Fuck slave

My first fuck slave was a sexy bbw. She picked me up from my place and took me to a hotel. "get undressed and face the wall" I demanded "yes madame jay" she replied. As she followed my orders, I took off my pants and kept on my gray and black ruffled g-string and a black spaghetti shirt. I moved behind her slowly and wrapped my arm around her neck tightly. "if you look at me, you'll be punished" I warned "you have to earn the right to look at me" so my slut kept her eyes closed. I released her neck and took her hands and put them together and tied her up. Then I told her to spread her legs open. I felt between her legs and noticed she was already wet so I began to slap her clit. The bitch got weak in her knees. I then blind folded her and turned her around. "do you want your nipples pinched"? I asked. "yes madam jay", she replied. So I pinched her nipples hard, to get them perky enough to put the clothes pins on them. I slapped the slut around a bit before pinching the clothes pins tighter and ripping them off. "Do you like that bitch"? I asked. "yes madam jay" she replied with a tear in her eye. I then pushed the dirty cunt to the ground and ordered her to lick and suck my feet. She did as she was told. Once I foot was in her mouth I began to fuck her face with it. She started to gag and I asked her "do you like how my foot taste slut"? And she replied with my foot still in her mouth, "yes madam jay". I dragged her up by her ponytail and threw her on the bed. "open your fucking legs bitch" I yelled and slapped her for taking to long. Once her legs was open I pulled back her pussy lips exposing her vulnerable clit and began to nibble on it. After I got tired of sucking her clit I stuck four fingers down that nasty bitches mouth and gagged her. She started choking on it and tried to move my hand. With my hand touching the back of her throat I asked "did I fucking tell you to touch me"? Put yo mother fucking hands back down" and I slapped her three times. She started crying and started saying my name. I gave her some air to breathe then I stuck my hand back down there and said "don't have my name in your filthy mouth unless I ask you a question", and she whimpered, "yes madame jay" after I felt her throat had enough abuse I shoved all four wet fingers in her pussy. I rammed her so hard she was falling off the bed. So to keep her in place I grabbed her by the neck and choked her til she turned red and jammed her onto my fist. she was yelling and screaming so I told her to shut up and she did. "my fist is going in that pussy whether you like it or not", I stated. She cried, "yes madame jay". After she came I rammed my fingers down her throat until she puked up spit and then I turned her over on all fours. I told her keep her ass in the air no matter what. I rammed my fist in her pussy and kept ramming it fast and deep she tried to get away so I held her by her ponytail. And then she said thee unspeakable! "madame jay! Please stop?" I looked at her in disbelief. "no bitch", I yelled ramming my fist in deeper, "I don't care if it hurts"! When my arms grew tired of fucking her I f***ed her to lick my ass and pussy. She stated at my pussy. She licked the hell out my pussy. She tried to get up to breathe but I didn't let her. I grabbed her by the throat and head and pushed it into my pussy so she couldn't go anywhere. She was gasping for air but she wasn't going anywhere till I came! Eventually I came and I turned over and spread open my ass so she could lick it. "Get deep inside there" I commanded, while pushing her head into my ass. "do you not want me to fuck you again"? I asked, and she said "yes madam jay", and I replied "well hurry the fuck up and make me cum bitch" After 30 minutes I came and then it was her turn. She kneeled on all fours and I began to lick her asshole. I got it real wet and stuck my first two fingers deep inside and began to fuck her asshole. She doesn't like things in her ass but I didn't care my fist was going to fit in there. I jammed my fingers in and out and had four in her pussy. 40 minutes of more pleasure and pain and she came. I f***ed my hand down her throat and choked her until she cried then I congratulated her, "you were a good bitch", so I rewarded her by biting her nipple til it bled. Then I threw her clothes at her and told her to get dressed and get out.

the end....till next week! :)
93% (10/1)
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5 months ago
some very hot parts in that story.
2 years ago
perfect story
3 years ago
Yes madam I want to be your fuck slave.Do me to me what you want goddess
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmm.... what awesome story!!
makes me all wet and horny. Love this Mistress! do me the same things.
to be such slave is the best..
3 years ago
that is what i would do to you slut
3 years ago
Too bad that I can't be your slave ;(
3 years ago
YIPES!! I'm scared.