Lucy - Teen Slut - Part 1

Lucy – The Teen Slut - Part 1

Hiya, i’m Lucy from Croydon. Over the last couple of years since my 16th birthday I have become a real cock slut and i’m loving it xx.
I can’t get enough hard cock inside me or enough hot spunk over me and am always on the lookout for new guys to suck and fuck. I’m getting a reputation as a real slag round where I live and that suits me fine, because that’s what I am. I’m out to get as much fun as I can while i’m young and hate the idea of settling down with a guy – boring!
When i’m out on the town with my mate Sharon at the weekends, we always make sure we pull a couple of new blokes at a pub, who look like they will buy us drinks all night. We usually go for older, married looking guys and let them chat us up. More often than not we’ll end up out in an alleyway or round the back of the pub, sucking their cocks as a thank you for getting the drinks in – it’s only good manners.
Shaz is a bit older than me (25) and we’ve shared the odd cock or two in the past as well as a few lezzie sessions too. She is the opposite of me in looks as she is quite tall and very curvy, size 14, with great big, bouncy tits, long dark, curly hair (and pubes) and nice long legs. I’m very petite (size 10) and only just over 5ft tall. I’ve got long blonde hair and a firm, slim & toned figure with 36c tits and a neatly trimmed blonde bush. We both work in a hair salon, so are a couple of real girlie bimbos, always wearing lots of tarty make-up and nice sexy outfits that show off our hot bods.
Shaz has been engaged to a guy for a couple of years now, but it doesn’t stop her enjoying a nice bit on the side when she feels like it – which is nearly every week. She’s not as bad as me though and is a little bit more fussy than I am. I like all sorts of blokes and have shagged some real ‘ugly bastards’, as she calls them.
I first started behaving like this after a night out at a local club about a year ago, with the girls from the salon when I had just started as the Saturday girl. We had a great night dancing and drinking, and by the end of the night I was completely hammered. One of the girls phoned me a cab and I somehow managed to tell the driver where to go, in between fits of the giggles. When we arrived outside my house I realised that I couldn’t find any money to pay the fare and must have spent it all on booze. It was only about a fiver, but the guy said he wouldn’t let me off and was going to wait while I went in the house and got it. It must have been about 4am, so there was no way I was going to wake up my mum and dad, asking them for some money, they would have killed me for being in such a state at that age. I was after all meant to be having a sl**pover at a schoolmates house.
I tried to explain this to the driver as best I could without slurring my words, but he didn’t seem to understand, or care. He was an old Asian guy, about 40ish and wasn’t making much sense to me either. All he kept saying was ‘Money, money, you give me my money,’ and was becoming more and more worked up. I was getting really pissed off and started giving him some cheek and told him I was getting out, but he had somehow locked the doors and made my escape impossible. He then grabbed my arm and said to me that if I didn’t pay him then he would make me suck his cock instead. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and told him to fuck off, but he just kept saying ‘No money, then you suck cock,’ and started unzipping his jeans. I started struggling with him and was about to scream, when I caught sight of his cock as he pulled it out. It was massive. I felt my fanny muscles twitch as I looked at it and immediately I stopped struggling with him.
I’d only had a couple of boyfriends up until then and had wanked them both off regularly, but had never seen anything like that before and had never sucked-off either of them. I don’t know if it was the booze, lust or a combination of both, but I said okay i’d do it, but not there outside my house. I told him to drive around the corner where there were some lock-up garages. When we got there it was deserted and really quiet. He switched the lights off, before pulling his trousers and pants down over his knees and pushing my head down into his lap with his strong hand gripping my long, blonde hair. I didn’t have time to think about anything or change my mind and put up any protest, as within seconds I had his cock inches away from my face. Automatically I opened my mouth and started tentatively licking and sniffing his still soft cock. He pushed my head down further and told me to ‘suck!, suck!’ I did as I was told and lifted his slowly stiffening cock up to meet my open lips. He let out a groan and tightened his grip on my hair as I started sucking on the head of his cock. It had a really strong taste, which I wasn’t sure was good or bad having not sucked anyone before, not that I had much choice as my head was being f***ed up and down onto it. As I felt his cock harden in my mouth I took more and more of it in and had to really stretch my lips wide to take it. I gripped the base of it with my left hand and started wanking him into my mouth, rubbing his big balls as well. After a couple of minutes I started getting really into it and I felt his grip loosening on my hair. Instead he started stroking my head and letting out deep groans as I worked on his hard-on. I came up for some air and looked at his big cock as I wanked him. It was fucking huge and I couldn’t get my hand around it, so I started using both hands one above the other. There was still room for another 4 hands above mine, it was that big. I looked up at the driver and he had his eyes closed with a look of pure bliss on his face. I giggled to myself and went back down on him, this time licking up and down the shaft, before taking as much of his length into my mouth as I could manage. He loved that. I also started licking and sucking his big hairy balls and belly. He smelled really musky and sweaty, but it turned me on somehow and I made sure I licked him clean. It was looking like I was a natural at this, judging by the noises this old guy was making.
While all this was happening my little pussy was gushing juice into my knickers and was in need of some attention. I tried to wriggle into a position in my seat where I could get at my fanny with my free hand. The cabbie sensed what I was doing and lifted up my little, skimpy dress above my waist and in one quick movement, ripped my knickers off. He then slapped away my hand and replaced it with his own and started roughly fingering me. His long, thick fingers worked in and out of me quite easily as I was so wet, but he was still stretching my little pussy lips wide open and I came all over his hand and the seat almost immediately
For the next couple of minutes we stayed like this: him pumping his fingers in and out of me, and me sucking noisily on his lovely big, dark cock. It was heaven and I was loving it. He shifted me a bit in my seat and used my pussy juice to lube my bum hole before sinking a finger all the way in. I let out a yelp and tried to stop him, but he grabbed my hair and f***ed my mouth onto his cock again, and continued stretching my holes.
His breathing was getting louder and faster and I knew that he was going to cum soon, and his balls were starting to tighten too - as my boyfriends did before they came. I was getting used to the finger up my tight little bum and was pushing back to meet his thrusts – I now had 3 fingers up my pussy and one in my bum hole and was constantly having loads of little orgasms. The driver started to moan out in a language I didn’t understand and started to buck his hips against his seat. I wanked him as hard as I could and tried to get my face out of the way, but he held me tight so I couldn’t move, with his right arm, while he finger fucked me as hard as he could with his left. I had a massive orgasm and squirted all over his hand, and let out a scream as I came. As I opened my mouth, he pushed his cock into it and started pumping his hot spunk all over my tongue. Instinctively, I started swallowing his load and wrapped my lips firmly around his throbbing cock. He spurted about 5 or 6 times into my mouth and each spurt filled my mouth with more salty cum. I guzzled down as much as I could, but some of it spilt out of my mouth and onto his belly, which I then licked up, before going back to lick his cock and balls clean. He also offered me his fingers to lick clean too, which I did greedily. Smelling and tasting my pussy and bum along with his strong, salty spunk really felt good and I wanted to suck him off all over again, but he seemed to have been satisfied and wanted me to get out the car pretty quickly. He did however give me a card with the name of the taxi firm on it and his number on the back. I sneaked into the house, my head spinning from what just happened and spent the rest of the night wanking myself silly while going over it all again and again.
I have this old Asian guy (his name was Ali, he was married and turned out to be Turkish) to thank for using me for his pleasure and turning me into a cock and spunk loving slut. I met up with him a few times after this and he always treated me in the same abusive way, as his little blonde fuck toy. I took that big cock of his and his huge loads of cum in each of my holes over the next few weeks and months and he also introduced me to some of his fellow cab drivers. I fucked and sucked them individually and sometimes let 3 or 4 of them use me at once, leaving me covered in and full of their collective spunk, but that’s another story.
Hope you want to hear more about these and other stories and believe me every word is true.
If you’re out and about in Croydon and you get chatting to a couple of hot chicks called Sharon and Lucy, chances are you’ll get some of the above for yourself.

Lucy xxxx

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think i need to head out to croydon and find you
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Love it you slut
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Great story
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Do you need an older lady to cum out with you?