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Fantasies of being dominated

Recently I have been dreaming of a sexy dominatrix str****g on a nice sized strap on an making my suck it like a naughty little girl. Then bending over an letting her first finger me deep in my ass with a sexy pair of leather gloves on, making my asshole nice an relaxed before she lubes up the dildo an slowly slides it deep inside me making me gasp an moan with pleasure. I dream she calls me names spanks my ass pulls my hair an thrusts deep an hard into my ass making me scream and brings tears to my eyes. All the time verbally abusing me. She makes me get on top an bounce on the dildo forcing my to take it as deep as it goes making my ass gape wide. By this point my cock is rock hard and oozing precum just waiting to be grabbed an wanked to a great powerful orgasm but she doesnt want me to cum that way. She makes me lie back an put my legs in the air then she fucks me deep an hard pushing against my man g-spot with the big strap on making my cock explode with pleasure an making my asshole grip the dildo tightly and forcing my body into uncontrollable spasms of great pleasure. After I am done she spends a while abusing me verbally an making me feel like a dirty used man slut.
Just typing this has made me hard an tingly I think I may have to go an wank with my thoughts.
Can everyone let me know wot they think of my fantasy I think it would turn me on more because this is the first time I have shared it with anyone.
Posted by Jstevens30 2 years ago
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