Double BBC out of Town!

This story is about something that happened to me while away on a buisiness trip. I'm a married 38 year old mother that travels on occasion for buisiness. While on a trip to Indianapolis I was snowed in with no hope of leaving that night to get home. With my return flight booked for the next day I checked into a hotel near the airport. Still dressed in my short blue dress I went down to the bar to get something to eat and maybe a couple drinks before bed. While sitting at the bar downstairs a couple young black men came in sat down beside me and started up a conversation. They introduced themselves as Tyrell and Kevin both were in their mid 20's and very well built. After a few too many drinks and lots of talk I was starting to loosen up a bit. The two of them got closer and Kevin started feeling my leg with his big strong hand. A bolt of electricity went though me and I was feeling myslef get very wet. I reached down and felt Kevin's crotch to find the Biggest Cock I've ever felt. Tyrell then asked if I needed help getting back to my room and not sure why but I said yes. Like a lamp being led to slaughter I was walking into the elevator to go back to my hotel room with these two young black men. Thoughts swirling in my head about what was going to happen, I was getting Wetter and Wetter by the second. Once in the room the two of them grabbed me and their hands covered and touched what seemed like every inch of my body. We started moving towards the bed and I started to get undressed the two of them were getting out of their clothes when Tyrell took off his belt and put it around my neck. At this time I got very scared and the only thing running though my mind was someone would find me here naked and dead. I pleaded with him to to hurt me and was almost crying. He said don't wory baby we have no intention of hurting you and threw me onto the bed. Things got a little rough as the two of them unleached the Biggest Cocks I've ever see in my life.They got onto the bed and told me to Suck their Cocks. Still a little worried I started to do as they said, this was the first BBC I've ever touched and now had 2 of them at the same time. I was a slobbering slut spitting and sucking in as much of the gerth as I could. They grabbed the back of my head by the hair and pushed their cocks into my mouth with little regard for my wimpering. Kevin then turned my over and put my Ass in the air. WOW he said looking at Tyrell what a fantastic ass on this little slut! He then put 2 fingers inside me telling me need to make sure you're good and Wet don't want to tear you all apart. I then asked if they had any condoms and both just laughed. We don't use condoms baby you're getting the Full Treatment! With that he started feeding his cock into my Hot Wet Pussy. Please take it easy I said relax you're going to LOVE this! Inch by Inch he fed me his 11" tool, he had about half of it in me when all of a sudden he rammed it the rest of the way in. I gruntted and collapesed off my hands and knees. Tyrell grabbed me and put me back up and Kevin just started fucking my harded and harder I lost all control and started cumming my whole body shaking screaming like a slut in heat. I couldn't believe he didn't cum when I came too he had slowed and was now just slowly fucking me. Worried again I asked him not to cum inside me you can cum anywhere but PLEASE not inside me. By now it felt soo good Tyrell was holding my head up and feeding me his cock when all of a sudden he started cumming in my mouth. I couldn't swallow of of his seed and the excess blasted out the sides of my mouth. With that done Kevin started to pick up the pace I could tell he was about to cum and when he did I noticed he wasn't going to pull out, I tried to to pull away but Tyrell just held me there so I couldn't get away. I felt his cum flowing into my pussy and at this point what could I do. The rest of the night was more of less a blurr for me the two of them had me every which way they could even a DP where Kevin was on the bottom while Tyrell fucked my asshole with a vengence.
I woke up the next morning alone, sore and cum flowing out of every one of my holes. I could barely walk as I made my way to the shower then the airport to catch my flight home.
On the flight my mind was reeling thinking about what had happened. I was a little worried hoping the two of them were clean. Bringing home an STD would not be a good thing.
When I got home I still found it hard to walk and my husbard asked me what happened. I told him I had slipped on some ice near the hotel.
I had never cheated on my husband and found it very hard to look him in the eye. Still the experience good or bad is something I will never forget.
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7 months ago
This is such a great read, a fantasy of mine
10 months ago
good story, you should do it more lol
10 months ago
Great story!
10 months ago
Yes that would be very cool! Would be a Great Time!
11 months ago
I read both your posts and I guess your hubby doesn't know about how you feel about your desires? Does it make you hotter when it's non-consensual and the men take control of you? Wouldn't it be cool if your husband found out and secretly set you up to be taken by several black men?
11 months ago
I have a very vivid imagination! Very into Interracial Sex will post more!
11 months ago
Sooooo Sweetie, have you been having thoughts about another "adventure" yet? You will, it's just a matter of time.
11 months ago
Hot story, thanks for posting!