locked her eyes onto mine. With the door wide open and my roomate reading a book she was pumping my cock and massaging my nut sack making me crazy. Then she pulls her hand out and just sits back like nothing at all was going on. I lay there in a huge sweat and wonder what the fuck why did she stop and my look must have said it all. Tricia gets up and leans over carefully not to touch my chest and says into my ear if you do the threapy I will finsh what I started and more!

I stage whisper back are you nuts I cant get up now I hurt to much and I dont think I can do it. She just whacks my hard on with a pretty firm back hand and says if that works you certainly can dear, now lets get going. She jacks the bed up and helps me to stand up and off we shuffle guiding the tree with tree with the IV bottles hanging from them. Like a herd of turtles I make one circuit of the ward and make it back to bed in a sweat breathing hard like I ran a marathon. Tricia was worried that she might have pushed to far and gets a nurse who tells her I should change clothes due to the extreme amount of sweat pouring from my body but that everything is OK and all patients are like this.

Well now she swings into business and tells the nurse that she should "clean me up" and proceds to get a rag and pan to give me a sponge bath with. I tell you at the start I couldn't have given a shit about sex but at the end I was hard as a rock again. This time though she had drawn the curtain around my bed and stripped me naked to "bath" me. Man warm soapy water and a strong firm hand grip brought me back to the present and soon my cock was hard and shiny clean. I thought Tricia was just going to finish me off manually but I was surpirsed when she lifted her shirt and began to titty fuck me with her very large tits. When I was sure that things couldn't get much better she abandonded the titty fuck and just gulped my cock down and ran her tongue all around. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. My heart was pounding and pulse was racing ( I have the meter reading to prove it) and with my chest heaving it was causing me extreme pain but I just clenched my teeth and took it. I couldn't push as any movement hurt too much so I did the next best thing I put my hand on her head and pushed gently I couldn't even muster and thrust that way due to the pain it caused my chest.

Oh my god she sucked and ate that cock like I could never remember before. I am not certain how long I lasted, time has a funny way of getting away from you in these moments but it felt like forever and a few seconds at the same time. I exploded into her mouth and she never backed off even a bit just sucking and swallowing bobbing her head up and down. She then squeezed my nuts and ran her thumb up the underside of my cock milking all the cum she could and popped off the end with a smile and then opened her mouth to show me what she had collected. She rolled it around for a bit then swallowed it slowly with a big grin on her face. She then kissed my cock and patted him affectionately saying "good boy".

She had just popped her tits back into her top when the door burst open and a very worried nurse came in to check on me. We didn't know that the heartrate and other vitals were being monitored at the nurses station and evidentally I had the high score on that game for some time. Well the nurse checks me out and says that maybe Tricia should go and I needed the rest. Tricia tells me she will be back and that if the ther****t tells her that I have been cooperative she will be good to me too. The nurse is trying to get her out of the room but she leans in and kisses me good bye and just to let me know she still has a little cum she pushes it into my mouth as a parting gift. I was naked and sweaty, heart racing and in heaven. I tell you I couldn't sl**p at all but I knew I was going to get up tomorrow for that ther****t no matter how much it hurt, I was a motivated man.

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very good
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nice story