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About a year ago we had a vacancy for a receptionist at our offices and for reasons I won't go into we knew that it would be a while before we filled the position permanently so we used an agency for a series of temps until we recruited.We had a few hotties over a period of months but none of them intrigued me as much as the Kiwi who started in November of last year.
Lucy was very tall,a bit flat chested but had a gorgeous arse. I tend to prefer the hour glass figure myself but she had my interest for sure.There are about 70% females who work there and quite a few gay men so the banter can be quite saucy at times. Trying to be professional in the work place I kept out of it and just kept to myself.A few weeks went by and one of the gay guys told me that Lucy mentioned she had a girlfriend.I would never have guessed and my interest was renewed in this elegant looking woman.That Friday was our monthly staff outing to the pub and Lucy and I ended chatting for a bit and then Lisa, her girlfriend turned up to collect Lucy before they got the train to Brighton.I did not like Lisa who had an enormous chip on her shoulder,she wasn't attractive,had a poor attitude and was certainly punching above her weight in terms of her girlfriend. Anyway I was pleasant to her and they left for the station.
The following week I arrive early in the office as always having cycled in.I walked to my desk in my cycling shorts as usual only to find Lucy at her desk already.My cycling shorts are very revealing and the outline of my fat flaccid cock can be clearly seen through the fabric.Not sure if I should go straight to the shower room I stroll over to her at her desk and ask how her weekend was.
As she is seated,, my bulging cock is within a meter of her face and in her eyeline, I wondered if she would look at it.She maintained eye contact which disappointed me as I was curious to see her reaction.I decided to end the small talk and go get my shower.On my way out I glanced back at Lucy and noticed she was biting her lip in the way that all ladies do when they are aroused. Perhaps she received a dirty text form Lisa?
The next trip to the pub was a d***ken affair.Lisa and Lucy were there and after a few drinks they revealed that they had a huge lesbian porn collection and they spent most of their spare time watching the scenes and copying the acts that they were watching on screen.I am not a huge fan of lesbian porn but pretended I was to find out more!
I live in Central London and have a spare bedroom and somehow it was agreed that Lisa and Lucy would not go home to Brighton but were going to stay at mine and have more drinks at my place.Before we knew it we had porn on my big screen and the girls got naked on the sofa.I asked if I could get naked too but Lisa agreed only if I kept my distance and stayed on the armchair.So picture the scene,gangbang lesbian porn on the big screen, the girls in a 69,and me on the armchair stroking a rock hard 8 inches.
Although Lisa had no interest in me Lucy would occasionally look over at me and bite her lip and say that she really liked my huge cock.Both of their chins were glistened from each others pussy juices as they were going at it so much.I asked if I could have a closer look, they were too busy to say no and I slowly walked over still stroking and got real close. My cock was within inches of their pussies,arseholes and wet mouths and I could only imagine taking turns with the 6 orifices they had between them.It was quite clear neither of them was going to even touch my cock although it was quite clear Lucy would have accepted my cock in all of her holes if she wasn't with her girl.I got as close to Lucy as I could without touching her and was stroking my leaking cock within inches of her gorgeous face.Her breath was the only part of her being that came into contact with my swollen prick that night, but it was aan experience I will never forget!

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5 months ago
As if I care Madam,haha!
6 months ago
I didn't realise there were such strict rules Madame!
6 months ago
If a cock is involved this is shouldn´t have the "lesbian" label, cheers.