My First Black Cock Adventure

It started one day while I was looking at porn. By looking at porn I mean looking at videos of big, thick black dicks shooting hot loads of cum. At first I just watched straight interracial porn. I was fascinated by the genre but I didn't realize that my fascination was hypnotizing me. I don't know when I started watching gay porn but I know what was responsible. It didn't matter anymore. My sexual orientation shifted and I watched straight, gay, bi, tranny, any kind of porn that featured what I lusted. Big cocks and seeing them cum is all I wanted. Well, what about the next step? What about making a big thick juicy cock release its hot load all by myself? I wanted it, it made me horny, thinking about jerking a huge black cock thats covered in my own spit. I was horny, so I searched further. Thats how it started.

I ended up looking at a posting for my local area and I nearly came my pants then and there. "If it's still up I'm still looking." The picture was of a black guy wearing tight white underwear that hid a massive half hard cock positioned horizontally. That cock was so big you could make out some of the veins hiding behind a tight piece of fabric. My mouth watered and my cock was hard. Should I send him an email? I was already doing so, my fingers typing faster than my mind was thinkingAbout 15 minutes later I got a reply. He wanted my picture. I felt so nervous sending my picture to a stranger but I did it anyway. The next reply was even quicker. He wanted to meet. He gave his address and it was surprisingly close to where I live. Oh my god, this was really happening. My horny desire to be on the receiving end of a big black cock made this a possibility. It felt like it happened without my control, and I would not back out now. I was set on seeing this fantasy through to the end.

On my way there I realized I didn't ask for another picture of him. All I was going on was the close up of a huge cock that I didn't even know if it was really his. I got to his apartment and found the right door. I knocked, heard some footsteps and the door opened. Standing there wearing a pair of loose grey sweatpants was a muscular black man named Tony that I recognized from the gym. I felt so embarrassed.
"Hey.. I ugh, umm"
"Hey Joe, I didn't think you'd come if I told you we already know each other. I was shocked when I saw your picture. Relax, come on in."
He said it like I had a choice but he grabbed my arm and guided me into his apartment towards the couch. We sat down together. I'd be lying if I said I had never fantasized about Tony before while working out. We chatted for a bit but it wasn't long before I was rubbing his nipples. While teasing one and licking the other I saw the crotch of his pants flutter out of the corner of my eye. My hand moved from his nipple to the base of his cock and I gave it a squeeze. Hard and getting harder. I began stroking Tony's hard cock through his pantsHow big was it? I couldn't even tell. I could barely think I was so excited and horny. Tony's voice pushed me over the edge, "Get on your knees between my legs and suck my dick, you're my bitch today, we can talk about tomorrow later." Without hesitation I was where he told me to be unwrapping my present. I pulled his pants lower and his giant cocked bounced as if it was greeting me. 9 inches long, dark and thick. My mouth was watering and he let out a moan as I started licking the tip of his dick. To get my hand all the way around his shaft I had to squeeze his dick really hard. With the head of his powerful cock in my mouth I started twirling my toungue around in circles. I could feel his cock pulse. The throbbing of his dick as I sucked on it was too much. My dick had to be let out, it was pressed so tightly against my jeans. I let go of his dick and undid my pants. Tony slapped me in the face while his cock was still in my mouth, "Did I tell you to do that? I said you're my bitch, do what I say and only what I say."

How was I getting so much pleasure from pleasuring him? Between having him make me submit to his control and watching my drool run down the shaft of his cock I was losing control. I started sucking and slobbering on his fat black dick like a true slut. I was his and he knew it. I couldn't control the amount of saliva coming from my mouth and his slick dark member was reaping the benefit. I could only get about 3 inches in my mouth so I had to use my hands to cover the rest of his cock with my spit. I came up for air and jerked his slippery cock while spit hung from the head of his dick to my lips. I smiled at him and slurped everything up that I could and slowly leaked it back onto the head of his dick and stroked his dark cock slowly and firmlyHe grabbed my head and pulled me back, "Alright, play time is over, I want this my way now. Don't use your hands, you're off to a good start but you need some training." He stood up and his pants fell to his ankles, still with his hands on my head he pulled my mouth to the level of his cock and pulled me forward onto it. He thrusted and face fucked me making my mouth his own sloppy little fuck hole. I had more of his cock throat fucking me than ever before now. At least 4.5 inches were gagging my virgin throat. Spit was drooling uncontrollably from my mouth and I could feel some of it hitting my dick that had made its way out. My dick which I couldnt touch for fear of cumming without warning and Tony didn't tell me I could do that. My mouth was his and he knew I loved it, not even my own orgasm would ruin this moment.

He slowly pulled his cock out from my mouth and I gasped for air as I stared at the sloppy mess I had proudly made of his cock. "Do you get it now? Suck it like you mean it, I'm ready to cum." With my hands still on his thighs I felt like a cum depraved lunatic sucking his cock for all I was worth. The more he shoved in my throat the more I could take, I almost had seven inches of Tony's hard black cock in my mouth when he started twitching and pulsing in a new way. He grunted and moaned and began fucking my mouth at a steady pace. I reached up and started stroking the base of his cock when I felt the first of his load empty into my mouth. He kept cumming, there must have been six blasts of jizz hit the back of my throat. I tried swallowing but there was too much and his cum started dripping from my chin. I hated wasting it but there was nothing I could doHe sat back down and looked at the sloppy mess I made. "This dick doesn't clean itself, you're not done yet." It was music to my ears. In between his legs again, I licked every inch of his cock and made sure it was spotless. Maybe if I was good enough this wouldn't be a one time thing. "You're still not done, I'm surprised you didn't cum already. I want you to jack off onto my dick and clean that up too, like a good little bitch." And so I did. It took about four pumps before I was shooting cum all over his thighs, abs and cock. I knelt down and greedily licked up all my cum from his sexy body. It felt like an act of worship.

"So, I said we could talk about tomorrow. Do you want to be my bitch? Is this something you want?"
"Oh, I want it, I need it."
"What do you want? I need to hear you say it."
"I want to be your bitch, Tony. I want to suck your cock again and again."
"Do you understand what this means? You can never say no to me no matter what. If you deny me it's over, you belong to me. Understand?"
"Yes, I understand."

And as I knelt there between his legs licking his cock and gently kissing it with both of our cum drying on my face I didn't realize the full extent of my promise. My imagination couldn't fully comprehend what that promise actually meant. But, I sure was willing to find out.

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2 months ago
a sweet story about a lovely meeting
4 months ago
So hot...he's gotta take your ass at some point...
1 year ago
ooooo...yea...I am ready
1 year ago
Very nicely told...HOT
1 year ago
Great story! You must write more!
1 year ago
Wow! Please tell me you let him cum in your ass! I know I would have let him!
1 year ago
I love it!.
1 year ago
loving this story,
1 year ago
great story hun if it is true
1 year ago
would love to hear more of this story :)