Computer Girl BBC (Part1)

I work in the IT Dept for a large distribution firm in the mid west. I guess you can call me sort of a computer geek! I'm a 33 year old married mother of 2, I stand 5.5 shoulder length brown hair and a body that could be described as chunky. The company had just installed a new operating system and I was heading up the implementation of the system. It was long hours of work but I was well payed for it. The company that sold us the system sent down an expert from their California office to help with the set up. He flew in late Sunday night and I picked him up on Monday morning at his hotel. I had talked to Shane by phone many times working with him but I had never met him in person. I drove up to the hotel and he came out, got in the car and said hi Lindsay. Man I had no idea what he looked like, he was 24 year old black guy about 6.4 and very muscular build. We worked together Monday, Tuesday and were running behind so we stayed late on Wednesday to catch up. Around 7 we decided to head out and Shane asked me if I would be interested in having dinner. I said let me call home to see what's going on with the k**s. My husband said all was good k**s were going to bed soon, I told him I wouldn't be late I'll see him soon. We had dinner in the Restaurant in Shane's hotel, then he asked me to come up to his room for a drink. I said it's getting late and I should head home, it's only a drink e said It's lonely on the road and it's nice to have someone to talk to. I have No Idea why but I agreed to join him for a drink so we went into the elevator and up to his room. Once in the room I sat down on the couch and he brought us a drink, we talked a little about work and a little about our personal lives. After a while I said I really needs to get going Shane put his hand on my leg come over and Kissed me, before I knew it we had each others tongues in our mouths. Shane started to feel me up from my hips to my tits, I said again I can't do this Shane I need to get going, He didn't say a word just kept touching me all over and that was just getting me Hotter and Hotter, by this time he had lifted my shirt off and was proceeding to remove my Bra then started sucking on my Tits this drove me over the edge, he could do anything he wants to me now! He got me up off the couch started kissing me again as we kissed he removed his pants to release the biggest cock I've ever seen in my life, it was at least 10" long and 4 " round. I got down on my knees and put as much of it as I could into my mouth I was sucking licking it I could see he was enjoying it and before I knew it he was cumming unloading his seed into my mouth and down my throat I couldn't swallow it fast enough and the excess spilled out onto my Big Tits. At this point I thought OK a Blow Job I can get out of here but Shane had other ideas, He grabbed me stood me up and started taking of my pants, I again protested but he just continued till I was standing in from of him totally naked, he turned be around and bent me over the bed, he started fingering my Wet Pussy and again that put me over the edge He then got me on my hands and knees on the bed and started putting his cock into my Hot Wet Cunt, inch by inch he eased it into me until finally had the whole length inside me. I've never felt so full in my life I asked him to take it easy, he said no worries Lindsay It's all good, with that he started to pump his cock in and out as I got wetter he pumped faster and faster and before I knew it I was cumming so hard I almost pasted out my whole body started shaking my juices were flowing so much I could feel it running down the inside of my legs down to my knees and onto the bed. Shane started slowing his pace grabbed my hips and flipped my around onto my back, his cock Never left my pussy through the whole flip. I could now see this young black guy as he pounded the hell out of my pussy, he started again picking up the pace I looked up at him and don't know what came over me but I yelled Fuck me Hard with that Big Black Cock! He didn't have to hear that twice he Fucked me like he was on a mission I wrapped my legs around him and he came down on top of me and just kept going I could tell he was going to cum again told him to please don't cum inside me I'm not on birth control, he didn't say anything just kept pounding me. After what seemed like an hour I could feel him getting harder inside my cunt then all I could feel was his warm cum flowing inside me. After he was spent he got off me, OH MY GOD! What did you do, I told you I'm not on birth control. I could feel his seed flowing out of my pussy thinking this is not good we've been trying to have another c***d. Shane just looked at me and said I'm sorry Lindsay but it felt so good I just couldn't control myself. I got dressed and left all the way home thinking about what had just happened I might be in so much trouble but at the same time thinking WOW I've never been Fucked like that before.
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