Willing slave....from her point of view, part 2

My master is dj_oh and these stories are true.

After he unties my ankles, he has me roll over onto my back. He grabs a breast in each hand and squeezes, making them grow red and rock hard. He licks and sucks the nipples, then devours my breasts with his mouth, greedy and demanding. I arch my back with the intensity of the pleasure. He straightens us and makes me roll to one side, and he hits my thighs and ass hard with the wooden spoon, over and over again in the same spot until I whimper and try to pull away. Then he makes me roll to the other side and does the same thing. The exquisite combination of pain and pleasure makes me cum again, more than once.

He unties my wrists and I get off the bed. He has me stand at the foot of the bed and bend over. He isn't done yet. He tells me to put the remote control vibrating egg, one of his favorite toys, in my pussy. He loves to play with the settings, producing a variety of sensations that keep me off balance and continuously stimulated. It slides in easily, I am very wet from cumming so much. He sets it to one of the lower settings, so it provides a constant background of arousal. I am walking a tightrope, so aroused, so close, but not enough to cum again.

He uses the plastic plumbing rod on me then, a lot. There is a floor mirror next to my bed. He tells me to watch while he hits me. It's hard to do and I am slow to raise my head to look. He says nothing, but I sense his impatience. I look at his face. His eyes burn into mine, he means what he says. He waits, he knows I will obey. I turn my head so that I have to watch what he's doing in the mirror. I watch his arm come down, fast, and realize he is really swinging really hard. And in that microsecond before I feel it, I am really scared. I know how much it's going to hurt. When it hits the sensation vibrates through my whole body in waves. Almost enough to make me cum again.

He makes me look at my ass in the mirror so I can see the welts and the bright red color. He makes me continue to watch in the mirror as he hits me again. At some point my head just goes somewhere else, where there is just sensation and arousal, and the pain and the pleasure are all mixed together and each is essential to the other. I look up in his face, at that intense stern look in his eyes and realize that he is still completely in control. Even though I am no longer tied up and am able to move away if I want, I don't. And I don't want to. I feel completely owned at this point. Like my existence springs from the look in his eyes. As if I would turn into a puff of smoke and blow away like I never existed if he breaks my gaze.

He moves to stand in front of the mirror. I know what he wants. He tells me to kneel before him and I take his heavy swollen cock in my mouth. I love the feel of it as it fills my mouth completely. I feel his hands on the back of my head and he f***es my head all the way down on his cock. I feel it deep in my mouth, probing the entrance to my throat. My face is buried in the hair of his belly. I gag. He doesn't care. He pulls out and strings of spit stretch from my mouth to the head of his cock. He rubs it all over my face. He tells me to look in mirror as he plunges back into my mouth. He wants me to watch him fuck my mouth. Helpless and completely under his control, I just surrender, my arms down at my sides, and he uses my mouth as his fuck toy. He pushes his hard thick cock in my mouth over and over again. I accept it as I should – willingly, as his slave and whore. My face is covered with spit, my mouth is wide open and wet. He fucks my mouth as hard as he fucks my pussy. I am no longer thinking, I am content to be used like this by him, for as long as he wants.

He stops. He pulls out. He turns my head so I have to look at my face in the mirror, covered with spit, my make-up smeared and messy. I look like what I am, a well-used whore.

He is not ready to cum yet. He has more in store for me.

I'll tell you about the rest of that night in the next installment.
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3 years ago
can I have seconds?
4 years ago
great story cant wait to read more
4 years ago
You capture very well the joy of surrender, the pleasure of being wholly owned, the bliss of submission. Thank you for sharing.
4 years ago
Laurie would like to know if you are enjoying reading this account of our times together. If you are, encourage her to write more.