As i am writing this i can feel a mixture of four mens cum dribleing out of my once tight little ass,

Four hours ago i was sitting in my car at a local dogging spot, fully dressed in blue mini dress, seamed fishnet stockings, suspenders, 4inch stiletoes, black wig(pigtails),
sluty makeup, fake tits and matching black bra and thong, it was a car park with toilets off the main road, there where 4 cars and a camper van, two of the cars where empty but the others where ocupied, i got out of my car and walked toward the entrance, my heels where loud as i clip cloped along knowing that the other people in the cars where wathing my every move, my heart was pounding as i entered the toilets.

I went in, it was dark but smelt cleen, there where three cubicles, i went in the middle one and shut the door behind me but not locking it, (after all i didnt want to stop them from getting me) i sat down, there was a gloryhole in each wall one was big enough to put your head through, i heard two car doors open and close, and thought about all the things i wanted to happen to me, the first man went into the cubicle on my left with the big hole and the second in the right, i looked through the big hole and was suprised to see a long thick black cock being wanked to hardness, (the firs thing i thought was 'thats gona sting')

i put my face to the hole and he started to wank his cock to my lips,i opened my mouth and he pushed in and i started to suck, it tasted good and was thick n meaty, i was wanking it faster and fester until he pulled away and whispered that he didnt want to fill my mouth with his seed but wanted to fill my ass with it instead,
i took a sniff of popers turned around to offer him my ass and noticed another cock poking through the other wall and my door swung open to see two more men wanking,
one of the men turned the lights on and shut the main door,
i came out of the cubicle and one of the men said 'this little slut is guna tack us all bareback', i was so high on adrenelin i just said 'ok i want the smalest cock first and work my way up to the bigest', so you all can feel me grip you as you pump me with your cum, i bent over the sink and felt my thong being puled to one side and a lubed finger sliding in my already greased hole, it was replaced by the first cock, he started fast and only lasted 5 mins until i felt him pump and grip my hips as he filled me with his spunk, as he puled out the sacond one pushed staight in not letting the other guys spunk run out, this one was about 7inch, not to thick, he fucked me for about 15 mins and added his to the mix, the third was the same leanth but a lot thicker, it took a bit of doing but he finaly got it in, i was moaning like a slut now and out of the corner of my eye i noticed the black guy was filming the lot,

well this tuned me on even more and i looked straight at the camera and begged for the man fucking me to fill me with his muck, that did the trick as he grabed my hips as the other guy did but this time he must have been saving it up because i felt his cock swell up and actualy felt about 8 or 9 skwirts of cum fill my insides,
he pulled out and it seamed as though my ass was still wide open, well it was and spunk was running down my thighs and onto my stockings,

the black was then told by the others to plug the bitches hole, he stood behind me rubing his now massive cock up and down my arse crack, it must have been 10 or 11 inches and as thick as mi wrist, but after what id just done i knew he was gona have a gooood time in my ass,
he then started to push gently in and then with no warning slid his cock right up me, i sqeeled in pain and then plesure as he fucked me f***efully, he did only last about 5 mins befor he added a large amount that sort of poured out rather than pumped out,

they then left me to clean up, i did my best but i just looked recked, walking back to my car one of the guys got my email addy and is gona send me a copy of the vid, i might even post it if it hasent allready been done
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3 years ago
Great story all that cum up her arse that black man sounded like she was talking about me.
4 years ago
mmmm very hot story :)
4 years ago
can i seee your vid please??? i wanked of so hard this time that i cant wait to blow an even bigger load than neck time!
4 years ago
nice story, lucky girl
4 years ago
That was a hot story I had to get a dildo and fuck myself
4 years ago
Great story makes me jealous of you.
4 years ago
That was so hot!
4 years ago
Hope your not too sore that sounded like you had lots of fun hope you have more hot experecnes to write about thanks
4 years ago
wow i cant stop stroking my cock to this story