How it came about with my son: Chapter one:

How it came about with my son: Chapter One:
I had been wondering or maybe say dreaming what it would be like to have sex with a man and was afraid to answer some of the ads that I had seen. I even had an older son still at home and having sex with him even flashed through my mind now and then. He had several adult movies and I had a few of my own that he kept hidden with his so that my wife wouldn’t find them. So I knew he was sexually active, but not certain in just what way.
I was quite sure that there was something going on between him and a neighbor of ours because he would go and visit with the man a lot in the evening hours while the neighbor’s wife was at work. I had noticed that our neighbor would on occasion read over and grab my son on the tit while we were standing around talking.
Anyway one day I devised a plan that I thought might work in finding out more about my son and his sexual ways. When doing this I was thinking at the time, if he and our neighbor are involved then maybe I could also get involved with our neighbor. I never thought it would turn out the way it did.
As I mentioned earlier we knew about each other’s movies so I decided to order a sex toy and be sure that he would find it at the house one day while wife was gone. I had it laying a certain way so that I could tell if he had picked it up and later that day I saw that it had been moved. Later on that day if approached me and asked, “Is that mother’s thing I saw laying down beside the desk early?”
I told him that it wasn’t and I lied and said it was a free gift I got with the last movie that I had purchased and that it must have dropped out of the package that I had just received that morning. Then I thanked him for telling me about it before his mother found it. Then I told him, since it was free I would just try it out sometime later, then I said, “Unless you want to.” He kind of looked at me in a funny way and then said, “No you can try it.”
Few days passed and then my son asked me if I had tried out the toy yet. I told him I had tried to use it but that it was a hassle trying to use it by myself. Then he spoke up and said, “If you want I would be glad to help you out with it sometime, but it will have to be our little secret.” I was really shocked to hear him say that. I told him I would like that and went on to say that he if wanted we could do it before his mother got back home.
We went in one of the bedrooms that were close to the driveway so we would know if his mother got back early or someone else came by. I dropped my pants and pulled my shorts down some and got on the bed with my but cheeks arched so he could try and use the prostrate toy on me, that I had gotten.
Just before he tried inserting it in me he reached up and pulled my shorts down farther and my already hard cock sprung out like a rocked. He didn’t say anything, he just went about what he was doing and he slowly started pushing the vibrator into my ass. Told him several times that it was hurting and he would ease off it until he finally managed to get it all the way in and then he flipped the little switch on and it and started massaging my prostrate and the in a little while it started fucking me in the ass with it. It felt real good and after awhile I told him to stop and he pulled it out. After that I cleaned it up and asked him if he wanted to try it and he said, “Maybe another time.” End of Chapter one:

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2 years ago
on to chapter 2 you lucky sob
3 years ago
Sir, you are a sick man indeed, I like it!
4 years ago
Wow what an openning this should have gone on farther well i'll wait thanks
4 years ago
i would hope there is more to come of this.