Computer Girl BBC (Part2)

This part of my story is what happened the rest of the week working with Shane. I got out of bed on Thursday morning my mind still reeling from what happened last night in Shane's hotel room. The guilt was racking me as my husband I were getting ready for work, but on the other hand I was so worked up thinking about how I had never been Fucked the way Shane fucked me. I was always a believer that size doesn't matter but was now finding that maybe it does! I picked up Shane at the hotel he got into the car said good morning and I replied the same. As we drove Shane spoke up and said I really have to say sorry for last night I said to him please don't worry I was as guilty as him in the whole affair. We got into work, not much was said during the entire morning and come lunch time I went to Shane and asked him if we could go somewhere to talk. We got into my minivan and went to a mall parking lot where we talked together I told Shane about the guilt I was feeling that I had never cheated on my husband before but at the same time never had I felt the way he made me feel last night. The next thing I knew I jumped out of my seat over to the passenger seat and was kissing him again he looked into my eyes and asked are you sure about this? To my own amazement I said PLEASE FUCK ME with that BIG COCK again! we moved to the back of the van where he lifted up my skirt, took of my panties, pulled out his cock and put it between my legs. I was like a Bitch in Heat I told to stop teasing put that cock inside me and Fuck me Hard. With that he inserted his massive tool in one hard push, I grunted and almost passed out as he started pumping my cunt with long hard strokes, I was meeting his strokes bucking like a horse. I looked into his eyes he looked down at me and said I'm gonna cum! I wrapped my legs around him to hold him as he tried to pull out I just screamed pump me I want to feel your Hot Cum inside me all of I sudden I felt his cock stiffen and before I knew it he was filling me again with him seed. Once we came down we got dressed and headed back to work.
The afternoon went a lot better we talked and I could feel Shane's Cum leaking out of my pussy into my panties. About 5 pm I said well It's time to get out of here, I drove Shane back to his hotel but this time I parked, he asked what's up I said your cock I hope I want more! We went up back into his room where once through the door we both got naked and onto the bed where I started to suck his cock, it tasted so good I slurped and sucked till he was good and hard. I then got up on top of his and said my turn I want to ride you. I grabbed him put it at the opening of my cunt and just sat on it in one full swoop! MAN did that feel good inside me I sat there for a minute just enjoying how full I felt them started to hump it nice and slow at first then picked up the pace moving back and forth up and down I was having a Great Time! I looked down at Shane and said OH MY GOD I Love Fucking you, I'm such a fucking little slut! looking up at me he said YA BABY! Love your smoking hot body. I could feel my Phat Tits and Belly shaking as I bounced on his Massive Dick he grabbed my Tits, played with them and that sent me over the edge I started cumming and shaking, I guess it was too much for him as I could feel him unloading inside me again. I sat there for a minute felling his cum flowing out of me again this time all over him. I could feel him softening inside me then got off his dick slipped out and fell I looked down to see it there covered in our juices I went down and cleaned him up with my mouth and tongue. I told him I need to get home I'll see you early in the morning I got dressed and left for home!
Friday was Shane's last day in town we fucked morning in his room before work then at lunch in the van and we worked late to get everything done Friday night! NOT! Spent 3 hours in his room fucking me every way he could. I told my husband I was driving Shane to the Airport on Saturday morning his flight was at 11:30am but I told him it was 8:00 am and we Fucked again!
Once Shane left things got back to normal at home I was very worried about the all unprotected sex but after a couple weeks I wasn't pregnant so seems I got away free and clear.
Things didn't end there watch for part 3 of my story things get even HOTTER!

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10 months ago
busted real hard reading this.