Lucy The Slut - Part 3

Lucy – the Teen Slut – Part 3

Hiya again, If you’ve been reading my stories you’ll know what a dirty little blonde slut I was when I was younger (and am now) and how much I was looking forward to getting my first big, hard cock up my little pussy.

PS – Before I start, I was out on Sat night 18-2-12 and am pleased to say I got a nice long fucking/s from a big, black a guy I met down in South Croydon, I stayed the night at his place and have still got his spunk in me as I write this. But i’m just showing off xxx

Anyway that’s beside the point. As you’ll remember I had just met Ali the Turkish cabbie for the second time at the lock-up garages round the corner from my house, and had taken my second ever load of hot spunk from his big fat cock over my face and in my mouth. Mmmmmm Yummy x

I was supposed to meet him again at 3am back at the garage, but having got a message from my mum that she and my dad would not be back that night, I decided to change that plan a little bit. I put some loud music on, took a long soak in the bath and helped myself to some more of my mum’s vodka while my mind went through all the possibilities. After about an hour or so of relaxing in the bubbles I got out and checked the time. It was now coming up to midnight and I went back to my room to watch some porn on my laptop and find something sexy to put on. I’ve always liked this website (hamster) and quickly found some clips of young girls like me being fucked by huge, big cocks and being spunked over. God I was getting really horny again and I had to fight myself from wanking off as I wanted Ali to make me cum, but it didn’t stop my cunt from creaming up and my juices flowing.

The next couple of hours took fuckin’ ages to pass and when 2am finally came around I wasted no time in giving Ali a ring. To my relief and delight he said he was finishing early and would be round in about 20 minutes. I told him there was no one in and to park outside and come to the door. He took a little bit of persuading, but I promised him it was okay. It wasn’t like him to be shy. I had another couple of gulps of Dutch courage from the freezer and skipped back upstairs to wait for him. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to feel that man’s big cock inside me and have him fuck me in my bed. Oh fuck! I was so horny, I would have let anyone shag me at that moment.

I tied my long hair back in a pony tail, had a quick wee, and borrowed a skimpy black nightie from my mum’s undies drawer, which I had seen her wearing a couple of times, and slipped into it. It just about covered my bum, and my tits and pussy showed through the thin material as I checked myself in the mirror. It felt really nice and silky against my skin. I had a quick smoke to steady my nerves and was halfway through it when I heard a car pull up outside. ‘Here we go,’ I said to myself, and shaking all over I went downstairs to open the door. He was still sitting in the car when I got there and I had to wave and beckon to him to come in. I think the sight of me standing there in my little negligée made up his mind for him as he got out and locked the cab, before hurriedly coming up the path, looking around nervously as he did so. I told him it was okay and that no-one was around to see him. As he stepped in the house I realised how big a man he was. He stood well over a foot taller than me and really made me feel tiny. The hallway was filled with an electricity between us and the sound of our loud, heavy breathing. I locked the door and asked if he wanted something to drink and he just gave me that crooked of his I had gotten used to and said ‘no, we fuck now.’ I giggled nervously, took his hand and led him upstairs, making sure he got a good eyeful of my bare bum and pussy as we went up. When we got to the top landing we passed the loo and Ali said he had to go piss. I said I wanted to watch and followed him in. He called me a ‘dirty little bitch’ and undid his jeans before starting to pee. I loved watching him and took over from him, holding his cock, trying to aim his hot stream into the bowl as best I could. I did okay and only dribbled a little bit onto the carpet. When he had finished I squatted down in front of him and licked the few last drips of pee from his cock, before taking it into my mouth. Even though his cock was soft, I still had trouble taking it all in and I greedily worked my lips up and down on him till he started getting nice and hard. My pussy lips had opened up while I was in this position and I was dripping juice onto the floor. I wanted him inside me so much, and as I stood up again I nervously whispered this to him while stretching up to kiss him. Ali just grunted and roughly lifted me up into his strong arms and holding my bum cheeks in both hands, with my legs and arms wrapped around him, he carried me out into the hallway. I told him which room to go into and we pushed through the door and started kissing like crazy in the middle of my bedroom, before he lowered me down onto my feet and started undressing himself. I quickly helped him out of his clothes and buried my face in his hairy chest and ran my hands all over his big, manly body. Oh god yeah!, I knew this was gonna be great!

Ali reached under my little nightie and slipped a couple of fingers easily into my soaking wet pussy, all the way in and moaned deeply as he felt how juicy I was. He pulled them out and put them in my mouth for me to lick clean, before gripping my bum cheeks and lifting me up again until I was face to face with him, then started tongue kissing me. I felt his big hard-on nudging against my bum and pussy lips before he pulled my cheeks apart and lowered me onto his cock. I was helpless in his strong hold and let out a loud whimper as the head eased between my labia and sank deep inside me, stretching me wide open. He held me there for a long moment before lifting me back up off him, until just the tip was inside me, then lowered me back down again. He did this several times and I was going crazy, digging my nails into his back, biting his shoulder and letting out little a****l yelps and groans. I had started cumming as soon as his thick cock entered me and was gushing all over him, my pussy making loud slurping and sucking noises with every thrust. Ali gripped my bum tighter in his hands and started fucking me harder, lifting me up and pulling me back down onto him until my bum was slapping loudly against his body. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and started pulling myself up and down to help meet his thrusts, leaning my hands on his shoulders and throwing my head back and moaning in ecstasy as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into my tight little cunt. We fucked like this for a couple of minutes, our bodies getting covered in each others sweat until I screamed out as another huge orgasm surged through me. Ali’s arms must have been killing him, because he lifted me off him and dropped me down on to the floor. My legs were like jelly and I had to kneel down on the carpet to steady myself. I was level with his huge cum soaked cock and wasted no time at all taking it into my mouth, licking and sucking all of my juices from it. It tasted great and I couldn’t believe that I had managed to take such a huge, big thing like that deep inside me. I was really chuffed that I had and smiled to myself as I kissed it lovingly. Ali reached down and stroked my head and I looked up and blew him a kiss. He then held me by my pony tail and eased my head back down onto his cock. I sucked and licked clean every inch of it and ran my tongue all over his heavy, sweaty balls, lifting them up to lick, taste and smell underneath them too.

I so wanted to take Ali’s spunk all over my face and in my mouth, but I also wanted him to fuck me some more and shoot it all inside me too. I didn’t know if he would just leave me after he came, as usual or would want to stay and use me some more. Just in case he only spunked once I asked him if he would please fuck me again. Without saying anything, he nodded and helped me to my feet, kissed me on top of my head and slapped my bum. I moved over to my bed and lay down on my back, slipped the straps on my nightie over my shoulders to free my tits, lifted it up around my waist and opened my legs wide for him. He walked over to me, smiling and muttering something foreign under his breath, before pulling me by my legs to the end of the single bed and flipping me over onto my front. He pulled me firmly up onto my knees, positioned me at the edge of the mattress and spread my cheeks apart, before quickly kneeling down and started licking out both my holes. Mmmm that felt so good. He lapped up all my fuck juices, sucked on my swollen lips and pushed his tongue all the way into my fanny, before doing the same to my tight little arse. He was obviously enjoying tasting me, as he was moaning nearly as much as I was and I kept gushing out loads of juice for him to drink down, which he did noisily. After he had eaten me out for a couple of minutes he stopped and stood up behind me, rested his big hands on my hips and rubbed them firmly up and down all over my body, over my tummy, up to squeeze my tits and then over my bum and thighs. I looked over my shoulder as Ali moved closer to me and I felt him nudge his cock against me. Automatically, I arched my back and pushed my hips up to meet him while he spread my bum cheeks and slowly eased himself back into my soaking cunt. Oh wow! What a feeling! Like before, he slid nearly all the way in, waited a few seconds, then pulled it back out, before pushing it back into me, each time going a little deeper than the last one. Every thrust was stretching my pussy wider and wider and made me gasp for breath as I tried to relax my muscles around his thick cock. Finally I felt his pubes tickle against my bum cheeks and knew he was nearly all the way inside me, and that I would be able to take all of his cock. With the next long, slow thrust he sank in all the way and pressed his body tight against me and held it there for what seemed like forever. My mouth was wide open, but I couldn’t get any sound out as it took all the breath out of me. At last he eased himself out again and I let out a huge sigh of relief. The relief only lasted a couple seconds, however, as he was soon pushing it back in and out of me in a nice slow, steady rhythm, plunging his 9+ inches all the way into my tummy.

As I got used to the feeling of being stretched by him I started to enjoy the sensations that were running through me and began to relish every deep thrust. As he gradually increased the pace of his fucking, Ali gripped me tightly around my little waist, his hands meeting in the middle, and his big balls started to slap against my bum as he really got into it and put all his weight behind his thrusts. I grabbed a couple of pillows and buried my face into them as I prepared to have him fuck my brains out.

I lost count of the number of orgasms I was having, they just began to blend into a constant wave of pleasure and pain. Our breathing and moans became louder and louder as the pace increased further and soon I was shouting and screaming into my pillow as we went at it like a couple of a****ls. This guy had amazing stamina and energy and really knew what he was doing (compared to some of the guys i’ve been with since) and was really giving me what I needed. I couldn’t wait to feel his thick, hot spunk flooding into me and pleaded with him to fill my cunt. This urged him on into pounding me even harder, pulling me back and forth like a rag doll and calling me a little bitch. This went on for at least another 2 or so minutes, me pleading with him to fuck me harder and give me his spunk and him telling me what a dirty slut and a whore I was and how sexy I was, before he really started slamming his massive prick into me as fast and as hard as he could, spreading my cheeks as far as they would go and shouting out that he was cumming. This set me off and as I pushed my hips back onto to him to meet his final few short strokes, I had a massive orgasm as I felt his spunk shoot from his cock and flood inside me. Like before he really came loads and I could feel spurt after spurt filling me up deep inside my belly. It was amazing! He continued to fuck me gently until his cock began to soften and it finally plopped out with a lovely loud slurping sound. When his cock was out of me I could feel his cum beginning to run from my swollen, well fucked pussy down my thighs and onto the bed. I turned over onto my back to keep as much of it inside me as I could and lay there exhausted in a sweaty heap. Ali walked round the side of the bed and offered me his soft, wet cock to lick clean. I shuffled around and hung my head over the side of the bed so he could dangle it into my mouth and I gently sucked and licked all our mutual juices and cum from it and from his balls too, while I reached down and rubbed his leaking spunk all over my pussy lips and thighs.
When he was all clean, Ali casually started to get dressed and told me to give him a ring him some time, before going out my room and down the stairs, leaving me lying there playing with myself. I shouted out thank you as he unlocked the front door and left the house. I heard him get in his car and drive off a couple of minutes later, probably back home to his wife and I giggled to myself as I scooped the rest of his spunk out of my pussy with my fingers and licked them clean. Mmmmmmm Delicious!

Lucy xxxxxxx

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very good
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you're the best
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Love your work can't wait for more
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Love your work can,t wait for more
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absolutely fantastic!
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Wow! another great story. I love hearing about you fucking. :)
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mmmm you are a hottie!