After the Bathroom!

I was out one afternoon running errands when I ran into Darnell at the d**g store. He kind of caught me by surprise and things were a little awkward as we talked. I have to admit I was Wet thinking of a couple weeks ago when Darnell fucked me on the Bathroom floor at the party. We walked out together, continued to chat as we stood outside the store. He told me the wife and k**s had left to visit her mother and he was alone at home for a couple days. He then asked if I wanted to come over for a drink. I knew he wanted more than just a drink but after that night in the bathroom I wanted more of that BBC. I agreed to go home with him for a drink but only a drink and with that I followed him to his house. Once inside Darnell mixed us a couple drinks and sat down beside me on the couch, he didn't take very long he had his arm around me and next thing I knew we were kissing, his hands were all over my Large Tits. He then lowered my tank top to release them, he continued to massage them then pulled and sucked my nipples they were so hard now and I was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Darnell pulled off his shirt then loosened his pants I jumped down, pulled his massive cock out and sucked on it like a dirty slut. Things started getting rough now as he grabbed the back of my head, pumping my mouth I started gagging he didn't stop just said that's it baby SUCK my COCK you have a great mouth. After a bit he got up as I moved to my knees to continue sucking him off, I pulled away looked up at him and said USE ME LIKE A DIRTY WHORE! I want you to FUCK the shit out of me I want it HARD & ROUGH! He didn't say a word, grabbed my hair to lift me up off my knees,lifted my tank top off to have me just standing there in my short denim skirt. So you want it ROUGH HUH? Don't know what came over me I just looked up to say YES FUCK USE me, He turned me around bent me over the arm of the sofa then pulled off my blue thong, then fingered my cunt HOLY SHIT he said you're so Fucking Wet, I relied I'm waiting for that Big Cock to be inside me! Darnell grabbed my ass spread it open I could feel my juices running out of my pussy as I buried my head into the cushion of the sofa I could feel the head of his cock entering my hole then he started pumping my cunt I felt so full I had forgot how big he was as he continued fucking me. after a while he started to pick up the pace then all of sudden started slapping my Ass harder and harder I could feel my cheeks heating up then as I start to cum I could feel him inserting a finger into my Ass Hole that sent me over the edge, as my whole body started to convulse I was shaking, bucking, as he continued plowing my pussy harder and harder, he grabbed my hair again then said take that you FUCKING WHORE he was fucking me harder now than I've ever been fucked before I could feel his pelvis slamming into my backside taking the full length of his dick into my cunt! He had both hands on my hair pulling my head back then I could feel his cock getting harder inside me, he then yelled take that Bitch I'm CUMMING, as he unloaded is warm man juice deep inside my body. After his orgasm subsided he let go of my hair I dropped face down back onto the sofa he then pulled out his limp cock out of my hole I could feel all the juices flowing out of my cunt down the inside of my legs. HOLY SHIT he said man you're a lot of FUN! I was still face down ass up breathing hard, you're not so bad yourself I replied. Darnell sat down I got up off the couch to get between his legs to clean all the juice off his magnificent cock, I grabbed the base to lick all the gleaming cum of it like a lolly pop. I couldn't believe it but as I did this he started getting hard again, after he was good and hard I got up took off my bunched up skirt then jumped up on top of him, I looked into his eyes, said I'm not done yet I grabbed his cock, then proceeded to insert it back into my cunt, he played with my tits as I bounced up and down on him he was pinching my nipples and this was getting me very aroused, I could feel another orgasm building, I changed my motion from bouncing to grinding I could feel his cock swirling inside me when I did this, I never felt anything like this before, all of a sudden I felt something build inside me I just knew I had to get off him as my orgasm took over my body, I lifted myself off his dick then exploded all over him and the sofa, didn't know what happened but then figured out I had Squirted for the first time in my life. We were both soaking wet my eyes were as big as saucers I thought I would pass out from the feeling! I looked at Darnell to say sorry he just said man don't be sorry just get back on I want to finish, with that I re mounted his dick to resume my ride again didn't take long he grabbed my hips, lifted me on and off his cock as he met me with his own thrusts, this went on for a few minutes then he threw me off him and onto the floor on my hands and knees, Darnell got off the sofa to get behind me I thought he wanted to do me doggy but he had other ideas, as he scooped some of our juices from my cunt, to lube my ASS HOLE, he smeared my anus then fingered it with 1 then 2 fingers, I turned to him said I can't take you in my ASS you'll tear me apart, he looked down no worries he said I'll take it easy on you, he then started to guide his cock slowly into my ASS It hurt like hell at first I started to pull away then he grabbed my hips so I couldn't get away he continued to ease into my I protested but he was having none of it after a bit the pain started to ease and pleasure was actually taking over, he then said that's BITCH it's all in! Holy Shit I replied please take it easy I need to go home after, he started pumping my Ass nice and Slow it actually felt good, as he started to pick up the pace moving his dick in faster and faster, he then got up on his feet to give me a good old prison style FUCK! He started really giving it to me now driving his full length into my Ass Hole, he reached around to start fingering my cunt while he plowed my ASS I was so wet, I felt so SLUTTY bent over my Tits swaying as I was getting my ass FUCKED with BBC while he fingers my Wet Cunt. I could sense his orgasm coming on as his pace picked up then all of a sudden he groaned and pushed hard into my ass, I could feel his cum flowing into my Rectum his cock jerking inside me with his typical hard orgasm. After a while he pulled out of me then I collapsed onto the floor with cum flowing from my CUNT and ASS. Darnell got up sat on the couch to have a sip of his drink, I got myself together put on my thong, tank top and skirt I looked at Darnell said I had a great time but I need to get home, He thanked me, said I was welcome to come by anytime I want, I said ya I'm sure the wife would LOVE that! I had trouble walking as I left to drive home, I could feel his sperm flowing out of my Pussy and Ass all the way home once home I showered then lay down for a sl**p.

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