Hard Hotel Fuck

I worked as a lawyer in a firm downtown. I'm a 48 year old married mother of 4, that's in very good shape for my age. I stand 5.7, 160lbs. nice hard body been told I could pass for 30 something, with shoulder length blonde hair. Sex in my marriage has been pretty well non existent for about 4 years and I was thinking my needs are not being met, life is too short and wanted to live out some of my fantasies. I had been chatting with this younger black man I met on a web site a couple weeks ago. We had never met but were doing a lot of dirty chat. Well on this day I said Fuck It I'm going for it and told Dion to meet me in a hotel room that I'm going to get this afternoon.

I left the office early went got a a room in this High End Hotel where I waited for him to arrive. I sat there drinking Vodka to gain some courage after about an hour there was a knock on the door I opened it to find Dion standing there. He was a large Black man 28, 6.5 about 240 lbs. shoulders as wide as a truck and dreads locks. Once in the room I poured him a drink, we sat together on the sofa. It didn't take him long his hands were on my legs we started kissing then before I knew it my skirt was up around my waist exposing my black panties, his large hands were covering every inch of my body, he started unbuttoning my blouse I was now sitting there in my Bra & Panties. Dion took off his shirt then unbuckled his pants, slid them down with his underwear, HOLY SHIT I gasped the pictures did not do justice his cock was MASSIVE about 12 in long, as round as a pop can. I dropped down to the floor grabbed it with both hands to put as much of it into my mouth as I could, I managed to get the head and maybe a couple inches into my mouth I stocked it with both hands as I started sucking I picked up the pace of my stocking and before I knew it he was cumming into my mouth he groaned as his seed started shooting out of his dick it hit the back of my throat hard, I swallowed what I could but the excess came out the sides of my mouth and flowed down my chin onto my chest.

Dion got up off the the sofa, pulled me up off the floor, took off my bra then pushed me onto the bed, where he lifted my legs to remove my panties. He then buried his face into my Hot Wet Shaved Pussy, he started licking the flowing juice from my cunt I was laying there in heaven thinking how much I missed and needed this. Dion continued to lick I could feel my orgasm building I think he could feel it too because as I started to release he stuck a finger in my ASSHOLE! That did it my orgasm took off like a rocket I was screaming, shaking, bucking like a horse, he kept licking me till I couldn't take it anymore. Dion got up came up on top of me his face was covered in my juice, he was now on top of me kissing me my juice was now covering both our faces I could taste myself all over his tongue. His cock was getting hard again as I could feel it against my belly, He looked into my eyes and said are you ready? I relied ya but you need to get a condom, he said it was hard for him to use a rubber because of his size I told him there's NO WAY he's Fucking me without one. I told him I brought some, I took one out of my purse, he somehow stretched it onto his Super Sized Cock then came back between my legs and started to feed his cock into my Wet Wanting Cunt. I asked him to take it easy I've never had such a Big Cock, he eased it in slowly it hurt like hell at first but I was so wet, I wanted it so bad I was willing to put up with a little pain, after a while the pain went down, my whole body was shivering as he kept pushing into me I never felt so full of Cock in my life. He looked down at me I could feel he had the entire length inside me now, he started pumping his cock in and out of me now, short strokes to start, the pain was now gone I could feel every inch of him inside me and I was LOVING every minute of it, I looked up at Dion and told him I'm ready FUCK me with HARD with that Big Cock, I didn't have to tell him twice, he picked up the pace I could feel his plowing his FULL GIRTH into my Cunt, I could feel his pelvis hitting mine as he thrust harder and harder. Again my orgasm took off I was bucking to meet his thrusts I could feel my juices flowing out of my hole covering his cock and the Bed Sheets, I wrapped my legs around his waist, that's when I could feel he was about to blow and blow he did he gave me a couple more hard FUCKS then I could feel his cock stiffen inside me then all of a sudden I felt his cum flowing inside my womb, he continued pumping my cunt for a few more seconds then pulled out, there was sperm everywhere, my hole, his cock the sheets. I cried OH MY GOD! what the Fuck happened, the condom he had on was broken the rubber ring was around his cock but the end was blown off. FUCK I yelled, I hope your clean I didn't plan this, he looked and said I told you it wouldn't work, don't worry I'm clean. This didn't make me feel any better but what could I do. He pulled what was left of the rubber off his cock and I went down to clean him up with my mouth. I was amazed how big he was even soft, had a hard time to believe I was taking a cock this Big inside me.

We lay in bed naked for a while had another drink, I could see Dion was getting hard again I was laying on my stomach he was rubbing my back, when he pulled me up onto my hands and knees, he wanted me doggie. I was now Face down Ass Up Dion was feeding me his Cock again but this time he didn't take his time once he had the head into my opening he SLAMMED the rest of it hard into me I Grunted as I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my Womb. He was a different man now, he got rough as he grabbed me hips and slammed his cock hard into my Wet Cunt, I asked hi to take it easy but he was having none of it, He said you wanted to be treated like a Slut well he you go. He continued Fucking me HARD I could hardly stay on my hands and knees as he continued plowing my Hole with his massive Tool. Dion had staying power now after cumming twice I again pleaded with him to take it easy, He grabbed me by the hair then Fucked my Harder Yet I started crying telling him he was hurting me but he didn't care, he just kept pumping me cunt, OH GOD OH GOD PLEASE I've had enough I yelled, he now had both hands on my hair pulling it hard my head was back his cock still hammering my cunt, then I have no idea what happened but I lost control and came harder than I came before I could feel my cunt juice flowing more and more it was going down the inside of my legs. Dion now started to slap my ASS I could feel it getting HOT as he continued slapping it hard then I could feel his cock getting harder inside me then he started to Unload his warm Seed inside me again, It felt so good I could feel it flowing deep inside my cunt, once he was done he pulled out again cum was everywhere I collapsed onto the bed, he grabbed ne flipped me around then slapped my face with his Wet Cock. Clean it up Slut he said I licked it like an Ice Cream Cone till it was nice and clean.

I lay there on my back Cum flowing out of my Cunt like a river, Dion came out of the bathroom didn't say a word as he started getting dressed I asked him f he was OK he said ya then without another word he left me alone in the room. I lay there for a while thinking MAN I've never had the Shit Fucked out of me like that before. I showered, left to go home, thinking how I would LOVE to see Dion again.
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