Busy at Work 3 Late late!

The car needed gas, half assed make up I screwed up the morning! The car sputtered like it was laughing at me and I yanked the key from the ignition and shoved the bundle of keys in my bag. I spilled myself, and my over sized bag, out of my car and started down the block for the bus. “That's what I get for playing with myself instead of getting ready for work!” I said to myself as I hurried down the street.

I finally chose an outfit...I had opted for snagging a B cup bra from my new roommate who was taking over the extra bedroom and shoving my DD's in it . I had imagined Mr Richards really liking my tits pooping out of it. My nipples were out of the bra and brushing against the crisp white cotton blouse as I half jogged down the street. I saw the bus coming and found myself climbing up the steps and onto the bus. The driver tipped his sunglasses down and took a good look as my boobs which were eye level as I fumbled for my token. I smiled and remembered my fantasy earlier about hardening cocks in public places. I gave a bounce up the next step as my token dropped in and swayed my ass for his pleasure in the rear view mirror.

The bus had only a few seats vacant and I passed two older ladies that were in heated discussion about “he said they said she said...”. Another seat was taken by a student with his book so close to his face I wanted to tell him to get his eyes checked. In the back seat there was an older man who seemed to be the already looking at me. “He looks like a horny fellow” I thought to my self and jiggled my ass for the driver and made my tits bounce for the man that was already smiling a devilish grin. I walked all the way to the back seats and much to my surprise, this fellow had already started without me!
I stopped, a bit startled at the good sized stiff member that was standing straight up out of this guys pants. He had unzipped the pants and pulled his balls out and the cock was bobbing around as the bus drove down the uncared for streets. I did my best to make like I didn't see, at least to the rest of the bus, and turned my self around to place my bag on the seat, and of course give this guy a little show. I bent over and popped my ass out and made a project out of arranging my purse. The man let out a whispered moan and my heart raced with excitement. I bent even more and slid my foot to the side and spread my legs so he surely could see my pussy as I made sure of this dressed to make Mr Richard hard and horny. In a low voice the man said “that's it you dirty slut...fuckin right there...mmmmm”. I didn't here a cock slapping so I assumed he was milking his clock hard and slow. I gave him quite a nice view of pussy 3 feet away and thought maybe I should show him some tit before my stop which was just around the corner. I bent a knee up on the seat and spread my legs wide as I sexily put my self in the seat. When I looked over he was already milking a nice load of come in slow hard strokes. He smiled at me and licked his lips and I gave him a wink as I grabbed my bag and put my hand on the back of my seat to lift myself up. I gave a quick shake back and forth of my tits for him and said “Bye! Have a nice day!”. “Oh I will. Yes, ma'am, I will...”. I hopped up and made sure the bus driver got a great view in that mirror as my nipples pressed against my shirt. I wasn't sure why I didn't call in, it was already almost 10:00!

I guess I was thinking of the ways I'd be pouring out my excuses and apologies as bent over my bosses desk and let my tits wave back and forth for him, because all of a sudden I was in the main hall and approaching our offices. Mr. Richards' door was shut, which he only did when he needed privacy or had a meeting so I put my bag down and unbuttoned the next two buttons of my shirt in anticipation of seeing him...or him seeing me! I was trying to decide if I should knock or just grab the door handle when I heard him talking on the phone and it sounded not very business like. I leaned in to listen and heard Mr Richards talking low, but hard and fast, like he was angry and gritting his teeth. That's when I realized what was going on. Was he fucking someone?? I got oddly jealous and kept listening and was delighted to hear a string of obscenities that seemed to be tributing me! “That's it Mia bend over for me rmmmrrmmm let me see that pussy..thats it ..pop it up for me...wag it..pussy..wag it back and forth..pussy lips...spread those cheeks for me baby...yeah rub that juice on that file cabinet baby...yeah lets stick that pen up there mmmmget that smelly juice on everything baby... let me shoot my load in that sweet pussy..rrrmmmrmmrmmmmm...you want me to fuck your tits baby? That's my girl...grab those fat titties and fuck me..fuckin fat tits...bounce those tits on my cock baby...mmmmbounce those fuckin fat tits.....Mia suck me...suck my cock uuuuhhh..suck me here it cums...suck it...”
he grunted and I could here that slapping sound as he beat his dick. My pussy was so wet.

I could tell he came by the hissing sound he made with his teeth and the absence of the slapping sound. I hurried into my office and made some clanking sounds and before long he opened his door and came into my office. “Mia,dear, I didn't hear you come in” he said politely as if he didn't just beat his meat in his office. “I's SO sorry!” I said and sprang up out of my chair and walked over to him. bouncing hard with every step, my tits were trying to peak around my blouse exposing some nice hard nipples as I approached him. I went on and on about my excuses as I jutted and heaved my chest at him. “Just check your box and close up for the day sweet heart and we'll call it a day. I've had my hands full all morning” he said and I smiled at the thought.

I waited for him to go back in his office and I went a little nuts. I hiked my skirt up and rubbed my pussy. I flopped my tits out and wagged them hard, back and forth so they fell out of the tight bra. I went over to the file cabinet and opened a middle drawer and rubbed my pussy on it...not very good for humping so I got impatient and leaned back on the cabinet and grabbed at my pussy...I slid my fingers along the wet lips and shoved my panties up in there the way I like it. I played with my pussy and tugged at my nipples hoping he would just walk in and pound me with his cock, but I couldn't wait for him...I came, silently, with a shudder and lingered for a few minutes...pulling at my nipples and petting my purring kitty. I decided to spread my pussy juice all over the file cabinet so he could smell it when I wasn't there. Yet another place that I would like to leave my panties!

I composed myself, and miraculously a minute later, I heard Mr Richards say “ You go ahead, Mia, I've got some calls to make... see you Monday!”I grabbed my stuff psyched to go home early and thought about what it was that Mr Richards would be seeing on Monday! I needed to go bra shopping!

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3 years ago
Wonderful Story!
3 years ago
It's a wonder Mr. Richards gets any real work done at all with so much distraction. It's also a wonder the bus driver didn't have an accident. Maybe next time.
3 years ago
when is she going to get that cock of Mr Richards to play with? fun reading