Smoke (1)

On the bus, a young woman sits, her blonde hair pressing against her face. Pleasantly she smiles as something appears to be crossing her mind. A faint tint of smoke beside her forms itself, A figure appears on the seat beside her. Shyly it stands, the smokey cloth wrapping itself around the figures body falls. The figure is the curvy shape of a woman, long blonde hair falls over the figures shoulders like the Venus de Milo. Smokey eyes of blue light, the skin on the figure is a slight pink color. Standing she holds the cloth around her hips, before releasing it. Now completely naked she allowed her body to float the length of the bus, her nude body exposed for the unobserving bus to see. As she floats the length of the bus floating next to the young girl she takes her breast and massages it, her other hand pulling at her shapely stomach. The instant her hand touches her crotch she throws her head back, like in water she stayed, her head thrown back and her legs pointed downward, the only part not straining for the floor is her hand on her crotch. Smokey hair fell in gentle locks, collecting on the floor.
The bus jumped, the unobservant population startling, the smokey woman climaxed, her hair floating, her body pulling itself into a ball save for one leg which pointed tward the ceiling. The shy blonde girl moved uncomfortably. The figure lay, one leg out, eyes covered hair covering all except the outstretched leg. Across the aisle a young man sat, he was a small, but well built, with a gentle face and caring deep brown eyes. He had looked over at the young woman spontaneously through the trip. Her beautiful features struck him. Not that she was ignorant of his presence either. A smoke figure appeared next to him,, some similarities to the Greek Messager god, Hermes. Thin, with soft, if not boyish features, but an above average sized phallic erect, pushing his clothing off. The figure disrobed, revealing that the wings on the smoke figures ankels where attached not to the Greek style shoes, but to his legs.
In a swift motion the man lept his body now floating in air next to the woman, with a gentle motion he took her leg in one hand pulling her tward him, Unfurling like a flower she allowed herself to be held in his arms for a moment, the smoke interlacing into a single creature. Without warning both released, as if diving backwards from each other their hands reconnected and their bodies connected again, with one difference, he had entered her slowly. His throbbing phallic now sat in her, her legs wrapped around his thighs, her head and arms stretched out as they moved like waves, they reached up to be on eye level with each other, then she dove under his arm, as he dove under hers, their bodies now lay wrapped together, hips swaying. Her arms on his shoulder, his on hers, wrapped around each other they almost appeared to become one creature. They moved in symmetry as both of their hands fell. Their arms unraveled, their heads pulling out so they faced each other. Her head fell backwards followed by the rest of her upper body. Now only connected by their lower bodies warmth spread through both of them, they climaxed at the same time, finally they fell out.
The figures rested finally, reaching over the aisle connecting their hands while their bodies floated in air. The young man and woman both sat, still occasionally looking over at each other, too shy to confront each other, unknowing of the other's wish to know each other. A moment passed and the two looked out the window. The figures frozen in place, naked, stretched to touch each other and silent. Sad, silent, beautiful, and eternal.
Two seats in front of the boy sat a woman, in her 30s, with a healthily plump figure, eyes closed, her mind revolving around what she would do when she got home. Her face was quiet and hardly showed the signs of age. She had a pale complexion, and a warm smile. Above her a zaftig figure floated, the smoke was a very light warm orange and the figure had hair spread out over the creatures body. Quietly it relaxed, finding itself in a comfortable position the figure proceeded to touch her sides, as she touched different colors appeared, reds, purples, yellows seemed to explode at her side, when she touched her stomach a minor explosion happened. The woman put one hand on her stomach and continued to nap. The figure danced above her, streams of smoke coming out of the figure's sides and stomach. From her vagina a white sparkling stream, the figure's hands move closer tward the stream of sparkling liquid, soon the figure began to spin in circles, colors circling her like streamers, the moment of climax her hand dropped out of the cocoon. The swirl of smoke froze alongside the hand that had exited.
Close to the front of the bus a young brunette woman sat listening to music, moving only slightly to tap her foot to the beat of the music. Her serious but yet beautiful face could almost be a reminder of the girls in fashion magasines, but with a filled out body. Her long brown hair was tied back in a bun, with a few locks on her face. The creature beside her was a long red smoke creature resembling fire in it's movement, dancing back and forth it had striking black eyes as it danced light seemed to move around it, shivering and shaking as though the music in her ears was somehow being transfered to a creature on level with the smoke creature. The twist of smoke then bound the figures hands in the air, reached around her breasts, her waist and her bum. It entered the figure, making it jump as it continued to dance, the smokey light inside of the creature moving in and out slowly, then increasing speed until it finally twisted at the release of orgasm. It's arms broke free of the smoke creatures bounds and held it's chest as the ecstasy of orgasm vibrated through the creature. Frozen with the joy of orgasm the figure stayed, smoke ties around it, arms on it's chest, black eyes sparkling with ecstasy.
Sitting a row across from the young brunette a black haired woman with a beautiful bust, extremely pale skin and angelic and very large eyes sat, visibly distracted. Her beauty was undeniable, as was her modesty. Though dressed in a loose fitting shirt and jeans her bodily perfection was unable to be disguised. The figure beside her was like ice, a pale blue color with purple drops down it's forehead, making a spiral from the outer area of it's breasts to her nipples, around it's stomach with drops going down to it's lap. The figure stretched it's left leg into the air, standing it turned in a circle the leg in the air, slowly, it's chest fell, the leg reaching the ceiling of the bus rotating, one arm around it's breasts, another covering it's eyes. Rotating the creature froze, fondling her breasts.
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