Meeting jane

The conversations I have with Jane let me know what a very nice time I'm in for. She's open minded, funny, confident an above all she oozes sex appeal.
We met at a Holiday Inn car park. After many weeks of online flirting an fantasy sharing we both knew that we wanted each other I had imagined what her tits would be like hundreds of times and dreamed of sucking on her big pink nipples.
Once we were in the room my imagination was replaced by reality an she wasted no time at all in fumbling with my belt an buttons letting my cock fall out an quite roughly stroking an squeezing it until she felt it firming up. I was in a light state of shock at how eager she was to get started that I could only stand in mute silence an she got on her knees an whilst cupping my balls she grabbed my now hard cock an started sucking on the tip. All times I wanked over the thought of having this incredible woman pleasure me this way came flooding to my mind an made me groan in sheer satisfaction. I run my fingers through her bushy brown hair as she slurped my cock deep into her mouth with tremendous skill she looked me in the eye an with a wicked little grin stood up an kissed me forcing her tongue deep in my mouth letting me taste my cock. I grabbed the bottom of her top an pulled it over her head an then with a whimper of admiration stood back a step an took a lustful look at her heaving breasts in her sexy white bra, gently I put my hand on her left one squeezing softly an savouring every moment before she reached round an unclipped letting them free.
I felt my cock tingle at the sight of her amazing nipples all erect an hard waiting for my mouth to suck, lick an bite them. Pushing her back on the bed I gave my cock a little wank then fell on top of her going to work on her tits rubbing, biting, sucking. I could feel her pulling up her skirt so I gently run my hand up her inside leg tickling all the way up to her groin then she grabbed my hand an f***ed me to finger fuck her wet pussy all her wetness making it very easy an so sexy.
I don't remember how she ended up sitting on my face sucking my cock as I licked an teased her little clit. The taste of her pussy was in my fantasies so much I could feel my cock building up to an amazing orgasm but then she stopped, moved her hips down an hovering her pussy over my cock started using my cock to rub her pussy moaning an groaning as she slid my cock between get wet lips up to her clit. Then circling her clit rubbed my cock all the way back towards her asshole letting me feel her tight wet opening just long enough to drive me insane. Her masterbating became faster an harder an I knew she was going to cum soon. An with one long moan she slid my cock deep inside herself twitching an grinding her hips as she orgasmed so beautifully. My cock wasted no time in getting to the point of no return an I grabbed her hips an thrust myself deep into her wet pussy 5,6,7 times each time faster an deeper than before then with one last thrust I felt my cum shooting deep inside Jane filling her pussy with my cum an sending my mind into blissful heaven.
As I lay there Jane said to me "I'm glad we took the time to meet, maybe we can have round 2 it your man enough".
The things that lady got up to that night just blew my mind she is basically all I thought about for weeks after its the best sex I've ever had.
40% (2/3)
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2 years ago
Not as for a first attempt
2 years ago
thankyou loved every minute of this :) xx