Lonely BBW Housewife

My story starts at home my husband and I have been married for 16 years, we're a middle class f****y with 2 k**s. I'm 46 years old stand 5.4, 240 lbs. heavy set woman that would be considered a BBW, I have a BIG ASS, BIG TITS and a Large Belly with shoulder length dirty blond mixed with grey hair! I work in a dispatch office for a trucking company in town where thing are generally very casual. It had been over a year since my husband fucked me. I guess this had just gotten very comfortable in our marriage or maybe he's found a mistress not sure. Anyways I was working an afternoon shift that runs from 5pm to 1am, I work closely with the drivers that are either picking up or dropping off loads. Things were very slow this particular night most people had gone home and I was alone in the office when this Driver came through the door. His name was Tyrone a large black man 43 about 6.4 heavy set man, he was dropping a trailer then said he was done for today, we chatted a bit while I finished up his paperwork, he told me he was taking a couple days off then he was off to California on a long haul. I said man wish I could come with you California sounds nice right about now, he said I've got lots of room in the truck for you and laughed, I said well you should show me how much room maybe I'll say Fuck It and go, laughing again. Tyrone said he'd just bought a new truck and I should come out and see it I said we'll I'm pretty well done here, give me a minute I would Love to see it.
I finished up locked everything up and went out into the yard with him. He opened up the passenger door of this shinny new Kenworth I climbed in, I was amazed at how much space there was inside the cab we stood there together in between the front seats I turned to have a look at the sl**per cab, there was a fridge, TV, Microwave and a Double Bed I bent down to to enter the sl**per when all of a sudden I felt Tyrone hands on my hips, then working their way around my waist , he started playing with my Large Tits through my blouse. I said what are you doing, he relied MAN you`ve got a FANTASTIC ASS! I didn`t know what to say, It had been so long since I`d been touched by a man. He kept feeling my tits my belly , my ass I was starting to melt it felt so good. I was still bent over when he started to unbuckle my belt then lowered my jeans he continued to massage my Ample Ass, he then removed my panties, that`s when I heard the zipper on his pants, I had my hands on the bed, bent over with my Ass up when I could feel him sliding his cock into my pussy I needed it so bad I just turned and said FUCK IT he kept easing his cock into me I could feel he was a BIG as it stretched me, he now started to pump into me It felt so good I was starting to feel my orgasm start , he continued fucking me bent over when I was shaking, he grabbed my Big Love Handles started to pick up his pace I was cumming now I could feel Tyrone plowing the full length of his cock into me, then all of a sudden I could feel his dick getting harder then it started jerking inside my cunt, that`s when I could feel him dumping his seed into me.
After a minute he pulled out of my cunt I got up turned around then dropped to my knees to clean him up. I could not believe the size of his cock it had to be at least 12 inches long and as round as a pop can. All I could think was I took all this inside me WOW! I continued sucking licking it, after I was done he took me up off my knees, lowered me onto the bed then removed my blouse and bra, I was now completely naked as he removed his shirt he stood there in front of me naked. he climbed onto the bed with me, looked into my eyes and said man you`ve got one HOT BODY, This did wonders for my Ego it had been a long time since someone had said anything like that to me. I could see he was hard again I felt so NASTY but I needed a good FUCKING, he climbed in between my legs I grabbed his cock to guide it into my wet cunt, he pushed into me I looked up at him and said please FUCK ME I want it HARD, with that he proceeded to plow my cunt with the full length of his Massive Cock. I was in heaven taking the Biggest Cock I`ve ever had he was hitting me hard I could feel his balls slamming against my Ass with every thrust, my orgasm started building again then it took over my entire body I was shaking my head back and forth Tyrone was holding me down onto the bed as I was Bucking, Shaking, Yelling OH MY GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME' I`m CUMMMMMMMMING! I lost all control as I pushed him off me then my Cunt Exploded I SQUIRTED all over covering him and his bed in my juice. This drove him completely crazy, he got back in between my legs and slammed his Dick back into me HARD, I grunted as his cock hit the back of my womb, he was now slamming me harder than ever, my FAT Tits, Belly and Legs all shaking with every thrust, I could feel he was about to cum when all of a sudden he pulled out in one swoop I almost passed out from the feeling, then he took his dick in hand and jerked it then Exploded all over my Fat Body, I`d never seen a man cum so much in my life, it just kept cumming and covered my body with his sperm. HOLY FUCK I said you`re gonna kill me!
We lay there for a while in each other`s arms his hands were all over my body playing with my FAT rubbing in his Sperm into my skin. After a while I turned to him and said I want more, Tyrone replied no problem baby, I want to Ride that Cock of yours, he got onto his back I was amazed that he was hard again ready to go, I grabbed his tool, started feeding it into my cunt as I rode on top of him. Tyrone looked up at me and said MAN BABY you`re so FUCKING HOT! Love those BIG TITS! I started to bounce up and down on his cock, Tyrone played with my Tits and Belly as I enjoyed the feel of his Cock inside me as well as his hands all over my body, I was Loving it, my orgasm started building again I kept changing my motions from up and down to a grinding motion I could tell by the look on his face he was enjoying every minute of it. His staying power was awesome now I just kept riding his cock my Fat Body Shaking after a couple minutes if this I dropped on top of him wrapped my arms around his neck as I pumped his cock with my Wet Pussy I could feel my juices flowing out of my onto his balls, then he whispered into my ear COME ON BABY FUCK that DICK I`m gonna dump a Load inside your HOT BOX! I continued my motion then got back up and started Grinding hard onto his cock, he looked up at me, said that`s it baby ride it he started playing with my Nipples and that sent me over the edge I started cumming HARD again I bounced harder on him he started to meet my thrusts with his own when all of a sudden he yelled OH MAN I`M GONNA CUM! that`s when I felt his cock jerking inside me again, Spilling his Seed into my cunt for the second time. Once we regained our senses I got off his limp cock and started to clean it with my tongue, after which we lay there for a while naked.
It was getting late and I told Tyrone I had to get going. I got out of the bed to start getting dressed he watched as I put on my Bra, panties, jeans and blouse. I thanked Tyrone and left him laying there on the bed. I could feel his cum flowing out of my cunt into my panties as I drove home, once there my husband asked why I was so late, I told him we had some problems on the dock and I had to stay back to clean them up. I took a shower and climbed into bed to have one of the best sl**ps I`d had in a while.
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2 months ago
Loved your story, thanks for sharing. Hope to see more stories from you in the future.
5 months ago
very good
6 months ago
Great story!
6 months ago
Hot story, no wonder he enjoyed that cock starved pussy. After reading this story one can get image of you that you're so hot and good in sex xx
6 months ago
I love this story, best sex when its been so long since having a good fuck and that man makes you feel so wanted
6 months ago
amazing.... sounds like he had an amazing cock.....would've loved to be sandwiched....
6 months ago
Amazing story! I really love reading about big women getting fucked good by black men.. the fatter the hotter! Good girl.. hope we hear more about your fun