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So recently I was out having a drink, when I received a message on here asking to meet up, so after a couple of days talking on here. I finally decided to go and meet this gorgeous blonde milf with a big arse and nice sized tits. We had arranged to meet at a hotel not to far from me. So as I get to the hotel I start to feel a bit nervous, luckily for me I was a bit early so I quickly had a few drinks just to gain some confidence. There I am checking my phone, wondering if she is going to turn up, so I check xhamster and there is a message from her telling me that she is already here and which room to go to. So I make my way to room 115, still feeling a bit nervous as I approach the hotel room I can here a male speaking which made me think a bit. So I thought fuck it and knocked on the door, waiting patiently then she answers, stood there in black thigh high boots with red fishnet tights on and a black latex corset that her tits are bulging out off. This immediately turns me on, I'm semi hard just want to rip a hole in her fishnets and get stuck into that pussy. But I new that wasn't going to happen. So I went inside and she asked me if I wanted a drink which I did. As we were sat on the bed having a drink and chatting I heard someone in the bathroom so I was panicking a bit. But she reassured me that it was only her friend and that "he" was here for the same thing as me. I couldn't believe it.... Does she want a threesome I was asking myself which she did. So as her friend comes out of the bathroom she starts to kiss me, as I look round I see that her friend is a black guy. So we are having an interracial threesome, my dreams had come true :) So she pulls down my pants slowly as my cock springs out she starts to tickle it with her tongue, she then gets her friends dick out which is huge.... This big fat black cock just dangling there, I don't no where to look at this time. But she starts to stroke his cock whilst sucking mine which turned me right on, so I start to shove my cock in her mouth a bit more she's gagging whilst wanking this big black cock. She then grabs my hand and tells me to grab his black cock which I did, slowly stroking it, then playing with his big black balls. Then I find myself kneeling on the bed as lisa is layed on her back sucking my cock, she then starts to tongue my arsehole which feels amazing, as I'm still stroking James's big black cock he climbs onto the bed and I find myself wanting to lick and suck it, so I slowly slide his big hard cock in my mouth whilst massaging his balls, it's feels great wrapping my tongue round this big black peice of meat whilst getting my arsehole licked and my cock jerked. I then take James's cock from mouth as he wants to suck my cock which I am happy to let him do, so I start to lick Lisa's arsehole and pussy getting it nice and wet ready for James's to put his big black cock inside her. After about 10 minutes James lies down the bed and Lisa slides her wet sloppy arsehole onto James's cock, groaning as his bbc slides inside her tight arse, James gives her arse a good fucking whilst I lick her pussy that is dripping wet. After 20 minutes of James pounding her arsehole and me licking her pussy, lisa sprays all over my face covering me.... This makes me real horny so I ask james to stand up and she sucks both our cocks at the same time, then stroking them really rough until we both cum all over her face as she kneels there licking cum of her tits, James sucks the last bit of cum out of my cock and spits it all over lisa. At this time I think we were all in need of nice cold beer after that amazing experience. One I will never forget :)
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7 months ago
looking forward to hearing it
7 months ago
Well I am meeting lisa and James tomorrow so I'm sure I will get to fuck her then. Will be posting on here what happens.
7 months ago
shame you never fucked her