My Sexy Hair Stylist

He always goes to sportsclips to get a hair cut. He likes to stair at those chubby stylists
wearing those hot sportsclips uniform tight pants. They wear those black and white strip shirts so tight you can
easily find out what size of bra they are wearing :)

He goes inside hoping she would be the one cutting his hair. She is 5'5 and around 250 lbs, great round butt
and amazing 40DDs. She says hi my name is Janet, shakes his hand as he grabs a great look at her big boobs.

She walks in front of him and he can barely take his eyes off her round butt. Damn he says to himself, If i can
just slap or grab that butt!

she asks him do you want to do the usual, he says ya. it includes a scalp treatment and shoulder massage, he
goes for it just to feel her hands against his shoulders fantasizing that it would've been a full body massage!

As she cuts his hair he looks at her several times, their eyes meet and he smiles a few times, she doesn't smile
back but he can feel her wanting to, but that's her job and she wants to make sure she is not flirting publicly
with customers. she gives him the signal as she does his side burns her boobs touch his shoulders for more than a min
he responds moving his shoulder to her nipples.

she looks at him and smiles, he knows she wants him as much as he does. they chat a bit, now flirting a bit
she talks about her day and the upcoming weekend, as she does so he is almost hard from that tit shoulder rub
she notices a big bulge, and she licks her lips slowly looking at it.

It is now 8 PM there are only 3 customers in the shop, and 2 of them are about to leave. she cuts his her slowly hoping
they would be alone and talk. He friends start cleaning the shop, she asks him to come to wash his hair and get
his scalp treatment. he moves after her with his eyes locked on her butt moving.

she asks him to sit, and put his legs up, she starts rubbing his head, and washing his hair. Her friends tell her
they are leaving and she says don't forget to make sure the door is closed since the store is closed.

she starts giving him the hair massage, and puts a hot towel on his face, as she does so he can feel her hands
moving away but the water is running. he stays like that for 5 minutes then she takes the hot towel off his face
he can see her in front of him. Oh my god he says. She stands there with her shirt off, only her bra and panties

she is blushing and asks "ok will i get fired for this?". he moves his hand against her ass and grabs her towards him.
he makes her sit on him while he is laying down, as he grabs her ass. He slaps it a few times and then starts
grabbing her boobs taking off her bra and grabbing her tits and starting to lick. licking and sucking her nipples
then biting them with his tongue. she starts moaning, he looks at her and says "oh I wanted u more than you can
imagine, I want to keep licking u like that all day"

she starts to feel his cock growing under her, she wants to feel that cock in her pussy as he licks her tits. She
starts taking his shirt off. then tells him to fuck her. "fuck me baby get your cock out and stick it up my pussy"

he moves her away gets his pants off and takes out his cock, she pushes him and starts sucking him like crazy.
oh fuck baby I love that thick cock!.

as she sucks him he pulls her hair. he moves her in and out on his cock until she gagged. her mouth is dripping as he slaps
her face with his big cock. "you slut u like that cock u fucking slut" she looks at him and says "oh baby i am your
slut fuck me the way u want"

he looks at her and says ride that cock bitch. she rides him as he grabs with one hand her tits and the other her

she is moving up and down as they both moan. fucking hard as he slaps her ass so hard while she is riding him
he grabs her boobs and sucks on her nipples as she screams.

he can feel her wet pussy all over him, he can't hold it anymore, he looks into her eyes and blows his cum inside her
as they both cum together. they keep moaning as they get off. they both look into each other eyes and start kissing.

he looks at her again and starts hugging on that lazy boy chair. he moves her in between his arms carrying her.

his hands are on her ass as he is carrying her and looks into her eyes and kisses her again!

to be continued......

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