Vacation Gangbang for Mom

This is a story about something that happened to me on a vacation in Florida last year. My hubby and I took the k**s on a Florida holiday and did the usual tourist things for most of the trip. One of the plans was for my husbands and our 3 boys to go fishing for a day. I'm not a fisher person so I decided to stay at the hotel and sit around the pool to relax. The plan was for them to be gone all day and not be back till after 8 pm so I had all day to myself. I'm 45 stand 5.7 about 220 Lbs. Long hair Fat tits and Ass, would describe me as curvy in good places. They left the room early in the morning I got up around 10 am had breakfast put on my 1 piece no so sexy bathing suit and headed for the pool It was a beautiful day out very hot and sunny, the pool was not that busy I got myself a chair and settled in for the day. There were a group of young men next to me 3 boys and a girl I had seen them a few times during our week in the hotel and they seem like an OK bunch. They were by the pool drinking beer having a good time. After a wile I decided to take a dip in the pool I got out of my chair jumped into the water it felt so good, I swam a round a bit then one of the boys came up beside me and started some small talk, asked where I was from and so on. He asked if I wanted a beer and I said sure. I sat with the 4 of them on the edge of the pool for a couple hours enjoying a few drinks, they were good people much younger than me I could have been their mother! We had a good time I told them I had to go they asked me if I was interested in coming back to their room to smoke a joint, I have no idea where this came from but I said sure my husband and I smoke pot on occasion so it wasn't new to me we headed to their room, once there Dan poured us a drink of Rum and rolled a joint we smoked it passing it between us. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with Tina, I asked her if one of the guys was her Boyfriend she relied no we're just all very good friends. I was getting a little tipsy and was now stoned, Tina went to the bathroom and Jeff took her place beside me on the edge of the bed. He put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it I looked at him, he said you have very nice tits! I would really like to see and play with them. I turned to him and said well It's a little crowded in here isn't it? He said not really we all share here, with that he started playing with my tits and to my surprise he dropped the top of my suit to reveal them to all. Tina came out to find me with my tits out and Jeff's hands and mouth all over them. She said oh cool Colleen is gonna party with us. She came over and started licking them with Jeff, Dan and Dave the other 2 were there watching this all happen then came over and put their hands on me as well, before I knew it these 4 youngsters had me naked and on the bed. Things were getting out of hand now 5 of us naked on the bed hands were covering my body, one of the boys started playing with my pussy and Dan put his cock in my mouth I took it and sucked it then I could feel one of them licking my pussy I looked down to see it was Tina, she knew exactly what she was doing this was so unreal my mind was reeling thinking what the hell am I doing in this room I'm naked and about to get Fucked by 3 guys and a girl, I'm old enough to be their mother. Dan took the lead and fed his cock into my cunt then Jeff came and put his in my mouth, As Dan pumped my hole I sucked greedily on Jeff, it must have been good because before I knew it he was cumming in my mouth. I looked over to see Tina on the other bed getting fucked by Dave, I looked up at Dan he was pounding my cunt really hard now I said come on give it to me Fuck me Hard with that Big Cock of yours and he did he just kept going he had some major staying power, next thing I knew Dave jumped on top of me and started Fucking my Tits, his cock was covered in Tina's Pussy Juice and he was sliding it between my tits good and hard till he blew his load all over them and my face. I felt like a dirty slut but was loving every minute of it. Dan was still pounding my Hole through this, I could tell he was close his face started to change and his eyes were rolling back into his head then all of a sudden he grunted and thrust hard into my cunt and yelled I'm cumming and he did he unloaded his seed into my Hot Eager Cunt. He got off me then I couldn't believe it Jeff came in between my legs and said my turn. Jeff rammed his cock into my hole and went to town he fucked me, for a while then pulled out flipped me over I was now on my hands and knees getting it from the back he was slapping my Big Ass as he fucked me I could feel my fat belly and tits jiggling as he pounded me Tina came up looked at me and said come on baby let it go Cum for me she started kissing me I never kissed a woman before I was looking her in the eye when all of a sudden she let out a groan it was Dave ramming his dick into her from behind now we were both full of Cock. The boys fucked us both pumping our cunts hard their itch was gone now because they had big staying power they fucked like porn stars. It felt so good I was cumming like crazy this went on for a couple hours, I've never been fucked like that in my life. When one was done another would take his place! Finally they were done I lay there on the bed cum flowing out of my cunt. I got up started to get my bathing suit back on and headed back to my room. I said goodbye and left the 4 of them.
Back in my room I showered got cleaned up and went to sl**p. Thinking what an unbelievable day I had those 4 knew how to fuck and fuck properly.
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Love it,,,the spontanious, unexpected sessions are always the best
9 months ago
Good story!! Nice way to vacation.
9 months ago
Good story!
9 months ago
nice story! you could hve expanded on it and made it better though :)
9 months ago
9 months ago
9 months ago
good one!!