Emilie and Isabella.

The London flat lay almost empty, containing just: stacks of books and papers in one corner, a violin case, a dresser with a suitcase on top of it stuffed with ratty clothing, a small kitchen, and a computer lying half hazardly on the floor, a statue of the Laughing Buddha on the counter in the kitchen with empty liquor bottles around it. The walls were lavishly decorated by skilled painting hands, and reds, purples and browns leapt out brilliantly, and in the centre of the room, a bed. Pillows were s**ttered around, and blankets were tangled together, so much so that you could hardly see that a woman lay sl**ping. Bits of her black hair stuck to her face, the two pink bows she had set up in her hair were now knots. Her face spoke of peace, though usually contorted into a comical expression, or smiling brilliantly, but now every muscle was relaxed. One of her arms dangled off the side of the mattress, her fingers brushed the floor ever so slightly as she twitched in her sl**p, her other hand was on her chest.
Emilie, a girl, hardly a woman yet really, with reddish brown hair tied messily in a bun, eyes that sparkled and drew attention due to their unusual coloring, and a curvy, yet thin body, opened the door, flipping her hair out of her face she looked to see the tangled covers and the other girl, Isabella, sl**ping. She smiled ever so slightly, shut the door quietly, undressed, and walked into the kitchen, where she mixed herself a White Russian. The clink of the glass woke Isabella up, she looked grudgingly over at Emilie, then untangled herself and walked to the kitchen slowly. Emilie in this time grabbed the shot glasses and poured out two shots of Jack Daniels. Clinking, and without speaking, they downed the shots.
"How is the pub?" Isabella asked, out of seeming curiosity.
"All is well, we just shut down for the night, I'm shocked to see you here sl**ping, I thought you would be out at a party."
"I was tired." Isabella poured out two more shots.
"I see, so you have been sl**ping ever since the shift change."
They downed another round of shots, Isabella raised her eyebrows as she noticed Emilie was standing wearing just her underpants. "Is this asking for anything?" Isabella said as she ran her fingers over Emilie's waist.
Emilie snorted "Oh darling, you know if I want you in the mood I just wear that crappy corset and I can hardly keep you off of me, why would I simple wear my underpants when I could go for 2 hours of constant attack?"
Isabella raised an eyebrow and pulled Emilie tward her, "your just a tease, you have been since the first time I saw you."
Emilie smirked as she gently wrapped her arms around Isabella "but I thought you liked my eyes before you even noticed I was wearing a corset."
Isabella reached one hand up to Emilie's face, the palm of her hand enveloping Emilie's chin. She pulled ever so slightly to bring their lips together. The pungent smell of whisky was pulled back and forth as they stood, their mouths just a millimeter apart. After a few seconds of staring into each other's eyes in an almost challenging, yet also tender way. Emilie finally closed her eyes and moved the small bit to connect their mouths, after a few minutes of frenzied kissing Isabella found herself up on the counter, Emilie pulling the tattered shirt up to allow her hand to slid up Isabella's shirt, her other steadily stroking Isabella's inner thigh. Responding Isabella pulled Emelie's head to her breast while biting her own finger, her legs twining around Emelie's slim waist as Emelie snuck her fingers into the crevice between Isabella's legs, her fingers danced gently there while her other hand lay on Isabella's stomach and she bit at her nipple the point her mouth played becoming invisible. Isabella threw her hand back knocking an empty bottle of wine off the counter, so close to the bittersweet release of climax when Emilie suddenly withdrew all except the hand between Isabella's leg, keeping her clutching to the counter mouth gapping. Emilie smiled and sipped her drink slowly while observing her lovers squeals of pleasure. Isabella's body to started to heave slowly with this Emelie dropped to her knees and set her mouth in her hands place, sucking and licking her lovers clitoris. Suddenly Isabella's body shock under what seemed to be a tremor, violently knocking more empty bottles of the counter and spilling Emelie's drink. Emelie pulled away as Isabella sat on the counter her hands steadying her as she breathed heavily, Emelie stood up, located the broom and began sweeping up the glass.
Isabella shuttered one last time after about 5 minutes of convolutions. Looking up from her place on the counter she blinked heavily. 'I'll go back to bed now then.'
Emilie nodded quietly sweeping up the last of the shattered glass. Looking at the floor she smiled, feeling an arm reach around her gently, warm breathe on her ear, 'would you join me?'
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4 years ago
Pretty lovely and sexy story. Quite well-written...
4 years ago
Sweet, please read my story about the muslim arab girl.

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4 years ago
wonderful sweet naughty
4 years ago
Excellent!!!!!!!!! Please post more