Fucking my Buddy's Mom

I'm a 19 year old guy that has been friends with my buddy Jim since we were k**s. We grew up together and I knew the whole f****y well. Jim's s****r was getting married and I was invited to the wedding, the date I had lined up ended up backing out on me at the last minute so I asked Ron my room mate If he was interested in going with me. I told him hey a wedding, shitty dinner open bar and a room full of d***k single women! We ended up going together,had a really good time Ron ended up dancing and spending most of the evening with Anne who was Jim's aunt. Anne was 52 from Arizona she had a really good body for a woman her age, she looked really Hot in her teal dress and she really took a liking to Ron. As things wound down Anne asked us back to her hotel room for drinks I didn't really want to go but Ron said come on man couple drinks it's still early, we ended up there what I didn't know was that much of the f****y was staying in that hotel including Jim's mom & dad. We ended up in the room with Anne when someone knocked on the door it was Andrea Jim's mom coming over to see her s****r. I've known Andrea since I was a young boy growing up with Jim, she came in and joined us for a drink I could tell she was pretty d***k by the way she was walking and talking, she complained that her husband was a d***ken idiot he got back to the room and passed out cold, then I noticed Ron and Anne were getting really friendly sitting on the edge on the bed, they were kissing, he had his hands all over her feeling her tit's, ass, then started lifting off her dress. I was sitting on the other bed with Andrea watching all this when all of a sudden Andrea started to run her finger through my hair, then started kissing me hard, we had our tongues in each other's mouths, I was licking, biting her neck. I looked over to see Ron now had Anne in her Bra & Panties man she was HOT for a 52 year old woman, he was naked with his cock in her mouth now, I turned to Andrea, she was dropping the top of her dress to reveal her beautiful Big Tits. I looked her in the eyes to said are you sure you want to do this? I felt weird but was very horny now, I was up for it, she relied please don't make me think about this I want to Fuck I'm so Horny! With that we started kissing again and we both got naked, Andrea was younger than her s****r, her body was in good shape for a woman who is 47 and had 3 k**s she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a vacuum it took me all but 2 minutes I was cumming, she swallowed it all up. Once I was spent she came up beside me and said hope you have another I need to get Fucked, she started touching and rubbing me, I looked over to see Ron now had Anne on her hands and knees and was plowing her cunt hard, she was moaning grunting with each thrust, this got me going again and next thing I knew Andrea had my dick back in her mouth. I was hard again she stopped grabbed my cock then got on top of me to sit on it MAN her pussy was Hot and Wet. Andrea started ridding me, I looked up at her as she bounced up and down on my cock, her tits, belly and long blond hair all shaking, I played with her tit's for a while then put my hands on her shoulder to push her as I met each of her thrusts. I fucked her as hard as I could, she started cumming, shaking like a leaf he whole body was jiggling, her eyes rolled back into her head then she collapsed on top of me, still shaking I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter her juice was flowing on my dick and balls. I pushed her off me, turned around grabbed her legs, puller her towards me then slammed my cock back inside her cunt. She let out a loud grunt then said OH MY GOD! FUCK ME! I was now plowing her hole violently my balls were hitting her ass as I fucked her harder than I've ever fucked before, she started cumming again I could feel her getting wetter, her pussy was making all kinds of squishy noise then I could feel my balls tighten I knew I was going to cum, I plowed her cunt harder then started to unload my cum into her pussy she wrapped her legs around me and held me in while I cumming. I pulled out of her and a flow of sex juice came out of her hole onto the sheets. I turned to see Ron & Anne laying there smiling as they watched the whole episode. Andrea's breathing slowed she got up, started getting dressed, I love a naked woman but I have this thing about watching a woman get dressed after Sex. She looked at us then said you guys have a good night I'll see you later and left the room.
The rest of the night was spent with Ron and I fucking Anne together, we fucked her like a whore and she was loving every minute of it.
I did fuck Andrea again watch for that story coming soon.
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9 months ago
Great story I enjoyed reading it.
10 months ago
Perfect end to a wedding.
10 months ago
10 months ago
10 months ago
10 months ago
HOT Thanks for the posting