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Beach wank

when I was 19years old I went with my parents on holiday to Spain. After 1 day there I couldn't keep my eyes off the topless women sunbathing. This used to send my young cock into overdrive. I remember lying on the beach 1 day and a gorgeous German girl maybe 20 years old took the sun lounger next to me an undid her bikini top letting her pert boobs free. Instantly my cock started to get hard I tryed to manoeuvre myself so it was less visible while she rubbed suncream into herself, my cock was standing proud an becoming tingly with all my young hormones going crazy. I could feel my hips grinding my cock against the tightness of my shorts and rubbing the tip sending little waves of pleasure through my whole body. I spent 20 minutes feeling hornier an hornier eventually I could feel precum oozing from the tip and making me shudder. Wanking off right next to this gorgeous young lady was making me even more turned on an I just couldn't bring myself to stop the pressure building up making it very difficult to hide my grinding hips and young hard on protruding through my swim shorts. After about another 5 minutes of rubbing an grinding I felt myself reaching the point of no return an in the middle of rearranging myself i felt the magic moment I made eye contact with this beautiful woman that made it all happen an just let 1 of the most amazing orgasms of my life explode through me. I felt all my cum shoot out of my cock totally covering my cock an balls making me shudder an moan slightly. After the pleasure calmed down I looked around to see if I was spotted. I then put my hand down my shorts moved my throbbing cock an made my way onto the water to clean myself off. This was the one of the best wanks ever an all thanx to a young German holiday maker I would like to thank her very much for sitting next to me.
Posted by Jstevens30 2 years ago
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