Training Session gone Wild

A few weeks ago I was sent to our Head Office in Phoenix for a 1 week training session. I went down with one of my co workers, her name was Katarina, we worked in the same office. We knew each other but I wouldn't say we were close we just never really knew each other because she was older than me. I'm 25 years old, I stand 5.6 about 220 pounds with long black hair, I'm what you would call a chunky with a bit if a belly with Big Fat Tits, single and still living at home with my parents. Katarina was 44 stands 5.5 probably about 180 pounds, Red hair with nice big D cups tits. She was married with 3 k**s, she wore a Bikini in the Hot Tub and got away with it. Sharing a room in Phoenix we got to know each other better and would become friends. We weren't leaving until Saturday morning so Friday we went out for a nice dinner then went out to this bar for a couple drinks. It was a quiet place not too crowded we had a few drinks, talked and things were starting to loosen up when a couple guys came up and started chatting us up. They were construction workers Dan was 22, Big Blond guy about 6 ft. 240 pounds in very good shape. Ted was 28, 6.4 about 270 pounds carried a few extra pounds but was still very stocky and attractive. They sat with us for a while had a few more drinks, by now things were getting VERY loose, when Katarina said why don't you guys come back to our room for a Night Cap? I looked at her stunned but was willing to go along, when I drink I do get Horny. The two of them agreed and we all returned to our Hotel room together. In the cab Kat. and I sat in the back with Dan in the middle he had his hands on our legs and they were creeping up to our thighs, once at the hotel we got out they payed the cab and up we went to our room. I opened to door to the room we all stepped in then all of a sudden Kat, jumped up wrapped her arms around Dan's neck and started to kiss him hard. They moved into the room where Dan threw Kat onto the bed and started going up her shirt, he then removed it and unhooked her bra to release her tits. Ted and I stood there watching this until he started to feel my tits through my shirt I was d***k , so it didn't take long he had it off and my tits were free for him to suck. We moved over to the other bed where Dan took off his shirt and pants, he was now standing there naked, he joined me on the bed unhooked my belt, to start taking off my jeans. I looked over and Kat was now completely naked with Dan cock in her mouth she moved over to put her open pussy on Dan's face in a 69. Ted now had a couple fingers in my wet pussy, I was loving it as he started to finger fuck me with 2 fingers it didn't take long my orgasm took over my body I started shaking and cumming hard on his hand. I told him to get down I wanted to Suck his Cock Ted was about 8" long not too thick I took it into my mouth and sucked it long and slow I could tell he was enjoying this by the moans, after a few minutes of this he got up put me down spread my legs and started to push his dick into my wet cunt.
I looked over again to see Kat on her hands and knees getting pounded by Dan I could see Dan was much larger than Ted as her slammed her hard from behind, Kat's pussy was so Wet I could see her juices flowing out as his Cock moved in and out of her, then all of a sudden she started to shake, then she Groaned FUCK ME GOD FUCK ME I'm gonna CUM! With this Dan really started slamming her she was shaking Moaning and Grunting with every thrust he gave her. Then Dan's pace picked up as he started cumming he filled her cunt with his Hot Juice and when he pulled out it made a huge slurp sound, that's when he came over to our bed and stuck his Wet Dick into my mouth while Ted continued fucking my hole. He slapped his cock down on my cheek it was covered in his and Kat's cum I licked it clean then I could feel Ted start to cum himself he pounded his cock into me harder as her unloaded his sperm into my wanting cunt. After Kat regained her senses she came over to our bed and started to suck on Ted's cock cleaning our cum off it, Dan was now moving in between my legs, he put his 10 inch cock into my freshly fucked pussy, he started pumping me as I wrapped my legs around his waist, he looked into my eyes and said you like it Hard don't you I just nodded, he picked up the pace and gave me a good hard fucking. Ted came over put his cock in my mouth I wondered what Kat was up to when all of a sudden I could feel a tongue on my clit while Dan was pumping my cunt. This sent me over the edge I had a massive orgasm, kept sucking Ted then he started cumming I swallowed what I could the rest just flowed out down my face, Dan stopped flipped me over onto my side lifted my leg up then put his cock back inside my cunt, he continued to fuck me kat and Ted moved over to the other bed where she got him hard again, then got on top of him to ride him she was going to town on him, he grabbed her chunky hips, played with her tits until she came again, she was now grinding him and that when Ted lost control again and unloaded his cum into her Hot Hole. Dan was still pounding me in the sideways position when he flipped me onto my back he then slammed his dick back into me hard he looked into my eyes again an said OK this time you're getting it all he fucked me harder than I'd ever been fucked before I started cumming harder and harder screaming moaning shaking my pussy was flowing like a river I could feel the juices all between my legs and down the crack of my ass, I had lost all control when I heard Dan cry out HOLY FUCK! I'm gonna CUM!!! and he did I could feel his cum hitting the back of my womb flowing into and out of me, this guy had the biggest loads I've ever experienced. Once done he pulled out his dick Kat came over and cleaned it up with her mouth, Dan just looked up and said MAN you two are some HOT BITCHES.
The two guys then got up dressed and left, I looked at Katarina and said what the hell just happened there? She just looked at me smiled and said that was FUN! We went back home and work never to talk about it again we did however become much closer friends.
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