Neighbor's Slut Wife!

We live in a neighborhood where the houses are very close together I can see directly into my next door neighbor's living room. I came home from work early one day and could hear moaning and screaming coming from next door. I knew the noise was not from pain but pleasure! I walked in between the houses to find an open basement window, I looked in to see my neighbor's wife Janice naked on a couch getting fucked hard by this older guy. Janice was 34 about 5.5 tall chunky but not fat, nice plump ass and big fat tits, long shoulder length dirt blond hair. Not a beauty queen but very fuckable. She was on her back legs spread and getting Fucked Hard by this guy who looked much older the her. She was really getting into it and this guy knew what he was doing, I watched as he pounded her he face was contorted she was cumming hard. He pulled out of her grabbed her by the hair, to throw her onto the floor where he proceeded to get behind her and slammed his cock back into her wet hole. Janice started really getting nasty screaming things like FUCK ME LIKE A DOG! GIVE IT TO ME HARDER HARDER COME ON MAN I NEED YOUR COCK! I watched as he pounded her form behind with her Tits & Ass jiggling, shaking Janice went into another series of orgasms she buried her face into the carpet and started grunting as this guy hit her as hard as he could, she was so wet I could hear her pussy making wet noises. By this time I was Hard as Rock, I took my cock out of my pants, to stroke it as I watched the show. The guy pulled out grabbed her again took back over to the couch, bent her over the arm them pushed his dick into her Asshole, Janice yelled as her started fucking her Ass HOLY SHIT she scowled MAN you`re going to Kill ME, he just kept pumping her ass I couldn`t believe his staying power but I`m guessing I missed half the show! Janice just continued with the swearing he started slapping her ass making jiggle, then said Man you`ve got one Great Ass you Fucking Dirty Slut! Janice then turned, said ya I`m a Dirty Cock Loving Slut give me your dick I want it HARD in my ASS! With that he continued slamming it then all of a sudden I could see he was ready to blow he pulled it out of her Ass grabbed her by the hair again and drove her down to her knees, ripped off the condom he had on, then roughly slammed his cock into her mouth Janice greedily sucked it then he yelled that`s it Baby Suck it he was now plowing her mouth with his hands on both side of her head pulling her hair, MAN I could not believe how Janice was taking so easily, all of a sudden he started to cum and blasted his load into her mouth, She couldn`t take all his cum it came out the sides of her mouth and onto her beautiful tits. He let go of her hair pulled his limp dick out of her mouth, grabbed a tissue and cleaned himself up. By this time Janice was laying on the carpet covered in his sperm. I though I better get out of there before the realize the window is open and find me standing there with my cock in my hand. I watched as the guy left the back door walked up the street to his car, never did find out who he was and never looked at my neighbors wife the same again.
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