When I was but a boy

I was younger than I am now and I've always been into new things. I was staying over at a friends house and we were watching married with c***dren both of us were about average build me a bit bigger and muscular being that I fought all the time. He was blonde and I a brunette. He asked me the day before if I ever jack off when I'm alone to which I replied,"all the time I'm horney almost from the time I wake up until the time I go to sl**p. Why?". He looked a bit shy on this subject and when he finally got the courage asked if he could see mine since the only he had ever looked at was his own. I was a wee bit shocked at first and then said why not and pulled mine out first the sudden talk about all of this kind of excited me! So we started discussing what got us hard when he pulled his massive cock out now keep in mind we are both straight.
We both admitted to never having had any sexual xp prier to this but we were both curious as to how it felt to have someone else jack us off. I figured he'll what's a friend for if not to help another right? So I walked across the room to his bed where he was laying down and grabbed his seven inch hard cock in both hands and started it off. I heard him let out a faint moan and it stimulated me I then started to lick his shaft! I didn't know what was going on why was I doing this shit but then again if it were gay it was a little late to complaining now wasn't it? I then went all the way sucking on his member with my cock fully erect. I started going faster and he began to moan louder I pulled him out just in time for him to cum over both if us and not two seconds after he threw me down and began returning the favor and might I say no matter male or female a cock in the mouth is always sexy as hell we both ended up cum covered and sharing a cig we were both starting high school in a month so it was going to be a good long and hard July :)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
What's a friend for! If it feels good......
2 years ago
I like this, so real and fun, no harm done. So maybe you're Bi not gay, but who cares it's pleasure you're after and you got it.