Fat Girl Love to Fuck!

We had a temporary receptionist at work that was covering for a maternity leave. He name was Mandy and she was a BBW in every sense of the word. She was 24 about 5.7, long blondish hair, very cute face with a big belly and massive tits. Id gotten quite friendly with her over the past couple weeks and found she was very pleasant, she seemed very innocent. One Friday I was leaving for the weekend and found her packing up the front desk for the weekend. I stopped said have a good weekend she said you too see you Monday. We left together she started walking to the bus stop up the road, I asked her if she wanted a lift home, she said sure beats the bus ride any day! Mandy lived in a small apartment building across town I drove in the front and she asked if I wanted to come up for a beer, I relied sure what the hell. Once in her apartment I sat down on the couch, she got us a beer and sat next to me. We talked for a while, had another beer, then Mandy turned to me and put her hand on my crotch and said I'm so Horny been a while how about we Fuck? Shocked I looked at her while she rubbed my dick through my pants, I'd never fucked a Big Girl like her but hey she wants it who am I to say no. I grabbed her Huge Tits, massaged them through her shirt, we started kissing at this point, she unzipped my jeans to release my hard cock. GOD she said, I need this soooo Bad, been a long time since I've had some cock. She stocked it, put it in her mouth and started sucking it for all she was worth, she pumped it, spit on it, I could feel myself losing control and yelled OH MANDY I'm gonna CUM, then the next thing I knew I was cumming in her mouth, she kept my dick in her mouth and pumped it till she drained all the man seed out of it. After I was done Mandy got up and started getting undressed, she took off her shirt and Bra to release the biggest Tits I've ever seen they were Fat and Sagged but I wanted them so bad, she removed her jeans, left her black panties on, they were nothing sexy just very large! She walked towards me, I grabbed her panties and lowered then to find a Big Fat Shaved Pussy, I could smell her she was wet and ready to take my cock. I put a couple finger into her cunt, she moaned, then lay down on the couch with her Huge Legs spread as wide as she could, I climbed in between them, then asked her if she had a condom, she replied no I don't I'm on Birth Control and I'm clean come on she begged please don't stop now I need a Good Fucking. With that said I started feeding my cock into her Fat Wet Hole, MAN it was so hot I could feel every inch as it went into her, then when I had my all completely into her she Yelled OK FUCK ME! HARD! I Need it so Bad! I started pumping her cunt slow at first then picked up the pace she just looked at me telling me to FUCK HER HARD, I started slamming her cunt as hard as I could, she was shaking underneath me, her tits and fat belly were like jello the harder I pounded the more it was shaking. Mandy then said I feel it you're in the spot I feel it! OH GOD I"M CUMMING!!! she started convulsing her entire body jiggling and shaking she started falling off the couch, her head and shoulders were on the floor with her ass still on the couch with me Fucking her cunt. I could feel myself losing control again, in a moment of reason thinking to myself I don't want to get this FAT SLUT knocked up. I could feel my cock getting harder and was ready to blow I pulled out, blew my load all over her Belly and Tits, Mandy was loving every minute of it as she rubbed it all over herself. I feel back onto the couch spent watching Mandy laying on the floor in front of me covered in my sperm.
All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, Mandy got up looked through the peep hole then opened it while standing there Naked. Looked over to see this Big Black man walk in she introduced him to me as Caleb, he came in said look like you guys are having fun! Mandy replied Ya join us, I need some really good fucking! Mandy then dropped to her knees, pulled out Caleb's cock, man it was HUGE at least 10", as round as a pop can. She took as much of it as she could into her mouth Caleb looked at me and said Hey Man this FAT SLUT LOVES to be used so let get to it. WOW I thought, so much for her innocence, I got up off the couch positioned myself behind her and fingered her cunt it was so wet now, I was hard again, ready for what ever was gonna happen, Caleb pulled her mouth off his dick bent her over and inserted in Massive Black Cock into Mandy I sat there and watched in amazement as his dick entered her wet hole till it was fully inside her womb. Mandy was shaking on her hands and knees, he fucked her hard slamming his cock into her cunt, She was moaning as her just kept going, he grabbed her hips and really started fucking her I could hear her pussy squishing and her juices flowing out all over the floor. He then stopped and flipped her over onto her back then slammed his cock back into her Mandy Grunted as Caleb's dick bottomed out into her. I jumped on top of her put my cock between her Big Tits and started tit fucking her, she started losing control again and was shaking hard under us, we both pumped her hard and I could tell Caleb was about to lose control, Mandy started Yelling OHHHHHHHHH GOD! I'm CUMMING! then I could feel Caleb starting to unload inside her, he pumped her harder, pumping his Cum deep into Mandy's Cunt! It didn't take long I started cumming and blew my load all over Mandy's Face and Tits. I got off her sat down beside her on the floor, What I sight she was laying there covered in my cum and Caleb's flowing out of her pussy.
We ended up taking her into her bedroom and Fucked her a couple more hours I ended up leaving there around 3am Driving home thinking MAN Fat Girls are Fun!

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